Digital trends to improve customer experience and drive more business

Whether it’s travel stacking, virtual reality, benchmarking, or other hotel marketing trends, hoteliers have overwhelmingly been part of the latest majority to leverage and use technology. to provide better service on site and before arrival. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to incorporate these growing marketing trends and developments into our strategies going forward.

These are the trends that HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board members are navigating in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Comparative analysis

  • “When it comes to benchmarking data, instead of directly looking at ROI as a KPI, we’re moving more to benchmark KPIs against the competition. For so many years it has focused more on how much money our website has earmarked, and has it increased year on year, which is a very siled approach. It’s more about really understanding if your website is getting its fair share. Other benchmarks you can look at are your cost of sales compared to other types of hotels or similar brands. For example, if you are looking for airport hotels, how are you performing against other airport hotels based on just using your star data? Expand your benchmarking to understand other KPIs. »

Dealing with limited resources

  • “Over 70% of my team has changed over the past year. They’ve all left the hospitality industry, and I think as an industry we need to look at how we’re going to retain talent and show them paths to growth – both laterally and hierarchically – because they earn 30-40% more in different industries. I had to get creative, work with freelancers and other agencies just to fill in the holes. It’s on the business side as well as the property side.
  • “We are building, essentially, a hybrid workforce, made up of 80% partner agencies and freelancers and 20% FTEs. And there is still, at least in 2022, a level of uncertainty from a revenue stream perspective, so we need flexibility. I have positions open, listed as contractors, and I have very talented people who want to join my team, but they don’t want to leave the comfort of an FTE position for a contractor role. Hopefully time will sort this out, but it’s definitely something close to my heart.
  • “As difficult as it can be to have limited resources, it also offers opportunities to think about staffing in a different way. It gives us the opportunity, especially at the ownership level, to look carefully at all the different things we need to accomplish and the skills we need on board to do those things. Then we can approach it in different ways, where it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Zero click

  • “Rand Fishkin published a study that found that 65% of searches on Google don’t result in a click. As marketers, what are we doing not only to ensure that we answer questions appropriately, but also to attract these consumers to our site? Our statistics show that around 44% of search results are things like FAQs. Exploring this, SEO, personalization and things like that have real value.
  • “We talk about zero clicks in our hotel digital marketing basics course, and I just updated it to add the ‘less than zero click’. In Google, you’ll start to get your question answered as you go. as you type it into the search box, so if you tap on weather, for example, the weather for your location will show up before you’re even done, sub-zero clicks are also here now.

Removal of “invisible friction”

  • “We generally focus on generating revenue and improving the customer experience, as well as removing invisible frictions, such as difficult payment methods and slow page loads, which helps to make both correctly. One area we are looking at that is a sticking point is the different methods of communication between digital and offline. You are looking for a hotel online, you can call the hotel or send a direct message to the hotel. ‘hotel. It’s hard to have a consistent experience for this guest across all these different touchpoints. The person who picks up the phone and has a great experience with our front desk should have a similar experience with online chat. direct.

Virtual reality

  • “There are a lot of things that hotels can take advantage of now to prepare for the future of virtual reality. There are a lot of ways that this is natural for the travel space. For example, could you show real views and allow people to choose their hotel room Could you present the property or destination in a way that makes people feel like they are there, so they want to choose your destination, hotel Or your experience? Is there a way to provide exclusive experiences to your loyal members? Virtual reality is still in its infancy, but there are a lot of things you can do now, like set up AR filters.”

Travel accumulation

  • “I think of stacking trips as tentative planning. As a consumer, I’ll book an entire vacation, knowing there’s a good chance I’ll cancel it because it’s fully refundable, or I can reuse those airline dollars at a later date. There’s nothing locking me in, so I’m more likely to book it and maybe cancel it. How can we as marketers handle this? And how to lock up travelers? Is this a short or long term problem? »

About the hotel network

Working with over 12,000 hotels worldwide, The Hotels Network offers its customers a comprehensive growth platform to power their direct channel. By leveraging a suite of built-in tools and analytics, hospitality brands can attract, engage and convert guests throughout the user journey.

In addition to price comparison, review summary and a full suite of personalization options, THN’s Oraculo product leverages machine learning techniques to predict user behavior and then automatically personalizes the message and content. offer for each user. The company’s latest innovation, BenchDirect, is the first benchmarking product for the direct channel, providing hotels with unprecedented competitive data that is a complete game-changer.

THN’s mission is to improve the online booking experience, increase direct bookings and strengthen the relationship between hotel brands and their customers.

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