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A man and a woman were arrested at the South River Suites hotel in Medley in connection with human trafficking early Thursday morning.

Medley Police arrived at the hotel at 5.34am Thursday after a woman was allegedly robbed at gunpoint.

According to a police report, the woman told patrol officers that one of the men who robbed her had come to her hotel room to engage in prostitution.

Further investigation by Medley detectives revealed that the woman was a possible victim of human trafficking by a couple who hired her for prostitution.

According to the police report, the woman said she met Raul Jimenez Rodriguez, in the early months of 2021 while working at a cafeteria in Miami.

The woman told police Jimenez Rodriguez said she was very pretty and could make a lot of money working as a prostitute. He told her he would set up commercials and prostitution dates for her and take a percentage of the proceeds, according to the report.

According to police, the woman said Jimenez Rodriguez and a woman named Grettel Caceres Crego would post advertisements for her online and transport her to various hotels and motels in Miami-Dade County to engage in prostitution.

The woman also said that Jimenez Rodriguez introduced her and provided her with crystal meth and cocaine, which she is now addicted to.

The woman said Jimenez Rodriguez would lacerate her marijuana with crystal meth, without her knowledge. The drugs would “alter her mindset and reality,” allowing Jimenez Rodriguez to facilitate more prostitution arrangements for her, according to the police report.

The woman also told police that Jimenez Rodriguez would use a webcam to record sex acts during her prostitution dates for her personal collection of pornography, to which she never consented.

According to the police report, the woman had a prostitution date scheduled for Wednesday night at the South River Suites.

She told police that in the early morning hours of Thursday, January 20, Jimenez Rodriguez and Caceres Crego transported her to the Princess Motel in Miami for a second prostitution date, arranged by Caceres Crego using his cell phone.

The woman said that after the second date, Jimenez Rodriguez and Caceres Crego took her back to the South River Suites in Medley for a third prostitution date, also arranged by Caceres Crego.

According to police, the woman went to room 361 of the South River Suites to meet the client while Jimenez Rodriguez and Caceres Crego waited downstairs in their car.

The woman said that when the client arrived in the room, another subject came in and robbed her at gunpoint, taking one of her cell phones and other belongings. She said she then went down to the hotel reception to call the police.

When police arrived, a search of Jimenez Rodriguez’s vehicle revealed approximately 6.98 grams of crystal meth, four MDMA tablets and a loaded black handgun with a full magazine, the report said.

Jimenez Rodriguez and Caceres Crego have been arrested and are scheduled to appear in bond court on Friday.

Student shows it pays to train Thu, 20 Jan 2022 05:10:59 +0000

On-campus fitness instructor shares his experience helping students get healthy

By Olivia Valkner, Editor

As you complete your trek to the Health United Building (HUB) and ascend the stairs to the Rec Center, you are greeted by the friendly faces of student workers, who help keep the gym running like a well-oiled machine. . Valerie Workman, a young marketing student, gave an overview of her status as a student employee at the HUB.

Workman started working at the HUB about a year ago as a group fitness instructor for TRX (total body resistance exercise) classes, a type of suspension training designed to increase core stability. and total body strength.

“Since the HUB opened in the spring semester of 2020, I have enjoyed taking group fitness classes…I have taken many of the classes offered like cycling, women’s weightlifting, and TRX. I have loved TRX and the group fitness program so much that when the position became available, I couldn’t resist applying,” Workman explained.

She currently teaches TRX on Mondays and Tuesdays, Booty Bootcamp on Fridays, and Total Body Bootcamp on Saturdays.

“I plan lessons in advance and adapt the training to each person’s skill level. In the class itself, I train with my students, but am able to offer demonstrations of proper form and technique, answer their fitness questions, and be a support system when they need it. I really enjoy my job as a group fitness instructor. This job is so cool because I get paid to have fun! said the workman.

“I love teaching group fitness classes because I’m able to see the gradual growth of my returning students,” she added.

Since beginning his involvement with the HUB, Workman has also worked as one of the HUB’s personal trainers.

“I enjoy the one-to-one setting of working with a client so that we can collaborate on meaningful, positive goals. I love the enthusiasm with which my clients focus on their health,” Workman said.

“A few days ago, I was offered the position of Personal Trainer Lead. Each week, I meet with other Rec Sports staff and administration to discuss event planning, programming and general feedback we get from HUB members,” she said.

Workman explained how the HUB is a step up from the O’Connor Sports Center and how Xavier’s recreational sports have grown since he was relocated in the spring of 2020.

“We offer new courses like Booty Bootcamp, STAGES Cycling and Total Body Beat. Since the transition to the HUB, there are so many more clubs, events and opportunities than it was impossible to organize (before).

Additionally, Workman shared other opportunities that Rec Sports presents for students.

“Rec Sports now hosts monthly challenges that students can participate in for awesome prizes like massage guns, gift cards for outfitters like Lululemon, and other gym equipment. It’s great to see how many people like the community we’ve built over the past two years and I can’t wait to see what the administration does next.

Workman is also grateful for the opportunity that being a hardworking student gave her.

“My favorite thing about working at the HUB is meeting so many amazing people. I’ve made some of my best friends throughout my time working the front desk, teaching fitness classes in group and personal training. I’m lucky to have great colleagues,” she said.

