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Courtesy of Galleria Vik Milano

There is hardly an Instagram versus reality paradigm more stark than that of international travel. On
the grid, you are bright, carefree, giving off the energy of the main character. Every hour is a golden hour. All too often, however, the reality is a little darker.

To United States, we strive to make every moment effortless chic – even with red eyes, and especially when visiting our hometown of Milan. So the news that a longtime staple for frequent travelers to the continent, La Compagnie, has launched a business class flight to Italy’s fashion capital has us racing to book a flight – and a room. hotel (at the gorgeous, 5-star Galleria Vik Milano, of course).

The Company was first launched in 2014, serving New York to Paris with seasonal flights from New York to Nice. In April, it expanded its route from New York (Newark International Airport) to Milan (Milan Malpensa Airport) by offering five weekly flights (Thursday to Monday) departing at 9:40 p.m. on the new A321neo aircraft with 76 seats- full beds.

Courtesy of The Company

Paris and Milan are an obvious pairing for anyone who has moved through the fashion week calendar. However, the company’s decision to expand to an Italian destination was actually the result of creative thinking inspired by the pandemic. The airline’s planes were grounded for 15 months during the pandemic until June 2021, when the European Union reopened its borders to Americans.

“We thought it was a bit risky to operate two flights a day from Paris to New York, which was our business model before COVID-19, because we knew that the volume of traffic between Paris and Europe would not would not completely return to normal and we would have to wait until 2023 or 2024 to return to the figures of 2019”, declared Anne Crespo, marketing and communication manager of La Compagnie. United States.

“We started to see where our business class product would have strong appeal,” Crespo said, adding that New York to Milan is the third most popular route for business class traffic, behind Paris and London. (The European airline can’t fly from any non-EU country to the US, and post-Brexit which includes the UK.) “Basically the numbers were telling us, Milan has lots of business class traffic.”

Crespo said two other factors led to the expansion of the Milan line: the lack of competition from Italian airlines and the influence of the city’s fashion. “During COVID, Air Italy collapsed and Alitalia switched to ITA,” Crespo explained. “In terms of competitors, there were only US airlines and Emirates and there was room for another operator in the business class travel market.”

Like the other La Compagnie lines, Milan is a sustainable destination for the jet set. “Since day one, La Compagnie flyers have been people in the fashion, luxury and arts spaces and Milan has all of those types of people,” Crespo continued.

For this reason, La Compagnie offers all the amenities these travelers expect: access to airport lounges, two free checked bags, 76 cots and fast 10-minute boarding and disembarking processes. “It’s not a private jet, but it feels like a private environment,” Crespo explained.

On board, passengers are greeted with a glass of champagne before take-off before connecting to the free (and fast) Wi-Fi to work en route. Meanwhile, they’re treated to high-end skincare products and menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs.

Courtesy of The Company

All La Compagnie flights offer these amenities, but for the Milan route, the airline has partnered with Italian brands, including skincare products from Parma-based sustainable beauty brand Comfort Zone, menus from chefs Isabella Potì and Floriano Pellegrino of the Bros restaurant in Lecce, and the Lorenzo Cogo restaurants in Vicenza, El Coq and Dama, in Venice. The drinks on offer are made with grape varieties from Italian organic vineyards.

“We tried to avoid being ‘the French who go to Italy’, so we changed our partnership and collaborated with Italian brands. We also created a coffee menu, because we felt it was very important for Italian culture, which is crazy about coffee,” Crespo said.

The one thing that will remain the same, however, is the French flight crew and pilots – all of whom have been kept on staff throughout the pandemic. “We never fired anyone during COVID,” Crespo revealed. “Our CEO was very clear that we would keep all the staff and they could fly to Paris and Milan. The good news is that we have a lot of pilots and three or four crew members who speak Italian.

Courtesy of The Company

And after? The company is “definitely” aiming to expand to other routes down the line, but for now it is focused on bringing “the soul of La Compagnie” to a new market. “We are small and we provide privacy for passengers,” Crespo said. “They feel like they belong in our airline. Like they are in the club.

Equally intimate and thoughtful is the artistic enclave that is Milan’s Galleria Vik Milano – a perfect destination for a La Compagnie traveler in Milan. The hotel is located inside the historic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a breathtaking shopping mall with a glass dome designed in 1861 and completed in 1877. The gallery connects the Piazza del Duomo (home to the Cathedral of Milan) at Piazza della Scala (home to the historic La Scala Theatre). (The Galleria itself is home to a historic landmark dear to fashionphiles: the very first Prada store, opened in 1913.)

