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Don (DoLee) Knowlan was up to the task on Monday night to lead all bowlers to weekly honors. The southpaw had an open frame every game, but he was able to chain strikes every game to overcome missteps. He had 236, 258, and 222 individual games for a total of 716. After a strike in the second frame, a missed 7pin in the third frame in game one, prevented an eight bagger and a much higher score. DoLee has many 700 sets in her career, but this was her first this season. His team gained four points to start the second half of the season.

In the same league, another southpaw, Joey Matson, struggled the opener with three open frames for a 190 game. 255 and 246 for a set of 691.

The second high series of the week was thrown by Larry Hall during the Sundowners League game. He posted individual games of 233, 268 and 196 for a total of 697. After his first two good games without an open, Larry lost his strike and had a split open and five 9-pin counts for spares in the last match, which hurt his total.

TJ Mooney was the only other bowler to break the 650 mark this week with a game high of 247 contributing to a 691 Thursday night.

Sharon Guinn had the highest score for the ladies with a set 544 in Monday’s mixed match. Judy Reyna finished second with a 522 in the same league.

A reminder that the VUSBC annual meeting is scheduled for February 12 at 11 a.m. This meeting gives every VUSBC-sanctioned bowler the opportunity to have feedback on how the association is moving forward.

The Spring Blind Doubles Tournament will begin at 1:00 p.m. after the meeting.

It is with sadness that I note that another former VUSBC bowler has passed away with the passing of Helen Cox.

Helen began bowling locally in the 1990s and was a league bowler for the 2019 season. My condolences and sympathy go out to my husband Pat and their family for their loss.

Registration forms for the annual Municipal VUSBC Open and Women’s Tournaments are now available at the Century reception. The early bird registration deadline is March 1 at midnight and the registration deadline is March 10.

Members of each team who have submitted advance registrations will be entered into a drawing for a bowling ball offered by Century Lanes.

The 2022 PBA Guaranteed Rate Tour will open its PBA Players Championship region playoffs live on Fox Sports1. The East and South regions will air on January 22 at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. local time.

Coverage will continue Sunday for the Midwest and Southwest regions at the same local times.

The West Region airs at 6 p.m. on January 24. Kyle Troup is the defending Players Champion.

TURKEY TROTTERS 1ST AS MOTHERS AS DAUGHTERS Women: K. Filip 413; E. Moore 407; MIXED MONDAY 1ST (TIE 6 WAYS AS LEAGUE STARTS SECOND HALF PLAY) Women: S. Guinn 191-544; J. Reyna 522; Men: D. Knowlan 258-716; J. Matson 255-691; N. Picard 247-648; X. Wilson 226-638; T. Crowe 630; C. Hammock 233-622; J. Chapman 227-619; R. Marks 224-619; R. Lyman 612; TJ Mooney 235-611; R. Vivero 606; D. Hale 604; A. Adames 603; K. Smith 601; J. Benavides 597; T.Williams 596; B.Miller 590; J. Guerra 586; K.Schupbach 585; W. Wood 585; D. Matthews 574; J.Silgero 573; B. Bilbo 573; J. Cano 568; A.Stay 561; L. Hall 559; H. Hernández 554; J. Martinez 553; W. Hendrix 225; OVER THE HILL WHY NOT Women: C. Wilson 481; J. Lambrecht 435; B. Mathiews 422; D. Peters 420; Men: R. Estrada 544; E. Smith 510; B. Korczynski 509; B. Bomba 203; SUNDOWNERS 1ST HOT DOGS & DONUTS Women: P. Robles 508; L. Hall 268-697; TJ Mooney 247-691; J. Martinez 243-638; S. Kocian 235-632; M. Mize 234-628; R. Mejia 627; B. Asby 238-616; A. Stay 225-611; Mr. Flores 609; J. Matson 244-608; JP Reyna 237-607; Mr. Unger 606; J. Silgero 226-604; D. Matthews 603; JD Villalobos 225-593; Mr. Svatek 591; W. Wood 591; snow S. 590; J. Shoup 584; M. Brown 224-583; S. Zeplin 245-574; H. Hernández 570; Mr Michalec 565; C. Hammock 560; C. Reeves 224-560; P. Chrisco 556; T.Williams 556; R. Lyman 555; L. Conner 552; CAPTAIN’S NO TAP 1 ST GOLDEN GIRLS Women: D. Fitzgerald 531; Mr. Villareal 196.

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