Student workers are employed through the Office of Student Employment and managed by professional staff (university faculty) and student leaders.

For those interested in learning more about the HUB, attending a group fitness class, or seeking more information about Xavier Recreational Sports or the Recreation Center, students are encouraged to visit the Recreational Sports website.

The evolution of the hospital management system Tue, 18 Jan 2022 08:49:01 +0000

A hospital management system help with tracking and managing finances. It keeps track of inventory, reduces losses and minimizes duplication of information. The healthcare management system also manages test results, patient data, and interaction with other laboratory systems. It improves workflow efficiency and improves data accuracy, adding value to the overall processing cycle. It also reduces errors caused by handwriting. It provides quality care. The system also has many other advantages.

Hospital management software allows the front office to communicate with doctors in real time. It also allows the reception to manage appointments. Patients can book appointments through self-service portals or mobile apps, which use a color-coded system to identify available slots. This system also allows patients to receive appointment reminders. The software is designed to document patient information, manage health records and bills. He can also manage the inventory and finances of a hospital.

Cost and inventory tracking via software:

Using a hospital system has many advantages. A hospital’s medical data is easily accessible via the Internet. It is also much easier to send patient information from one place to another. And the system can also track equipment, saving staff time. This makes the hospital more efficient, allowing it to focus on patient recovery. It can also help track costs and inventory. The system is easy to use and can be customized to meet any specific needs.

The software helps to manage finances. It helps to monitor expenses and profits. It allows the hospital to track material and medical costs and reduce the number of third-party vendors. This tool also streamlines billing and invoicing processes and improves patient satisfaction. The data collected by the software helps to facilitate future decisions and tasks. They also help keep the patient database accurate and up-to-date.

The hospital management system is important for a medical center. This not only increases patient satisfaction, but also increases revenue. The software helps to synchronize the work of different departments. Without this, the medical center cannot provide quality care. Additionally, the paper-based approach to record keeping is prone to inaccuracies and difficult to retrieve. There is a better way.

Hospital software as a healthcare medical system:

Healthcare management software helps with timely billing. The software helps to collect essential patient data and allows the authorized person to make changes and updates. Invoices can be emailed and the software can even connect with insurance companies. A hospital system is an indispensable tool for the healthcare industry. With this type of technology, the work of hospital administrators and their staff is much easier. It also allows staff to monitor their employees and patients.

Additionally, the software helps in keeping track of the patient’s history. The data collected by the software also helps assign the correct specialist to each patient. With the help of this system, healthcare management software ensures that patients receive the right treatment at the right time. This software has many advantages, but it is best to use a provider that meets your specific needs. The software should simplify the work of staff and improve patient satisfaction.

Hospital management software functionality should allow patients to book and cancel appointments. It should also allow them to share their results and interact with authorities online. It should also allow doctors to diagnose their patients more quickly and reduce the risk of errors. This should keep track of each patient’s history, and it should also be easy for doctors to access. This is an essential characteristic of a hospital management system, So make sure it is compatible with the specific needs of your hospital.

Medical Management System Modules:

The software is divided into several modules. The accounting module organizes the financial affairs of a medical institution. It stores payment and insurance details of the patient. The insurance module records details of insurance coverage. The medication management module lists the medications used by the doctor. The software can be integrated with other modules of the hospital information system. Its pricing structure is not known in advance, but it is easy to compare them. It’s a good option for hospitals, but there’s no free trial.

A good hospital management software package will bring you a number of advantages. It tracks important information such as medical history, treatment requirements, and billing. This software will also help you track patient registration, which stores important patient information including name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, and employment status. It will also store patient records, such as dietary preferences and consent forms. The software will help you keep track of appointments and reports, and it will also remind you of due dates and appointment reminders.

Error-free medical system:

Hospital management software must simplify the daily activity of its users. The best ones make tasks faster and easier. They also eliminate human error. The best hospital management system can automate many tasks. For example, they should be able to manage patient records, including their histories, medications, and doctors’ schedules.

It should also help you reduce medical equipment downtime, which is critical to your bottom line. It should also minimize queues for operating rooms and reduce the number of patient transfers. You can also use it to update your doctor’s schedule, such as a cancellation, updating it in real time.


Apart from automating hospital processes, it also helps doctors and staff manage their workload. For example, you can easily track your employees’ working hours and access patient data. You can also use the Wellyx clinic software to monitor and track patient progress in hospital.

The software will also help you prepare timely and accurate reports. With good hospital software, you will have more time to devote to patient care.

How Vancouver Island Fared During the Tsunami Advisory Sun, 16 Jan 2022 17:35:20 +0000

An undersea volcano off Tonga prompted emergency agencies to issue a tsunami advisory for Vancouver Island and much of the British Columbia coast on Saturday morning, quashing it early in the year. afternoon after the threat passed.

The advisory was lifted shortly after 2:30 p.m. Saturday by Emergency Management BC. The District of Tofino urged citizens to continue to be cautious around water and on beaches.

In Tofino, surfer Devin Baldwin stayed down rather than taking risks. He is normally out on the water every day if conditions allow. He plans to surf on Sunday now that the advisory has been lifted.