This is a truly incomparable location for a boutique hotel. Indeed, when the owners of Vik Retreats, husband and wife duo Alex and Carrie Vik, learned that the TownHouse Galleria hotel property was up for sale, they were immediately “intrigued”. They wanted to open a hotel in a city and Milan “made sense”.

Courtesy of Galleria Vik Milano

Although the TownHouse was labeled a 5-star, “it wasn’t a particularly inspiring hotel,” says Carrie. “There was no art, there was no interesting furniture. All the walls were painted the same color on all five floors, but the architecture was extraordinary.

A true diamond in the rough, the property will soon join Vik’s portfolio alongside five properties in South America, all created to showcase remarkable art and design from around the world. Of course, a substantial renovation came first.

“Our projects are ‘love projects’. We do them because we love art, design and architecture, and we love being creative,” Carrie said. United States. “We built all of our other projects from scratch, but this was going to be something we were going to inherit. And inheriting a hotel in a historical monument was really appealing.

Courtesy of Galleria Vik Milano

The bones of the structure were intact, but Carrie and Alex undertook a major renovation to make the space more functional with the help of architect Marcelo Daglio, who helped with the expansion and reworked the 58-room layout at 89.

Today, the bedrooms on the second level feature double-height ceilings and loft-like spaces with living areas under the beds accessible by a staircase. Third floor rooms have balconies overlooking the Galleria, while the fifth floor is located above the Galleria structure and has comfortable outdoor garden terraces.

Courtesy of Galleria Vik Milano

Carrie found the variety of rooms “truly inspiring” and gave the space the Vik Resort signature by making each space totally unique through unique art and decor. Two Italian art curators helped bring in artists from Uruguay, Italy, and other countries around the world to create site-specific installations in the halls, corridors, and gathering spaces. Even some of the bathrooms feature site-specific art installations or outstanding marble design.

Courtesy of Galleria Vik Milano

“They’ve all been really committed to the project,” said Carrie of Vik staff. “A lot of artists have come and stayed for long periods of time as they created their spaces, so you feel that passion and the creative energy that was put into it by all of these artists. It’s not just us who let’s put paintings and hang them on the wall.It’s about involving the artists and collaborating with them.

One of the hotel’s most striking works of art can be found in the lobby, with a bronze cast of Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture, The Thinker, in monumental scale to greet guests. It is surrounded by a dry fresco covering the walls and ceiling which features eight mythological figures holding the world by Italian artist Alex Folla. “I think it’s a great way to get to Milan because you’re completely absorbed in this world of Italian Renaissance art with a modern twist,” Carrie said. “It’s really inspired.”

Courtesy of Galleria Vik Milano

The hotel opened in November 2019 and hit full steam with full occupancy by February 2020 Fashion Week, but was forced to close at the onset of the pandemic. After a brief reopening in 2020, it closed again in the second wave and has remained open — finally — since March 2021.

“We felt we had to be open because we were the new hotel and nobody knew us,” Carrie explained. “We had to get our name out there because we just never really had the opportunity to do that before the pandemic.”

The hotel has two restaurants: Pellico Otto is open daily for breakfast, lunch, aperitifs and dinner. It doubles as an art gallery with many works by artists represented at Galleria Vik Milano throughout the space. The roof houses a pizzeria, I Dodici Gatti.

Courtesy of Galleria Vik Milano

Equally delectable is the art that covers every inch of the property — from the hallway murals to the breakfast view overlooking the Galleria. Yet Carrie is the first to acknowledge that Galleria Vik Milano “is not a hotel for everyone”.

“We are not a cookie-cutter hotel, and some people want a cookie-cutter hotel. They want to know that when they walk into the room, there will be the desk in the corner, a TV, and the same amenities everywhere you go. We are not like that,” she said. “Each room has different furniture. Most rooms don’t have a TV. It’s not our brand.

While customers may request a television, the aim here is to help customers immerse themselves in a world of design, architecture, style and history. What could be more effortlessly chic, more Milano than that?

Seven AEW and New Japan matches can book for Forbidden Door 2 Mon, 27 Jun 2022 05:11:00 +0000

AEW’s first crossover with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, forbidden door, is officially on the books. But going into the night, the big elephant in the room was all the stars that the show was missing. Due to various injuries or circumstances, CM Punk, Kenny Omega, Bryan Danielson, Kota Ibushi, The Lucha Brothers, Andrade El Idolo, Hiromu Takahashi, The Hardys, reDRagon, Jungle Boy, Scorpio Sky and Buddy Matthews were all out of the game. map. The injury bug even appeared during the show itself, with Dax Harwood and Adam Cole both appearing to come out of their respective matches banged up.

