DVIDS – News – Electronic patient kiosks modernized in European MTFs

SEMBACH, Germany – In an effort to speed up the flow of patients, standardize one-on-one consultations and reduce patient wait times, military medical treatment centers in Europe are upgrading software on old kiosks for patients and install new kiosks in waiting rooms of clinics and theater pharmacies.

The initial deployment of the existing patient kiosks began in 2014 at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and has since been used in most military medical treatment facilities in Europe.

“Updating existing kiosks software is an attempt to standardize the patient experience across the enterprise,” said Annmarie Schultz, Business Process Manager for Health Informatics at the Defense Health Agency. “The official company name for the kiosk system is Patient Queuing and Numbering System, or PQNS for short. The overall goal of the upgrade is to provide the same patient experience in every MTF. “

Installing the new kiosks and upgrades to existing kiosks will help identify areas with long wait times, improve customer service and increase company revenues, according to senior military officials. third-party insurance.

“The good news for patients is that there will be fewer calls to the front desk to answer additional questions and complete more paperwork, limiting back and forth during check-in,” Schultz said. “Another benefit of the system will be the display of patient wait times on the kiosk monitor. Patients will be able to see where they are in the queue and notify those who may have had their number called but were not present in the waiting room to hear or see it.

In addition to streamlining the overall patient experience, military medical experts say the other benefit of improved kiosks will be the ability to gather other information about a patient’s health insurance, or OHI, s ‘They have some.

“The kiosks will electronically collect a patient’s OHI information and collect a digital signature on the touchscreen,” added Schultz. “As the kiosks are deployed, all beneficiaries, except active duty, will be required to provide information on other health insurance coverages (OHI) each year, or in the event of a change in their coverage status. The system will note the date the information was collected and the patient will not be prompted to re-enter the OHI information until 365 days have passed. “

“Another benefit will be that after entering their OHI information digitally into the electronic kiosk, patients will no longer be required to complete a hard copy of Form DD 2569 for third party collection,” added Schultz. “It will save patients time and improve their customer experience. “

Military medical officials also say the MTF leadership will be able to use the data collected by the kiosks to justify what may be needed in their departments to improve customer service and identify possible bottlenecks. .

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