Along with other residents who signed up for Tofino’s emergency notification system, he was alerted in the morning to the risk of swells or dangerous currents.

Beaches were closed in Tofino and people were told not to go near waterways. No evacuation orders have been issued in British Columbia

Live video from Pacific Sands Beach Resort showed people at the beach on Saturday morning.

Port Alberni also warned people to stay away from shore, ports and marinas.

Baldwin suspects the distant eruption impacted beaches in the Tofino area.

He said it was strange to see that the low tide at 8.50am was higher than it normally would be.

It was also unusual that many large logs, weighing hundreds of pounds, were pushed onto the beach by a high tide, Baldwin said. A steady tide at this time of year would generally not move the logs as much, he said. “They would just stay there.”

Baldwin works at the front desk of Bella Pacifica Campground in Tofino, which is currently closed due to the season.

He didn’t see any surfers on the water Saturday but said there were two paddleboarders quite far from shore.

In Victoria, Dallas Road was quiet Saturday morning. A Victoria Police SUV visited Clover Point for a short time and joggers and dog walkers were on the trails and the sea was calm.

According to the U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center as of 11:15 a.m., water levels rose 16cm at Tofino, 18cm at Bamfield and 29cm at Winter Harbor on the northwest coast of the island. of Vancouver.

Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, said in a statement Saturday morning that the advisory was expected to last several hours.

“The risk is limited to increased tidal currents.” But until the advisory is lifted, people have been urged to stay away from beaches, shores and marinas and follow local government instructions.

The underwater eruption prompted several communities to activate emergency plans.

“Emergency Management BC immediately activated the provincial emergency coordination center and all provincial regional operations centers on the coast. The agency also supported local governments and First Nations with updates and a series of coordination calls,” said Farnworth.

“Two Pacific Emergency Notification System alerts have been sent to emergency officials and the media to provide an update on this event.

“Local communities are communicating this information to residents in accordance with their emergency protocols for such notice.

The advisory covered the west coast and northeast of the island, the central coast, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Haida Gwaii.

Abel Garcia: Knowlan seizes the high series | Advosports Sat, 15 Jan 2022 01:00:00 +0000

Don (DoLee) Knowlan was up to the task on Monday night to lead all bowlers to weekly honors. The southpaw had an open frame every game, but he was able to chain strikes every game to overcome missteps. He had 236, 258, and 222 individual games for a total of 716. After a strike in the second frame, a missed 7pin in the third frame in game one, prevented an eight bagger and a much higher score. DoLee has many 700 sets in her career, but this was her first this season. His team gained four points to start the second half of the season.

In the same league, another southpaw, Joey Matson, struggled the opener with three open frames for a 190 game. 255 and 246 for a set of 691.

The second high series of the week was thrown by Larry Hall during the Sundowners League game. He posted individual games of 233, 268 and 196 for a total of 697. After his first two good games without an open, Larry lost his strike and had a split open and five 9-pin counts for spares in the last match, which hurt his total.

TJ Mooney was the only other bowler to break the 650 mark this week with a game high of 247 contributing to a 691 Thursday night.

Sharon Guinn had the highest score for the ladies with a set 544 in Monday’s mixed match. Judy Reyna finished second with a 522 in the same league.

A reminder that the VUSBC annual meeting is scheduled for February 12 at 11 a.m. This meeting gives every VUSBC-sanctioned bowler the opportunity to have feedback on how the association is moving forward.

The Spring Blind Doubles Tournament will begin at 1:00 p.m. after the meeting.

It is with sadness that I note that another former VUSBC bowler has passed away with the passing of Helen Cox.

Helen began bowling locally in the 1990s and was a league bowler for the 2019 season. My condolences and sympathy go out to my husband Pat and their family for their loss.

Registration forms for the annual Municipal VUSBC Open and Women’s Tournaments are now available at the Century reception. The early bird registration deadline is March 1 at midnight and the registration deadline is March 10.

Members of each team who have submitted advance registrations will be entered into a drawing for a bowling ball offered by Century Lanes.

The 2022 PBA Guaranteed Rate Tour will open its PBA Players Championship region playoffs live on Fox Sports1. The East and South regions will air on January 22 at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. local time.

Coverage will continue Sunday for the Midwest and Southwest regions at the same local times.

The West Region airs at 6 p.m. on January 24. Kyle Troup is the defending Players Champion.