But, as Tony Khan confirmed in both an interview with ComicBook and on Friday’s media conference call, the two companies are already talking about a Forbidden Door II event sometime in 2023. In a perfect world, both companies would have their full-strength comeback rosters by then and the map could be monstrous. Here are seven games that could happen if everyone is healthy next year.

CM Punk vs. Will Ospreay

(Picture: AEW)

Punk had his main AEW World Championship match taken away for this year’s Forbidden Door, but hopefully he’ll be healthy for the next event. One of the wrestlers who was calling Punk even before his return to AEW was Will Ospreay, who had a standout performance against Orange Cassidy and could be re-inserted into the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship picture at any time. A match for either championship would instantly make for a solid main event.

But in case that doesn’t happen…

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Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada

(Photo: New Japan)

It can be argued that Omega’s initial match against Okada was the first domino to fall in a series of events that led to the creation of AEW, New Japan’s American fandom, and the Forbidden Door event. The two have only wrestled one-on-one four times, with Kenny Omega tying the streak by ultimately winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at Dominion 2018. If Omega is healthy, arguably Omega vs. Okada V is the biggest game of the two companies. could possibly book.

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Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Saber Jr.

(Picture: AEW)

The world was deprived of a technical masterclass between Danielson and ZSJ this year. And while Claudio’s arrival as Danielson’s handpicked replacement lived up to the hype, “The American Dragon” has already made it clear that he still wants the matchup with Zack.

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Blackpool Combat Club v Los Ingobernables de Japon

(Picture: AEW)

Aside from Shingo Takagi, one of New Japan’s most popular factions was completely absent from Sunday’s show. Pairing them up for a multi-man faction battle against the Blackpool Combat Club could easily steal the show.

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Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Taiji Ishimori vs. Kushida

(Picture: AEW)

In addition to LIJ’s absence, having virtually no New Japan Junior Division presence felt bad. A quadruple with two of AEW’s best stealers in Darby and Sammy against the best of the Juniors (Hiromu Takahashi and El Desperado could also fit in here) would make for a great Junior Heavyweight Championship matchup.

Previous Next

Jon Moxley vs. Jay White

Moxley and White came out as world champions at the end of Forbidden Door and they haven’t wrestled in any capacity in almost three years. White has evolved tremendously during this time and a program between the two could legitimately dominate both companies for an entire summer.

Previous Next

Kota Ibushi vs. MJF

(Photo: TBS)

MJF was deliberately left out Forbidden Door because of his ongoing storyline and he has gone public in the past that he doesn’t care about New Japan’s style of wrestling. But assuming he’s back in the fold next year, it would be wonderfully poetic to pair him with someone who epitomizes the modern Japanese style of wrestling in Ibushi. Hopefully the issues each man seems to be having with their respective businesses can be sorted out by then.


Chronicle: Saving the Torrey pines in the state reserve, a complicated puzzle to solve Sat, 25 Jun 2022 12:00:59 +0000

There are times when Mother Nature just needs a little help from her friends.

Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve is one of San Diego’s gems, and after years of drought and the ravages of bark beetles, the iconic pines are dying at an alarming rate.

It’s not just the pine trees that make this such a special place.

It is home to a collection of wild creatures not seen in urban areas and breathtaking views of land, sky and ocean.

From the eroded sandstone cliffs, visitors can sometimes look out to sea and catch a glimpse of a whale spouting, or gaze at a cross-sectional landscape that tells the story of Earth’s creation dating back 50 million years.

The many friends of this prized natural space have plenty of ideas on what to do to save the pines, but it’s not an easy solution.

Suggestions range from “just watering the trees” to “creating a botanical garden” or “allowing the trees to burn to encourage natural regrowth.” Some have proposed eradicating bark beetles, but they have a role in the natural balance.

It’s much more complicated.

“Right now, we have more questions than answers,” said Darren Smith, senior state park environmental scientist for Torrey Pines.

The good news is that some very special friends of the park have come together to bring a science-based approach to studying the changes, the whys, and the best way forward at a time they believe of rapidly changing climatic conditions. .

Historically, managing Torrey Pines was about “live and let live” as change happened.

“But it got harder to just look at it,” Smith said after one of the reservation’s lushest groves withered and died over a three-year period between 2014 and 2017.

Smith needed help. At the suggestion of park volunteer Rick Gulley, now president of the Torrey Pines Conservancy, Smith contacted the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance which has both a local interest and the scientific skills to help find answers.

Ultimately, a team of scientists was formed to study the impact of changing climatic conditions on the precious Torrey pines. If there’s any agreement, it’s that the biggest stressor on Torrey pines is the changeable weather.

