Crown Aero Airport implements thermal breaks to keep staff safe and cool in the desert heat

The Coachella Valley continues to experience dangerous heat throughout the weekend.

We were able to talk to Crown Aero airport managers and staff to see how they handle triple digit heat.

One of the team members tells me how some visitors react to the heat.

“A lot of them come from cooler areas, so they can be surprised when it’s around 120,” says airport concierge Dennise Lopez.

Lynn Hay, Assistant Manager at Crown Aero, tells me that all staff strive to check out each other on hot days like today.

“On the tarmac it gets really hot and once they’re out there for a few minutes they really need to be able to get in,” says Hay.

Airport managers begin planning for summer heat months in advance and begin implementing scheduled thermal breaks once temperatures reach 90 degrees.

“Our staff have heat breaks that increase every hour instead of every two hours or more. We are visually checking all of our staff.”

Airport staff also make sure to keep their guests safe and cool during their visit.

“Every time I come here they do a great job. They met us on the plane with cold water, cold towels. They are ready to put planes in the hangar to cool them down.”

Managers keep water and electrolyte stations handy for their staff.

They also check at least once an hour for a heat check. One of the front desk clerks will announce the check and all the clerks will call on their walkie-talkies.

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