TURKEY TROTTERS 1ST AS MOTHERS AS DAUGHTERS Women: K. Filip 413; E. Moore 407; MIXED MONDAY 1ST (TIE 6 WAYS AS LEAGUE STARTS SECOND HALF PLAY) Women: S. Guinn 191-544; J. Reyna 522; Men: D. Knowlan 258-716; J. Matson 255-691; N. Picard 247-648; X. Wilson 226-638; T. Crowe 630; C. Hammock 233-622; J. Chapman 227-619; R. Marks 224-619; R. Lyman 612; TJ Mooney 235-611; R. Vivero 606; D. Hale 604; A. Adames 603; K. Smith 601; J. Benavides 597; T.Williams 596; B.Miller 590; J. Guerra 586; K.Schupbach 585; W. Wood 585; D. Matthews 574; J.Silgero 573; B. Bilbo 573; J. Cano 568; A.Stay 561; L. Hall 559; H. Hernández 554; J. Martinez 553; W. Hendrix 225; OVER THE HILL WHY NOT Women: C. Wilson 481; J. Lambrecht 435; B. Mathiews 422; D. Peters 420; Men: R. Estrada 544; E. Smith 510; B. Korczynski 509; B. Bomba 203; SUNDOWNERS 1ST HOT DOGS & DONUTS Women: P. Robles 508; L. Hall 268-697; TJ Mooney 247-691; J. Martinez 243-638; S. Kocian 235-632; M. Mize 234-628; R. Mejia 627; B. Asby 238-616; A. Stay 225-611; Mr. Flores 609; J. Matson 244-608; JP Reyna 237-607; Mr. Unger 606; J. Silgero 226-604; D. Matthews 603; JD Villalobos 225-593; Mr. Svatek 591; W. Wood 591; snow S. 590; J. Shoup 584; M. Brown 224-583; S. Zeplin 245-574; H. Hernández 570; Mr Michalec 565; C. Hammock 560; C. Reeves 224-560; P. Chrisco 556; T.Williams 556; R. Lyman 555; L. Conner 552; CAPTAIN’S NO TAP 1 ST GOLDEN GIRLS Women: D. Fitzgerald 531; Mr. Villareal 196.

Rising patient numbers prompt some mass hospitals to tighten visitor restrictions – NBC Boston Thu, 13 Jan 2022 05:20:01 +0000

The increase in the number of patients in Massachusetts hospitals is leading some to tighten their visitor policies.

Mass General Brigham updated his rules on Wednesday as the omicron variant of COVID-19 spreads and hospitalizations increase.

“We are trying to limit overcrowding in public spaces and in patient care spaces,” said Dr. Tom Sequist, Chief Medical Officer of Mass General Brigham.

All system facilities, including Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, will be reduced from two visitors to one for inpatients, effective Wednesday.

“I think it’s definitely going to make a difference in our ability to avoid this overcrowded scenario,” Sequist said. “And allow people to socially distance themselves.”

The Massachusetts Nurses Association says more needs to be done and that no visitors should be allowed at all in Massachusetts hospitals.

“Some days you go down there and it looks like there’s a general scrum at the reception with everyone coming in,” said Jim McCarthy, a nurse at Brigham and Women’s.

He says too often that visitors do not follow guidelines in the event of a pandemic.

“People aren’t wearing masks correctly, they’re not using the right protocol, the six-foot distance,” McCarthy said. “We believe there should be a moratorium on visitors to the hospital.”

A Visitor’s Rule aligns Mass General Brigham with other area hospitals like Tufts and the Boston Medical Center. But some hospitals have gone further.

Beth Israel and the South Shore Hospital do not allow visitors at all.

Mass General Brigham says he will continue to reassess.

Exceptions can be made for support visitors, and there may be different rules in different parts of a hospital, such as intensive care or labor and delivery.

Maestro Makes 5 Roadmap Forecasts For The Evolution Of Hotel Property Management Systems And Return From Travel Tue, 11 Jan 2022 08:44:34 +0000

MARKHAM, ONTARIO – Today, hoteliers do a lot more with a lot less. Staff and budgets continue to shrink as customer demand increases. The only salvation is technological innovation. Undisputed heart of the hotel, the property management system must continue to evolve to keep the asset strong and withstand future economic attacks. To survive, the PMS must be flexible and feature-rich to adapt to changing market conditions and meet evolving customer expectations, and it must be secure to protect customer and staff data, as well as the reputation of the customer. the establishment. Maestro, the hospitality industry’s most trusted and proven provider of on-premise and cloud-based web and mobile property management systems, said hoteliers can’t get complacent and assume that their property management systems are property – even with some improvements in the COVID era – are equipped to help operators thrive in today’s new normal.

According to the new 2022 Hosting Technology Study, 81% of people say they think their customer-facing technologies are the same or better than their competitors. Although respondents plan to adopt new technologies demanded by customers, such as contactless payment systems (74%), mobile reservations (68%), mobile check-in (55%), two-way messaging (54%) and the mobile room key (42%) – Maestro Chairman Warren Dehan said these solutions are just the tip of the iceberg of investing in innovation.

“People have short memories and guests thirst for travel” Dehan said. “When travel returns to pre-COVID levels, it’s critical that operators don’t assume it’s out of the woods and suspend budgeted technology investments. Collectively, hoteliers must evolve with guest and market demands if they are to weather this storm and be fortified for what is yet to come. It will never be “business as usual” again. Hoteliers need to use this time to invest in their own roadmaps to be successful, which means adopting best practices from other industries to ensure preservation.