Christa Horn (left), Cara Stafford and Darren Smith in the Dead Grove at Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve.

(Ernie Cowan / For the San Diego Union-Tribune)

On a cloudy morning last week, I joined a talented group of conservationists along the popular Guy Fleming Trail to better understand what’s going on at Torrey Pines.

Mariposa lilies, wild buckwheat and delicate thread lettuce flowers greeted us along the way.

During our hike, I was fortunate enough to visit Smith, Cara Stafford, who is also the park’s environmental specialist; Christa Horn, conservation program manager for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance; and Katie Heineman, vice president of science and conversation at the Center for Plant Conversation, a nonprofit associated with the zoo.

The immediate concern is the rapid mortality rate of rare pines.

Smith said that in 2006, 3,200 trees were counted in the reserve of less than 2,000 acres. In 2018, 500 people died after a prolonged drought destroyed their ability to produce sap to resist bark beetles. This small grove of struggling trees is the only natural stand of Torrey pines on the continental United States.

Senior Environmental Scientist Darren Smith examines a young Torrey Pine surrounded by dead trees.

Senior Environmental Scientist Darren Smith examines a young Torrey Pine surrounded by dead trees.

(Ernie Cowan / For the San Diego Union-Tribune)

Over the years, one strategy was to simply plant new trees throughout the park. But it was random with no science involved.

“There were a lot of trees planted, but no coordinated effort. Our approach has been less intervention, but things are changing so fast, we have to act, but be mindful of the balance,” Stafford said.

“The end goal is to build a management plan to identify the best planting locations with the least stress on the trees,” said the zoo’s Horn.

The ultimate answers will likely involve a series of solutions, and as the climate continues to change, some species may disappear from the reserve.

“It’s very complicated and it’s a big headache,” said Horn.

Past efforts were often driven by emotion. Visitors love the beauty and unique quality of lodgepole pines and have often participated in well-meaning efforts to plant new trees.

But science is getting smarter and as the pace of change accelerates, it has become clear that there needs to be a new approach.

“We need to measure what nature is telling us, so we can learn and be more effective,” said plant advocate Heineman.

Seedlings grown at San Diego Zoo Safari Park were planted about a year ago in the Guy Fleming Grove where tree death occurred so quickly. These saplings and the conditions around them are closely monitored.

Growth rates, survival rates, available light, weather conditions, beetle activity, litter depth and soil samples are all measured.

“We do it here because it’s an area that’s historically rich in Torrey pine,” Horn said. “We want to see what lives or dies and determine why.”

Over time, the data collected can suggest areas where Torrey pines have the best chance of survival.

Chances are, the Torrey Pines Reservation looks nothing like it did when the Kumeyaay arrived here thousands of years ago. There will always be change.

But the name of this place is Torrey Pines Natural Reserve and those with foresight have realized how precious this place is where the land meets the sea. There are only 16 such reserves in the park system of State of California.

Although things may change, the goal here will always be to stay natural. It’s a rare and valuable thing along the Southern California urban coast.

It is a place of incredible natural beauty where one can sit and gaze at a landscape that has suffered minimal impact from modern civilization. The spirit can soar from the colorful cliffs to the distant ocean and perhaps briefly connect with those who first called this place home.

Future generations may see a completely different Torrey Pines Nature Preserve if weather conditions continue to change. In the meantime, dedicated scientists and passionate volunteers will continue their work to preserve the natural beauty of this small, rugged outpost.

It’s good to have friends.

Cowan is a freelance columnist. Email or visit

Book Fights – What are the best matchups for Deontay Wilder, Devin Haney, Terence Crawford and more? Thu, 23 Jun 2022 13:03:14 +0000

In boxing, we always look forward to the next fight. Even before an upcoming fight is over, the focus is often on what lies ahead, especially when it comes to the biggest stars in the sport.

While the pressures come from many avenues — fans, social media posts, or even beat writers — it’s the matchmakers who hold the power to decide who takes on whom, when, and how.

We understand they are acting on their own, but that hasn’t stopped us from booking the sport the way we’d like it to go. We gave our team of boxing experts two different opponents for a particular top fighter and let them decide where they would go from here.

Deontay Wilder vs. Andy Ruiz Jr. or Wilder vs. Dillian Whyte?

to play


Tyson Fury is knocked down twice in round four but manages to come back and finish Deontay Wilder in round 11 to defend his title.

Mike Coppinger: Whatever Wilder fights next, it’s possible the opponent will be soft to the touch after being brutally beaten by Tyson Fury in ESPN’s 2021 Fight of the Year.

