Auction Calendar – October 7, 2022

9 Weverka Estate, cars, parts and tools, license plates, bicycles, Columbus, Neb.

12 BigIron/Aaron Schmidt Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Jason Hauschild Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Bob Hazelett Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron Auctions/Tom & Brenda Nissen Semi-Retired, Online Auction

12 BigIron/Betty Wiese Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Eugene Boryca Auctions, Online Auction

12 BigIron/Ann Anderson Auctions, Online Auction

12 BigIron/Bengie Steffen Auctions, Online Auction

12 BigIron/Jacob Bauer Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Oxford Village Auctions, Online Auction

12 BigIron/Neil Wehling Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Clint Walker Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/ZNO LLC Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Michael Schnieders Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Michael Kubik Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Cory Ebbers Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron Auctions/Jordan Machinery/S&N Auto Sale, Online Auction

12 BigIron Auctions/Shinn’s Turkey Track Ranch Inc., Online Auction

12 BigIron Auctions/Vorders Trasse Farms LLC, Online Auction

12 BigIron/Greg Malander Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Dustin Auctions Barclay Trucking, Online Auction

12 BigIron/Lane Goebel Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron/Coleridge Welding Auctions, Online Auctions

12 BigIron Auctions/Jim Turner Estate, Online Auction

12 BigIron/Dan Neville Auctions, Online Auctions

15 Grubaugh Auctions, Antiques and Collectibles, Monroe, Neb.

16 Grubaugh Auction/City of Columbus, Vehicles, Bicycles, Miscellaneous, Columbus, Neb.

18 Adam Marshall Land & Auction, No Reserve Equipment, Kearney, Neb.

22 Grubaugh Auction, Acreage Estate, Malcolm, Neb.

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22 Lucien Hamernik, Tractors, agricultural machinery and equipment, trailers, miscellaneous, Norfolk, Neb.

22 Betty Ann Zieman Estate, Real Estate and Personal Property, Pleasant Dale, Neb.

25 Ron Kadavy, 144 acres of Saunders Co farmland, Wahoo, Neb.

27 BigIron Realty/Chris & Nichole Popken, 80 Acres Dodge Co Gravity Irrigated Crop Ground, Online Auction

27 BigIron Realty/Madge Muller, 81.05 Acres Dodge Co Irrigated, Dryland & Maple Creek, Online Auction

29 3rd Annual Sportsmanship, McCook, Neb.

30 Richters HVAC & Plumbing, Equipment & Tools, Seward, Neb.

1 Pieke Goodman Farms, LLC, 460.89 acres pivot irrigated farmland by Antelope Co, Newman Grove, Nebr.

3 Imig Properties, LLC, 153 Acres Seward Co Land, Seward, Neb.

3 Condon Ranch, 19,740 acres in Logon County, CO Land, Sterling Colorado

4 Popken Family, Kevin Popken POA, 290 Acres Saunders Co Farmland, Wahoo, Neb.

4 Farmers National, 913.13 Acres Antelope Co Land, Neligh, Nebr.

5 Keith & Tami Morton, Retirement Farm Machinery, Whiting, Iowa

5 Don Newman, equipment, Columbus, Nebr.

7 Farmers National, 625.5 acres Marshall Co Kansas Land, Summerfield, Kansas

7 The Estate of James Leon Grantham, 307.5 acres Greeley Co Cropland & Pasture, Scotia, Neb.

8 Farmers National, 235.05 acres Washington Co Land, Blair, Nebr.

14 Douglas Wolf, Dan Wolf, David Wolf, 320 Acres Valley Co Cropland, North Wolf, Neb.

14 George Braun Family Trust, 320 acres Boone Co Pivot Cropland and Irrigated Arid Pasture, Cedar Rapids, Nebr.

17 Willey Partnership LLP, 73.64 Irrigated Acres Section 23 Fairview Township Monona Co Iowa Land, Whiting, Iowa

19 Russell D. Hinkel, 191.74 Acres Iowa Hunting/Recreational Property, Onawa, Iowa

21 Lowell and Marilyn Foland, Agricultural Equipment, Belgrade, Nebr.

3 John Temme Auction, Post Harvest, Semi-Annual Year-End Farm Equipment Shipment, Raeville, Nebr.

6 Richard Scheer Estate, 480 Acres Antelope & Madison Co Pivot Irrigated and Arid Cropland, Tilden, Nebr.

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