Dehan offers 5 predictions for the evolution of the hotel PMS in 2022 and beyond:

1. Contactless technology is not going to go away; it will become more prevalent in the PMS – No one wants to get sick again. The more sensitive hoteliers become to what guests want in terms of health and safety protection without giving up their service needs, the faster the industry will recover. Contactless and contactless tools will remain important in attracting and retaining customers. The hotel’s PMS must be enriched with mobility products intended for customers, such as omnichannel reservations (mobile web, desktop, application, etc.), two-way text messaging, a contactless payment portal, check-in / out mobile, the mobile key, and digital registration cards. Many travelers will want to manage and control their stay experiences on their own, which includes bypassing the front desk and curbside check-in via their phone or hotel-provided tablets / kiosks. As the labor shortage persists, equipping staff with tablet technology will proliferate, as fewer workers cannot be tied to a fixed location in the hotel. With fewer people taking on more tasks, it will be essential to ensure that they have portable access via a tablet to the PMS. Maestro has the contactless tools in place today to accomplish all of these tasks and respond to changing customer contactless demands.

2. Data security will include two-factor authentication when logging in. – Since employees continue to work remotely (such as administrative staff, central reservation teams and concierge), they will need additional protection when they log into the system at the start of their shift. Just as online banking requires additional security measures, so too will hotels. For example, when a front desk employee logs in, the person receives a passcode through a smartphone or email to verify login information. This will discourage workers from sharing passwords and prevent employees from logging in as someone else and committing unscrupulous acts or at least helping the operator to meet this aspect of their PCI obligations. . According to the 2022 Lodging Technology Study, 68% of hoteliers plan to improve data security and 58% plan to improve the privacy of guest and staff data this year. Maestro has a set of existing security features and measures in its cloud-hosted and on-premise solution to help operators secure their data. To continue these efforts, Maestro has introduced two-factor authentication in its next release as an optional layer of protection. While this already exists in large corporations, this is a new security measure in the independent hotel market, and Maestro is leading the way.

3. Support for additional payment products will be required, along with the ability of the PMS to support digital tips and engage customers with installment payment options to make the travel investment more palatable. – Hoteliers demand simplicity when processing credit card transactions. Maestro has always been interested in providing choices for its customers, and the more gateway payment products the PMS can support, the easier it will be to meet the diverse payment needs of independent hotels. Plus, in today’s cashless economy, digital tips are mushrooming to reward employees for exceptional service when money isn’t available. According to the 2022 Lodging Technology Study, 65% of hoteliers see contactless tips as an emerging technology worth investing in. Ensure hotel PMS can support digital tip when payments are not directly linked to the payroll system or employee payment cards start to mature. Finally, the PMS should be able to take care of the installment payments for future stays. An integration is currently being implemented to allow the Maestro online booking engine to invite guests to sign up for a Visa card that links their stay with easy installment payments. Guests pay for their stay in installments with the entire stay prepaid at the hotel, but with multiple payments by the guest. Payments will be processed as usual, with the hotel receiving full payment for the reservation in advance. This model of payment differentiation for stay over time will soon become an integral part of the booking process, as customers will be eager to travel and looking for amenities to choose one hotel over another.

4. PMS will need to support more OTA channel integrations – Customers have more choice than ever in how they book their accommodation, whether directly through the hotel’s website or through one of the many supported central reservation system providers such as Pegasus / TravelTripper, SynXis / Saber, iHotelier / Travelclick, Inntopia, etc., through direct owner channels like VRBO, or through one of the many OTA distribution partners, such as Expedia,,, etc. . Channel providers are doing a lot of direct marketing to consumers today, and we’re seeing a shift in booking habits. To support these bookings, hoteliers should ensure that their PMSs have robust channel integrations to support the relevant packaging, activities, and payment methods.

5. PMS will require robust integration with major customer relationship management platforms – As the travel industry recovers, hoteliers are increasingly relying on CRM platforms to assist their teams in more aggressive marketing efforts. In addition to sales tracking, programs like Salesforce, when integrated with a hotel’s PMS, can eliminate redundant data entry once prospects become customers. For example, Maestro PMS can pull data into Salesforce to create a guest record, and the data then flows throughout the guest journey. Going forward, the two-way integration will allow Maestro to send customer data back to Salesforce and update the customer’s record with customer reviews, so the sales team can look only to Salesforce. to see how satisfied their customers are with having to go to the PMS. With many customers now turning to Salesforce to manage their sales efforts, we see CRM integrations as a positive initiative to help streamline the process.

“As optimism continues to grow on the performance of the hotel industry in 2022 and beyond, hoteliers must arm themselves with tools that will help them optimize their efficiency and do more with less” Dehan said. “What the future holds is still unknown. Whether the industry is moving to more digital guest services (52% of hoteliers say their guests increasingly prefer digital service meetings over staff meetings – Housing Technology Study 2022) or hoteliers are maintaining the status quo quo and continue to function as is, Maestro can help you. We have the most relevant and demanded products, backed by unparalleled service. We are flexible in cloud, server-based or private cloud deployment options with a suite of sophisticated web browser and mobile PMS solutions, and we maintain our “power to choose” a la carte approach to modeling your PMS solution. exactly as you need it, property by property. As the industry’s most responsive problem solver, Maestro is here to anticipate the concerns of tomorrow by meeting the needs of today’s hoteliers. This is hospitality.