But when “The Bronze Bomber” fights another boxer in ESPN’s top 10, Ruiz seems like the best option outside of Anthony Joshua (regardless of the outcome of the Aug. 20 fight with Oleksandr Usyk). First, Ruiz meets Luis Ortiz on September 4 and if the former heavyweight champion wins, a Wilder vs. Ruiz matchup is one of the best fights boxing has to offer.

Ruiz, who shocked Joshua to win the titles in June 2019, also boasts lightning-fast hands and plenty of power. He’s also a pressure fighter who would bring the fight to Wilder. Stylistically, it’s a can’t-miss action fight. Wilder often looks for counter-punching opportunities, but in the third fight with Fury he applied a lot more pressure than usual.

Wilder-Ruiz should also be fairly easy to do. Both boxers are with PBC and are top names who can combine for a marquee PPV event.

However, Wilder-Whyte is also a compelling match. The pair of punchers have traded insults in the past, and stylistically, it’s another explosive matchup. Whyte wasn’t remotely competitive with Fury before he was knocked out, but against Wilder he should find more openings for his big right hand.

Devin Haney vs. George Kambosos Jr. 2 or Haney vs. Vasiliy Lomachenko?

to play


Devin Haney wins the undisputed lightweight boxing championship against George Kambosos Jr. in front of thousands of Australian fans.

Michael Rothstein: Without a doubt, the best game here would be Haney-Lomachenko.

Lomachenko, even with the loss to Teofimo Lopez Jr. in 2020, is one of the best fighters in the sport, regardless of division. Lomachenko has looked good in his last two fights, dominant wins over Masayoshi Nakatani and Richard Commey, and could easily claim to be the best lightweight in the world even though he doesn’t hold either of the belts. He’s still just as good.

For Haney, that would give the 23-year-old an even better test than Kambosos. And, if Haney beat Lomachenko, it would cement his status not only as the undisputed champion, but also someone who could be an all-time great. That’s what a win over Lomachenko would do.

Haney-Kambosos 2, based on what their first game looked like, wouldn’t do much to sway opinions. Haney was also dominant against Kambosos the first time around – enough to make the rematch look nowhere near a 50-50 fight or even a 65-35 fight (for Haney).

I get why Kambosos would want the fight — the boxers are confident, and it’s his chance to stay on the world stage after his upset win over Lopez — but it just doesn’t seem like the best possible fight to have right now. If that happens, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Haney win a second time and then face Lomachenko or Ryan Garcia or Gervonta Davis or whoever is next at that time.

Whereas a fight against Lomachenko would be much more intriguing both in terms of storyline and competitiveness inside the ring.

Terence Crawford versus Jermell Charlo or Crawford versus Jermall Charlo?

to play


Mike Coppinger joins Max on Boxing to reveal that Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. will likely fight later this year in Las Vegas.

Copper : Crawford has called for a future fight with undisputed junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo after what he hopes will be a victory over Errol Spence Jr. for all the belts at 147 pounds.

But there is another Charlo who has expressed interest in a fight with Crawford, even though it seems long. Jermall Charlo, who holds a world middleweight title, claimed he would drop to 154 pounds for a meeting with Crawford. Jermall, Jermell’s twin brother, previously held a junior middleweight title, but he hasn’t competed at 154 pounds since 2016.

While Crawford against one of the Charlo brothers at 154 pounds is intriguing, a fight with Jermell for the undisputed junior middleweight championship easily carries the highest stakes.

Jermell established himself as one of the best fighters in the world with a stoppage of Brian Castano in a rematch last month. Crawford, ESPN’s No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter who won his first world title at 135 pounds, could he face an elite boxer at 154 pounds? First, he has to close the deal with Spence and go undisputed at 147 pounds.

Juan Francisco Estrada vs. Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez 3 or Estrada vs. Naoya Inoue at 118lbs?

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Naoya Inoue knocks out Nonito Donaire in the second round to unify the WBA, WBC and IBF world bantamweight titles.

Nick Parkinson: There’s nothing not to like about Estrada meeting Gonzalez for the third time, but Estrada stepping up a weight class to take on “monster” Inoue has more significance and intrigue.

Estrada-“Chocolatito” 3 would come with a guarantee of thrilling excitement and settle all arguments over who the real ruler of the junior bantamweights is. When they last met in March 2021, Estrada won the WBC and WBA junior bantamweight titles by a disputed split decision in a bout in which the two threw a combined 2,529 punches. This followed another classic 10 years ago, which Gonzalez (51-3, 41 KOs) won by unanimous decision for Estrada’s 108-pound title.

