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Bacolod City Mayor-elect Alfredo “Albee” Benitez wants immediate reforms in his first 100 days in office. PHOTO BY EUGENE ADIONG

CITY OF BACOLOD: Mayor Alfredo “Albee” Benitez has promised to restore people’s trust in his new Center of Government (NGC) which focuses on transparency and fighting corruption in government services.

“Restoring public trust must be based on transparency,” Benitez said in his July 1 inaugural address to the NGC, which was also attended by provincial government officials, led by Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson and Deputy Governor Jeffrey Ferrer.

In his first 100 days, Benitez is set to issue an executive order creating a good governance committee to appoint members of the Bacolod Truth Commission that will investigate allegations of corruption and corruption in the government of the province. city ​​and will ensure that spending is prudent and efficient and public funds are used in accordance with public procurement rules and standards.

“As I said during the campaign, there will be no sacred cows. Let the chips fall where they may,” said Benitez, who is Bacolod’s 43rd mayor.

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Government Transactions Reforms

Benitez said he would also revamp government transaction systems, improve the efficiency of frontline services and develop a closer relationship with the people.

“We will accelerate the digital transformation of the city bureaucracy and digitize the licensing process,” said the former Negros Occidental Third District congressman, adding that he will start with the Office of the Official of the Building. Benitez also said they will harness the power of digital technology to improve the efficiency of municipal government transactions and ensure impartiality and political impartiality in the delivery of government services.

He added that City Hall reception staff will be trained to be courteous to all voters, regardless of their status in life.

“Our frontline employees are the face of NGC – dapat gid permi naka-yuhum (they should always smile), since Bacolod is the ‘city of smiles’. In this way, we respect our employees. In this way, we give give them the value they deserve. In this way, we elevate their dignity. We will treat everyone equally with respect since the people are our boss,” he stressed.

Waste management and infrastructure

Benitez also pledged to clean up Bacolod City’s image by fixing “spaghetti threads” which are not only an eyesore but also a fire and accident hazard, and to overhaul the waste management system. solid.

He called on Bacolod residents to help the city minimize the volume of trash that needs to go to landfill by segregating it at source by introducing a trash-for-cash program.

Benitez also laid bare his project to invest in the rehabilitation of villages or even private roads which he will call “asenso routes” and to open them to traffic to decongest the main roads.

To further support small food businesses, the city will invest in the rehabilitation and rebranding of public markets, especially the Central, Burgos and Libertad market which is expected to take center stage in local commerce, he said.

“Implementation of Bacolod’s comprehensive health program could soon be achieved,” Benitez said in his campaign pledge to allocate the largest portion of the city’s budget to health.

He said he will build the capacity of law enforcement.

“Bacolod has been terrorized by crimes recently. I direct Colonel (Thomas Joseph) Martir, director of the Bacolod City Police Bureau, to intensify his anti-crime operations and increase police patrols and monitoring hotspots or high-crime areas and resolving cases as soon as possible. As I promised during the campaign, my administration is committed to allocating a greater budget to BCPO,” Benitez said. .

“The elections are over. The politics are over. Let’s get to work because we have a lot of work to do,” he said.

Bacolod City Rep. Greg Gasataya, Party List Rep. Abang Lingkod, Stephen Joseph Paduiano, Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran and winning City Council members were also sworn in last night on the grounds of the NGC in Bacolod City.

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