About Maestro

Maestro is the preferred web browser-based on-premise and cloud PMS solution for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals and multi-property groups. Maestro’s PCI certified and EMV compliant enterprise system offers a web browser (or Windows) version with over 20 modules integrated into a single database, including mobile and contactless applications to support a customer journey digitized as well as personnel operations. Maestro’s sophisticated solutions allow operators to increase profitability, generate direct bookings, centralize operations, and provide customers with a personalized experience from booking to departure and everything in between. For more than 40 years, Maestro’s Diamond Plus service has provided unmatched 24/7 support and education in North America to keep hotel groups productive and competitive. Click here for more information on Maestro. Click here for your free PMS buying guide.

Ridiculous: Marriott Hotel Adds “Sustainability Fee” Sun, 09 Jan 2022 12:47:52 +0000

We’ve seen hotels with “resort fees” and “destination fees” become incredibly common, and we’ve even seen some hotels try to charge “energy fees”. However, these fees are arguably even more ridiculous.

Night “sustainability tax” of the Saint Louis hotel

A FlyerTalk user noticed that the Saint Louis Hotel, owned by Marriott Autograph Collection, has added new fees for hotel stays. Specifically, the hotel charges a “sustainability fee” of $ 4.99 per night. These fees are not referenced when the rates are initially displayed, but are simply added at the end of the reservation process, as part of the all-inclusive price.

There is nothing on the hotel’s website that refers to the use of this fee. Does this royalty go towards environmental sustainability? Towards the sustainability of companies? Towards sustainable employment? Towards that the investment company that owns the hotel can continue to maintain a private jet?

I decided to phone the hotel reception to confirm that these charges are legitimate and to ask what they are for. The front desk agent was super nice, but I felt he didn’t really know what to say:

Me: “Hello, I look at the rates on the hotel website and see that there is a ‘sustainability fee’ listed. I’ve never seen this before. Do you know what it is for?
Agent: “It’s… ok… uh… it’s a bit… uh… like… taxes…”

He was literally laughing nervously and obviously uncomfortable, possibly because he realized it was BS, and possibly because the staff hadn’t been given proper advice on what to say. when asked about it.

Why these hotel charges are shockingly ridiculous

Historically, hotels have tried to charge additional fees such as destination and resort fees for two reasons:

  • This allows them to display a lower price initially, and to increase the price during the booking process.
  • They only have to pay online travel agencies a commission on the base fare, not the fees

Destination and resort fees have been incredibly frustrating over the years for many consumers as they are unnecessary fees that are essentially meant to trick consumers into believing that the rates are lower than they are. Marriott was even sued for the charge and, in a settlement, agreed to start posting the charges more prominently.

It seems highly unethical to add “sustainability fees” without actually having serious sustainability initiatives and without being transparent to consumers about what they are. Most of the big hotels are owned by big investment firms, and I don’t think lining their pockets really helps sustainability.

Here’s the problem: A sustainability royalty, if done correctly, wouldn’t be the worst royalty in the world. Now ideally a hotel would use their profits for this, but in the worst case at least tell us what’s being done. For example, Skt. Petri Copenhagen is an independent hotel that charges a sustainability fee of approximately $ 2.30 per person per stay. And the website makes it clear what this is for:

As a hotel, we are jointly responsible for ensuring that the environmental footprint of our activities is minimized. By charging specific sustainability fees, we make our green efforts more visible to our customers and help them experience everything we do at Skt. Petri to achieve a green transition.

The proceeds from the royalty will mainly be used for investments in new sustainability initiatives in addition to the green efforts funded by our day-to-day operations. Among the new initiatives planned for 2020 and 2021 are the testing and development of a new power plant that, in the long term, will reduce our CO2 footprint and make us almost self-sufficient in locally sourced and sustainable electricity.

Hotel Skt. Petri publishes an annual report with a detailed account of its sustainability efforts and achievements. This allows all of our guests to track how the sustainability fee paid by them contributes to a green transition at our hotel.

Would I prefer the hotel to increase the rates by a few dollars and undertake initiatives with those revenues? Sure. But I see where the hotel is coming from, and I appreciate the transparency.

Meanwhile, the Hotel Saint Louis is adding a fee of around $ 5 per night, clearly in the hope that people won’t notice it, without an explanation of its usefulness.

At the end of the line

The Saint Louis hotel, a property of the Marriott Autograph Collection, added a new nightly “sustainability fee”, without any explanation of its usefulness. A front desk agent compared it to taxes, but it’s unclear exactly what those fees are for.

Has anyone ever been billed a hotel sustainability fee? Where do you think it ranks on the list of ridiculous hotel costs?

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Dreams on the big screen | The Argonaut Newsweekly Wed, 05 Jan 2022 18:17:23 +0000

Kasprzyk is an alumnus of Loyola Marymount University, where he enrolled in the graduate television program. PHOTO BY CHRIS MORTENSON

TV producer Casey Kasprzyk has found success in the soap opera world

By Kamala Kirk

From an early age, Casey Kasprzyk knew he wanted to work in the entertainment industry. He attended Chapman University for the school’s film and television production program, where he helped produce various late-night and business shows.

“I was inspired by the movie ‘Back to the Future’ and wanted to make films like that someday,” Kasprzyk says. “I aspired to be the next Steven Spielberg or Robert Zemeckis. Then I went to film school and realized that there was a difference between film and television and the way they are produced. Film production is a very different world. I turned more to television, I liked the controlled environment inside a studio with fixed hours. I knew very young what I wanted to do and I’m lucky to have gone to school for that and to have a job in this industry.