But Estrada (42-3, 28 KOs) stepping up a split to face Inoue at bantamweight is a more enticing fight with the potential to attract interest from beyond die-hard boxing fans.

WBC, WBA, IBF bantamweight world champion Inoue (23-0, 0), as his nickname suggests, is a knockout monster. He is currently one of the most exciting, improving and in-demand boxers in the sport after his two-round destruction of Nonito Donaire in a rematch earlier this month. The 29-year-old boxer needs a challenge for us to gauge how good he is and to sustain current interest.

And, if Inoue is going to stay at 118 pounds, his biggest challenge is against Estrada. Like Inoue, Estrada is a three-weight world champion and his relentless aggression could potentially make for a close fight.

Estrada is a better opponent than the other 118-pound contenders for Inoue, and the 32-year-old Mexican boxer has enough experience — victories over Gonzalez and Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, among other top fighters — to ask questions of Inoue, much like Donaire did when they first met in 2019 (ESPN’s Fight of the Year). Donaire dragged Inoue into an entertaining brawl, which Inoue won by overly generous margins after Donaire cut him in the left eye with an early hook. Donaire then came down from the canvas to hurt Inoue in the 11th round. Donaire, the first time around, showed how the monster can be tamed to some degree, and Estrada might consider it worth the effort.

For Estrada, fighting Inoue is a life-changing opportunity to catapult himself into the pound-for-pound lists. And for Inoue, a win over another division No.

Establishing himself as one of the best boxers in the world, which might not be possible by fighting Gonzalez again, might be enough to tempt Estrada to take the riskier option against Inoue. Let’s hope he rolls the dice.

Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia or Davis vs. Teofimo Lopez Jr.?

Well baby: I’ll take option #3 – none of the answers above.

Back when boxing had the “Four Princes” in the lightweight division, any combination of “Tank” Davis, Haney, Lopez and Garcia made sense. This is no longer the case as some are more ready to be crowned than others.

Davis, although not a legitimate champion as he holds a secondary WBA belt, is the biggest star in the group and can sell a pay-per-view. And even against inferior competition built on soft matchmaking, it’s clear his skill set has improved over the past two years.

Haney also has exceptional qualities. He recently became the true undisputed champion after easily edging out Kambosos, who held three of the four belts after his upset win over Lopez in 2021. Haney, who isn’t the hottest fighter in the ring and doesn’t possess significant power , is the man to beat.

Lopez, who hasn’t fought since the loss at Kambosos, needs to prove he still belongs as a lightweight contender. The same goes for Garcia, who will face Javier Fortuna on July 16. A Lopez-Garcia matchup could be a real elimination fight for the right to face Haney or Davis. — Well baby

Faysal Islami launches hotel reservation services in partnership with Ascendant Tue, 21 Jun 2022 17:45:21 +0000

KARACHI: Faysal Bank, in partnership with Pakistan’s largest hotel technology company, Ascendant, has launched a hotel booking platform for its customers that allows them to easily book hotels online through their website.

The website offers more than 1600 hotels and guesthouses in 50 cities in Pakistan. This initiative by Faysal Islami, one of Pakistan’s leading Islamic banks and winner of the Best Islamic Bank for Transformation and Innovation award at the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA), marks a key step towards promoting domestic tourism . In addition, the bank also plans to introduce international hotels to this service to facilitate customers who wish to travel abroad.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Aneeq Malik, Group Head of Consumer Finance and Payment Services at Faysal Bank, said: “We always aim to bring the best banking services to our customers at their fingertips. . Faysal Bank has always believed in innovation and the digitalization of services for the convenience of customers. With Ascendant by our side, our customers can now not only check the rates of all hotel rooms across Pakistan, but also book the hotel and pay online using their bank accounts, debit or credit cards via our website.

Ascendant CEO Mr. Andre Privateer said: As the only hotel technology provider capable of delivering real-time rates and availability to over 80% of hotels in Pakistan, we serve the tourism industry. by improving the online booking experience for the consumer. Thanks to this strategic alliance with Faysal Bank, individuals can now book and pay easily through this platform on the Faysal Bank website and which will soon be launched on their mobile application as well.

Mr. Feroz Khan, Head of Insecure Business and Payment Services at Faysal Bank, added: “This business alliance is a testament to our commitment to our customers. At Faysal Bank, we continue to strive to build customer loyalty by offering innovative products and benefits to our valued customers. This collaboration aims to make travel and tourism to every corner of Pakistan more accessible for our customers. »

Faysal Bank is one of Pakistan’s most progressive Islamic banks and has focused on growth by improving service quality, investing in technology and human resources, and utilizing its extensive network of Islamic branches in full growth.

