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A member of the Department of High Risk Units sprays disinfectant on a colleague in Cordoba, Argentina. (Reuters photo)

Coronavirus statistics in India, Covid-19 cases and deaths in India July 15 LIVE, Delta, Delta Plus Live updates: India should have already started vaccinating 1 crore of people. But here we are with worrying slowness with vaccination and states arguing with the Center over vaccine supply. The Center made it clear that it was providing enough vaccines, that there were more unused stocks, that States were not disseminating information properly at the local level. A high-level meeting was held on Wednesday in which the health secretary called on states not to speed up vaccination. From Uttar Pradesh to Odisha, Madhya Pradesh to Kerala, up to 15 states and UT attended the meeting. Also present were representatives of the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech. One of the main developments has been the problem of late payments.

These problems must be resolved as soon as possible. Because as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, it is in our hands to avoid the third wave and save the future. Vaccination is the only key to this. If we don’t vaccinate enough people, we could push India into the third wave of coronavirus infections and unimaginable devastation.

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