In college, Kasprzyk was very involved in student activities and was the associate president of students. In the last semester of his senior year, he landed an internship with the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” and drove from Orange County to Los Angeles twice a week.

“My friend Diane interned there and I thought it would be fun because I watched the show,” Kasprzyk says. “I really enjoyed the internship.
After graduating from Chapman University in 2001, Kasprzyk enrolled in the graduate television program at Loyola Marymount University. He has gained work experience in the industry through various internships including gambling

Show Network and Fox Sports, and was a page at Television City.

“I’ve been exposed to TV shows like ‘American Idol’, ‘The Price Is Right’ and ‘Hollywood Squares’, it was really cool to have that opportunity,” says Kasprzyk. “During my internship at Fox Sports I always had ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ on TV, but every time someone came into my office I would switch channels back to sports. interested in what was going on with B&B which reinforced the fact that this was where I wanted to be.
In 2003, during his final year at LMU, Kasprzyk was hired to work at the B&B front desk. He started out doing a variety of administrative tasks, including answering phones and making copies of scripts, but quickly rose through the ranks.

“At B&B, everyone starts at the reception,” Kasprzyk explains. “It’s so special about working there, it’s a family owned production company and the Bell family who own it is amazing. My boss, Brad Bell, really set the tone for the company which creates a family atmosphere and most of the employees have been there for a very long time. It’s the secret sauce of the show.

Kasprzyk caught the attention of his boss and the show’s producers after creating entertaining videos for the company’s anniversary and Christmas parties.

“After that, I started creating videos for our website,” Kasprzyk explains. “In 2008, after spending five years with the company, I became an associate producer and helped with the creative aspects of the show, quality control and the show’s transition to high definition. I also oversee digital effects, and devote a lot of time to post-production editing of edits and sequences. I also directed several episodes. I always say I’m not writing the show, I’m looking for ways to creatively improve it.

Kasprzyk eventually became the show’s location coordinator, researching and securing filming locations.

“Brad and I started working together to make LA a bigger character on the show,” Kasprzyk said. “It usually starts with him asking me where we could go, which would be fun and different, like if a character was going to propose or if there was going to be a wedding. We shot in many. places on the Westside like Malibu and Marina del Rey. In one episode, one of the show’s main characters, Stephanie, had a lifelong dream of riding a roller coaster at Santa Monica Pier, so we filmed an entire episode at it. Subject. We also presented the show in Aspen, Cabo San Lucas, Italy, Monte Carlo, Paris, Amsterdam and Sydney. I have been around the world.

When researching a shoot, Kasprzyk will travel to destinations to research and determine logistics, meet with a local production company, and then create a large conceptual board with the different shooting locations.

“It all falls into place very quickly,” Kasprzyk says. “One of the most stimulating and rewarding places to shoot was Dubai, where Brad had the idea that one of the actors was going to fall from the helipad at the Burj Al Arab hotel. When I saw him in person I realized that it was going to be difficult to get the filming equipment to the helipad and the hotel decided they didn’t want us to shoot there. . We changed the scene to have the character fall from a helicopter, which made it even better. It was one of our most exciting shoots.

Another memorable spot was Skid Row in downtown LA. The screenplay ended up winning a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 2011, which was Kasprzyk’s first Emmy.

“Brad came to me and told me he wanted to do an episode about homelessness and he wanted to feature some people from Skid Row as actors,” Kasprzyk said. “It launched our production team on this incredible journey, getting out of the studio, going to downtown LA and meeting with representatives from the Union Rescue Mission and various community leaders. At the time the episodes were edited and aired, winning an award was an afterthought. It was more about the experience, the people we met and what we all learned from each other. Skid Row was part of LA where I had never been before and now I have a connection to the community.

Always looking for new challenges, Kasprzyk collaborated with his colleague Anthony Ferrari, who oversees the international distribution of B&B, to write a song for the series in 2014.

“I had this song in my mind for 10 years and one day I sat down and put it on paper and then gave it the lyrics,” Kasprzyk says. “He came up with a melody, we made a song and put it in the show. It was called “Hands of Time” and was well received by fans. It was the first song I wrote and it won a Daytime Emmy for Best Original Song for a Drama Series.

After their success, Ferrari and Kasprzyk continued to write songs for the series. Together they have written over 40 songs, winning Daytime Emmy Awards in 2015, 2016 and 2019, in addition to garnering multiple nominations.

“The majority of songs start with an idea, I’m going to drive or take a long walk around the neighborhood and the lyrics come to mind, then I write them down in my phone and expand on that,” Kasprzyk says. “When a script comes out, I’ll try to have it more tied to the script so that it helps tell the story through the song. It’s interesting, I’ll write those songs and then the episodes will come out and be exactly. how I felt when I wrote the song. I don’t play any instruments and have no musical training, but writing song lyrics is like poetry. It was really cathartic to have this kind of ‘outlet.

After the COVID-19 hit and the entertainment industry put on hiatus, B&B was the first scripted TV show to be officially approved to resume production. Kasprzyk and his colleagues worked tirelessly to find ways to keep filming the series safe.

