According to Nebo Bandovic, financial freedom looks like victory

Nebo Bandovic

Achieving financial freedom does not happen by chance. It’s something you have to know how to work for, in most cases, all your life. For Nebo Bandovic, once you’ve achieved Fred’s true financial dim goal, there’s great joy in the achievement, and it’s an achievement you can take with you for the rest of your life. And as an immigrant from Montenegro, Yugoslavia, Nebo is here to say that if he can do it, anyone can do it.

Growing up, Nebo lived in a one-bedroom house with no bathroom. He lived in Montenegro with his parents and brother until he went to play professional football for Red Star Belgrade. As one of the best football players, it wasn’t long before Nebo moved to the United States to play for the St Louis Steamers. Although he found success as a football player, Nebo’s life changed when he met his mentor, a man who had achieved financial freedom through real estate investing. It was one thing to make money, it was another to create wealth.

“I came to the United States in 1980 from Montenegro-Yugoslavia with nothing, not even $10, to play professional football. I didn’t even speak English. I gained financial freedom through real estate investing and a brokerage agency with over 600 agents. Now I live a life of luxury in Miami,” says Nebo Bandovic.

Nebo achieved his American dream through real estate investments and his unique brokerage. With an investor-friendly niche, it offers 100% commission to its agents. Nebo fears no challenge faced by businesses. Instead, he faces them with drive and determination. With plans to grow his brokerage to 1,000 agents and expand his agent mentorship program, Nebo knows all his hard work is worth it.

Investing in real estate has given Nebo the life he always dreamed of, and more. Seeing his accomplishments through hard work gives Nebo a great sense of pride and a sense of prestige. “Football gave me a name and start-up capital, but real estate investments made all my dreams come true,” says Nebo Bandovic.

As a new soccer player in the United States, Nebo’s mentor set him on a path that would change his life forever. Now, he mentors other real estate agents by teaching them that financial freedom is possible. You can get advice and inspiration by following Nebo on Instagram @nebobandovic.

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