The countries of the Western Balkans have to comply with specific European regulations as they aspire to join the European Union. These regulations also attempt to fix the energy sector. Guided by the Treaty establishing the Energy Community, the WB countries are on the path to rebuilding their energy systems by applying the directives on energy efficiency as well as the directive on renewable energies.

It has been assessed by various independent institutions, finally by the International Renewable Energies Agency (IRENA), that the WB6 countries have significant renewable energy potential.

As part of a very dynamic integration process, it is imperative to reflect on current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges to ensure good coordination at national and regional levels for long-term sustainable development of the energy sector. .

“AE Solar, with its 19 years of expertise in the solar energy industry, is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the leading local Serbian company – Dimension Energy to tackle the climate crisis in the region of Balkans thanks to solar energy. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, our commitment is to stimulate the integration of renewable energies in all countries of the world and mainly in countries with economies in transition. According to research, significant growth is expected in solar energy. Until 2030, the highest growth is expected to be recorded in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, although the highest relative growth can be expected in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thus, together with Dimension Energy, we are committed to advancing the biggest and most important projects in the Balkan region. “- Alexander Maier, CEO and founder of AE Solar.

DIMENSION ENERGY Doo, the main official AE SOLAR distributor in the Balkans, provides module and equipment consulting services in solar projects.

The team of engineers and consultants apply their pioneering experience to all aspects of project development, from project initiation to completion of construction and operation. During project development, Infinity leads all aspects of project origination, including site assessment, engineering, real estate purchases, permits, environmental analysis, energy marketing and funding to see a project through this often complicated process.

The Group is also experimenting with more than 100 MW of renewable energy development in Europe and the Western Balkans.