Ascendant is a specialist hotel technology company that is revolutionizing the tourism landscape in Pakistan by unlocking exceptional value for travel providers and customers.

Reserve Club Women’s Golf Association Raises Funds for CanHope | New Sun, 19 Jun 2022 22:06:00 +0000

For over 15 years, the Reserve Club Women’s Golf Association has sponsored a charity golf event. This year, CanHope, a local non-profit organization, received a check for $20,000.

Over 120 golfers took part in the event which included golf, lunch, an online auction and a raffle. The tables were adorned with local floral centerpieces courtesy of Blossoms of Grace echoing the tournament theme: Colors of Hope.

“COVID has impacted our ability to fundraise,” said Brent Slack, president of CanHope. “These funds will help our efforts to continue to serve our low-income cancer patients in Aiken and surrounding communities. We are grateful for the support Reserve Club members give to our organization.

Our local business community once again generously responded to our requests for assistance by providing gifts and services for the auction and the raffle. Aiken’s Honda Cars offered 120 golfers the opportunity to win a new car for a hole-in-one.

Honda was joined by donations from Aiken Standard, Cold Creek Nurseries, Designer Builders, Floyd & Green, High Country Oil Company, Iron Gate Candles, Lionel Smith Ltd., Nandina Home and Design, Nania Aveda Salon, Neon Fig, Plum Pudding, Rose Hill, Southside Gallery and Design Center, Spago, Steeplechase, The Grocery (located in Charleston), The Sunshine Boys, The Very Vera Show, The Willcox, Three Monkeys, and Village Fitness.

“The support of these local businesses and sponsors made the day a complete success,” said Luce Mallak, President of Colors of Hope. “With the support of a talented team that included Louisa Visconti, Pat Zuppello, Donna Sohinki, Sara Foley, Lou Anne Brossman, Kris Coyle and Sue Amatangelo, as well as Reserve Club staff and many volunteers, everyone spent a wonderful day. golf and left with great memories. Truly a win-win situation for CanHope and everyone involved. »

AEW reportedly changed booking plans for tag team titles Wed, 15 Jun 2022 22:25:55 +0000

AEW has changed its booking plans regarding the AEW Tag Team Championship since Double or Nothing, according to a new report. Fightful Select reports that some talent has indicated they heard before Double or Nothing that AEW was considering a title run for the Hardys in what Jeff Hardy said over WrestleMania weekend was likely their last run. The site notes that some talent they spoke to were frustrated with the Double or Nothing weekend, as they had heard that Jeff was publicly drunk on the weekend and in the lobby of the hotel des talents before another event. Talent was also considered when it came to Jeff’s performance in the Hardys vs. Young Bucks match at Double or Nothing, although Hardy reportedly suffered a head injury earlier in the game. Hardy told officers during his arrest on Monday morning that he had an upcoming doctor’s appointment regarding his head which involved brain scans.

The report notes that Fightful heard after Double or Nothing weekend that the titles were likely to transfer to the Young Bucks, although the Standard would not be confirmed until that happened. Anyway, the discussion of the Hardys being the next tag team champions fell immediately after Double or Nothing. It should also be noted that the segment between the one aired last week on Dynamite between Christian, Jurassic Express, the Hardys and the Young Bucks was filmed the previous week, a few days after Jeff’s injury Double or Nothing.

There has been a lot of concern for Jeff behind the scenes at AEW, although there has also been frustration over the tag team title scene following the injury and arrest, as well as “some indications” that such a situation could reappear.

Caesars Sportsbook Promo Codes, Best Sportsbook Bonus Offers: Get $1,500 Risk Free Wagering With Code GAME15 Tue, 14 Jun 2022 00:53:42 +0000

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Letter: The book ban is not about books | Letters Sun, 12 Jun 2022 00:30:00 +0000

The book ban is about politics, not books

Since last November, the banning and burning of library books has been at the forefront of much discussion at Spotsylvania School Board meetings, with “parental choice” citizens taking action to remove books from school libraries and the new school board majority supporting them.

More recently, eight books have been challenged as pornographic. The result of the challenge was that all eight books were deemed appropriate for secondary schools. The decision is on appeal.

School librarians have been called pedophiles and groomers. There have been threats that at some point they will have to be held accountable for the “distribution of pornography”.

Well, it turns out that book banning isn’t popular here in America, and the idea of ​​book burning is even more blatant.

It seems that the parenting choice group decided that its wording needed to change. The new narrative is that they’re not asking for the books to be banned because that would involve the courts. They now say they just want them removed from our school libraries. It’s semantics, and they hope the masses buy it.