“The producers met every day at the start of the shutdown to determine how we might do the show,” Kasprzyk said. “Once the unions and guilds released their protocols, we were able to quickly get approval to resume production. There were a lot of starts and stops because everyone wanted to do it safely. Our actors had to be 8 feet apart, we used mannequins and camera towers, and some of our actors and actresses brought in loved ones as backups for the kissing scenes. Everyone is tested weekly and half of our offices are hybrid. “

Faced with the decision whether or not to fit the pandemic into the show’s storylines, Kasprzyk says B&B ultimately decided not to include it because the show helps people escape the realities of everyday life.

“The soap opera isn’t meant to be real life, we have to tell larger-than-life stories,” Kasprzyk says. “Our show gives viewers 30 minutes a day, five days a week, where they can forget their problems, see the characters they love and have fun. People are tuning in to escape the pandemic. That’s what I think is my contribution: to entertain people. “

In June, Kasprzyk launched a weekly YouTube show called “Bold Live” where he interviews an actor in each episode and fans can call.

“We’re talking to fans all over the world live, it’s a fun way to get to know the cast and it was born out of COVID-19 because we couldn’t run fan events,” Kasprzyk said. “I love hosting, it’s another creative outlet for me and it helps me feel the pulse of what our fans love. “

March 2022 will mark the show’s 35th anniversary, and while Kasprzyk doesn’t yet know exactly what B&B will be doing, he’s eagerly awaiting some sort of celebration.

“That’s what I love about this job, we shoot 250 episodes a year and eight episodes a week, but every day is something different,” says Kasprzyk. “B&B is the world’s most watched daily drama series. I’m very lucky to have a job where I can use my creativity and I really grew with the series. I have learned a lot from the people I work with and we all help each other grow.

Although B&B is an integral part of Kasprzyk’s life, in his spare time he enjoys mentoring his alma mater students, running marathons, playing tennis, attending sporting events and spending time outdoors in Playa. Vista. He moved to the community last year after being a resident of Westchester for 19 years.

“When I started at LMU in 2001, Playa Vista was starting to be incorporated,” says Kasprzyk. “I have seen condos being built and over the years it has continued to grow. I just felt a connection to the area and knew I had to be in the Westside. It’s very open with hiking trails, dog parks, and great beach and airport access. Playa Vista is such a welcoming community and I really feel at home in this part of LA. ”

Love glory and beauty
Love glory and beauty

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Top Companies Analysis of Hotel Management Software Market Size in 2021 and Forecast to 2028 Mon, 03 Jan 2022 19:07:46 +0000

New Jersey, United States, – Market Research Intellect has been analyzing the hotel management software technology and markets since 2018. Since then, through the analysis of company research, we have been very close to the latest market research and development.

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This gives us a unique eye of experience when it comes to analyzing emerging technologies in electronic materials. This is very important as it helps to build a realistic market and technology roadmap that reflects the true potential of the technology based on its intrinsic characteristics and the true level of technology and business challenges it faces.

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Further, the market revenue by region and country is provided in the Hotel Management Software report. The report’s authors also shed light on common business tactics adopted by players. The major players of the Global Hospitality Management Software Market and their complete profiles are included in the report. Additionally, investment opportunities, recommendations, and current trends in the global hosting management software market are mapped by the report. With this report, key players in the global hosting management software market will be able to make right decisions and plan their strategies accordingly to stay ahead of the game.

The competitive landscape is an essential aspect that any key player should be aware of. The report highlights the competitive scenario of the Global Hotel Management Software Market to know the competition at the national and global level. The market experts also provided an overview of each major player in the global Hospitality Management Software Market, taking into account key aspects such as business areas, production, and product portfolio. Further, the companies in the report are studied on the basis of key factors such as company size, market share, market growth, revenue, production volume, and profit.

The Major Players Covered By The Hotel Management Software Markets:

  • Inform
  • Oracle
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  • Amadeus Group
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  • Skytouch technology
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  • Look for
  • Fcs computer systems
  • North wind
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Hotel Management Software Market Split By Type:

Hotel Management Software Market Split By Application:

  • Business hotels
  • Heritage and charming hotels
  • Resorts and spas

The Hotel Management Software market report has been separated into distinct categories such as product type, application, end user, and region. Each segment is rated on the basis of CAGR, share and growth potential. In the regional analysis, the report highlights the potential region, which is expected to generate opportunities in the global Hospitality Management Software Market in the coming years. This segmental analysis will surely prove to be a useful tool for the readers, stakeholders and market players to get a complete picture of the Global Hosting Management Software Market and its growth potential over the years. future.

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Scope of Hotel Management Software Market Report

Report attribute Details
Market size available for years 2021 – 2028
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The analysis of the Regional Hosting Management Software Market can be represented as follows:

Each regional hotel management software industry is carefully studied to understand its current and future growth scenarios. It helps the players to strengthen their position. Use market research to gain a better perspective and understanding of the market and target audience and ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Geographically, the global hotel management software market has segmented as follows:

    • North America includes the United States, Canada and Mexico
    • Europe includes Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain
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Key questions answered in the report:

  • What is the growth potential of the hotel management software markets?
  • Which product segment will take the lion’s share?
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  • What are the growth opportunities that could emerge in the lock washer industry in the years to come?
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