People also read…

Permanently removing a book from a school library means banning it. This book is inaccessible in this library after its removal. Some students have no other access to books. They can’t afford to go to a public library, and they and their parents can’t afford to buy their books. For these students, the book is forbidden. Period.

Some who don’t live in Spotsylvania may believe it doesn’t affect them. Please know that it is. It’s nationwide. This group is for parents’ choice only when the choice matches their beliefs. Spotsylvania, Virginia and America are better than that. Democracy is better than that.

It was never about books. It has always been about a political agenda.

]]> reveals the challenges lgbtq+ travelers still face and highlights ways to provide a more inclusive travel experience for all Fri, 10 Jun 2022 08:32:58 +0000

With 92% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers having experienced discrimination while travelling, is taking steps to pave the way for everyone to travel with pride.

India – The term “travel” and its connotations should refer to positive experiences, adventure and fun. Yet for many LGBTQ+ travelers around the world, the reality of travel can often paint a very different picture. The most in-depth LGBTQ+ travel research to date from leading digital travel platform sheds light on travel attitudes, concerns and preferences, as well as past stay experiences, current realities and hopes for a more inclusive travel future. Conducted among LGBTQ+ travelers in 25 countries around the world, the study shows that negative experiences are most common when travelers are on the road in public, with LGBTQ+ travelers from India followed by Denmark and Mexico indicating that they experience this most frequently.

The reality of LGBTQ+ travel today

With over 92% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers having experienced discrimination while traveling, being subjected to stereotypes (41%) being stared at, teased or verbally abused by other travelers (27%) and/or It’s no surprise that LGBTQ+ travelers face the added complexity of navigating a trip, from selecting a destination to the activities they participate in. 67% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers say being part of the community impacts the decisions they make when planning. For example, when selecting a destination, 70% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers say they need to consider their safety and well-being as an LGBTQ+ traveler. 63% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers believe that the destinations on their “to do list” have been affected by their membership in the community, while 71% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers believe that being a member of the LGBTQ+ community has an impact about the people they choose to travel with. 73% say it has an impact on the activities they participate in when they are away.

Promising signs of progress and positivity

While there are many barriers to inclusive travel for those who identify as LGBTQ+, there are still important areas where travelers have positive interactions and experiences. Refreshingly, over 72% of Indian travelers say being part of the LGBTQ+ community makes them more confident as travelers, with 77% of Indian travelers saying they have the confidence to explore the destinations they wish to visit.

Community connection is key’s research also reveals that a destination’s LGBTQ+ community is at the heart of many LGBTQ+ traveler decisions, and a passion to discover all that this community has to offer prevails among the findings where 70% of India’s LGBTQ+ travelers are more likely to travel to a destination that celebrates its local LGBTQ+ community and history. 73% of Indian travelers are more likely to choose a trip that allows them to learn more about the historical aspects of the LGBTQ+ community in their destination of choice. While LGBTQ+ travelers want to connect with the LGBTQ+ community to enrich their travel experiences, they also look to brands to support and recognize the community as well, with 73% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers being more likely to seek out attractions or activities adapted to the LGBTQ+ community. .

A more inclusive travel experience for everyone

While LGBTQ+ travelers want a connection with the LGBTQ+ community to enrich their travel experiences, they also look to brands to support and recognize the community as well, with 73% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers more likely to seek out attractions or activities LGBTQ+ friendly. community. 72% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers also research accommodations, brands and experiences before booking to understand the role they play in supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and this research leads to 75% of Indian LGBTQ+ travelers being more likely to book with brands that make an effort to do so. recognizes the important role properties play in providing a more inclusive experience and is taking steps to pave the way for everyone to travel with pride. Launched in August 2021,’s Proud Hospitality training program is available in English and French, for its accommodation partners worldwide. There are now also more than 10,000 Proud Certified establishments in 95 countries and territories on its platform. Available free of charge to all property partners worldwide, the aim of the training session is to help hospitality professionals understand the challenges and barriers the LGBTQ+ community faces when traveling , providing them with practical skills and techniques they can immediately put into practice. practice on their property.

At, we believe everyone should be able to experience the world as themselves, always,” says Arjan Dijk, CMO and Senior Vice President of “Whether it’s taking time out to relax or experiencing different cultures, LGBTQ+ travelers ultimately want the same things as everyone else when it comes to travel and the industry needs to experiment welcoming the norm for everyone – no matter who they like, how they identify or where they are from.As a gay traveler myself, I have faced barriers to travel and discrimination, but I I’ve also witnessed incremental changes over the years. By taking steps to pave the way for a more inclusive industry, we hope to pave the way for broader change that will improve the standard of travel for all.