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OWhen Donald Trump announced plans in 2006 to build a golf resort on ancient sand dunes on Scotland’s Aberdeenshire coast, he told reporters it was love at first sight. “As soon as I saw it, there was no doubt about it,” he said. It would be the “largest golf course in the world”.

This week, Trump International Scotland has become a central part of a case that looks set to dominate his post-presidential life and could even put him behind bars.

Local anglers denounced Trump as a “loud-mouthed bully” during the construction of the course. Environmentalists warned that the development would destroy the natural habitat, and sure enough it inflicted such damage that the site was stripped of its protected status.

But none of this distracted Trump from his goal. Today, the Scottish resort bills itself as a “first-rate luxury golf” experience packed with a five-star hotel and helicopter landing pad, priced at a bargain price of £2,595 (3,518 $) per year.

Fifteen years later, the property has done wonders for its owner. That is, if you measure success in Donald Trump’s idiosyncratic accounting style.

He bought the 2,000-acre (809-hectare) site from Menie in 2006 for $12.6 million. In five years, it was valued by the Trump Organization in its financial statements at $161 million, an increase of almost 13 times.

In 2014, the windswept Scottish holding company was valued at $436 million.

The hike caught the eye of Letitia James, a progressive New York State Attorney General known for her relentless pursuit of the rich and powerful. How Scottish property has skyrocketed in value is one of the questions she explores in her ongoing investigation into Trump Organization finances.

Letitia James: “We have uncovered significant evidence that suggests that Donald J Trump and the Trump Organization falsely and fraudulently valued multiple assets and misrepresented those values ​​at financial institutions for economic gain.” Photograph: Richard Drew/AP

In a new filing released this week aimed at pressuring Trump and two of his children — Ivanka and Donald Jr — to be questioned, James forensically dissects how such surprisingly large valuations came about. The 2011 estimate for the Scottish property, its investigators found, included around £75,000 ($120,000 at 2011 exchange rates) for undeveloped land on the site.

Investigating deeper, they discovered that the figure was created for a Forbes magazine article. The revelation sparked a line in the filing this week that must be among the most raw in US financial history.

“It therefore appears,” James writes, “that the Trump Aberdeen valuation used for Mr. Trump’s financial statements was prepared for the purpose of providing information to Forbes magazine in a quote.”

James’ legal document is full of equally juicy details. The Scottish Golf Club’s 2014 value was based in part on the expected sale price of 2,500 houses on the land, even though none of the houses actually existed and the company only had planning permission for the half that number.

In 1995, the Trump Organization purchased a plot of land in Westchester, New York, known as the Seven Springs Estate, for $7.5 million. In 2004 it was valued at $80 million and in 2014 at $291 million. That 2014 figure, James notes in another deliciously tart reference, included a $161 million valuation for “seven nonexistent mansions.”

The juiciest treat of all concerns Trump’s former home, the gilded Fifth Avenue temple to his own ego dubbed “Versailles in the Sky,” in which he lived before moving to the White House. James’s investigators were puzzled to discover that the Trump Tower triplex in Manhattan was listed at $327 million in 2015, based on the size of the apartment, allegedly 30,000 square feet.

In fact, the property measures 11,000 square feet, producing a value of $117 million. That’s an overstatement in Trump’s official financial statements of more than $200 million.

New York Attorney General Letitia James filed court documents Tuesday night accusing the former Donald Trump's business of misrepresenting the value of numerous assets, including his apartment in Trump Tower.
New York Attorney General Letitia James filed court documents Tuesday night accusing the former Donald Trump’s business of misrepresenting the value of numerous assets, including his apartment in Trump Tower. Photograph: Justin Lane/EPA

Such startling disparities matter, James insists in his 114-page brief. The financial statements that contained them were used to secure loans from banks as well as insurance, and in other cases to reduce Trump’s tax burden.

“We have uncovered significant evidence that suggests that Donald J Trump and the Trump Organization falsely and fraudulently valued multiple assets and misrepresented those values ​​to financial institutions for economic gain,” James said after the filing of the case before a court. New York court.

The new material leaked by James was so compelling that some observers close to Trumpland are now convinced he is in serious legal trouble. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer and former vice president of the Trump Organization, told the Guardian: “Trump’s house is falling apart.

Cohen, who was released in November from house arrest after facing his own legal difficulties, has his skin in this game. It was his testimony before the House Oversight Committee in February 2019 that rang the bell alarm over allegedly inflated valuations in Trump’s financial statements, prompting James to open his investigation the following month.

“My testimony before the committee as well as my subsequent cooperation with the New York Attorney General has led to this day,” Cohen said. “We are seeing individuals who have continually evaded accountability for their actions finally being held accountable.”

James is pursuing his investigation as a civil matter, which means that if Trump is found liable, it could cost him dearly in fines and penalties. More seriously, James coordinates with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, an equally tenacious and relentless prosecutor with a large and highly experienced team of investigators.

Bragg asks exactly the same questions as James: Did the Trump Organization commit accounting, banking, tax or insurance fraud? The key difference is that Bragg’s investigation is criminal, threatening Trump not with fines but with jail time.

“Trump could end up in an orange jumpsuit by the end of this one,” said Timothy O’Brien, senior columnist for Bloomberg Opinion.

O’Brien also has a personal interest in this story. His book TrumpNation, a 2005 biography that raised doubts about Trump’s real wealth in terms eerily similar to investigations by James and Bragg today, angered the real estate developer so much that he sued O’Brien for billions of dollars.

O’Brien’s lawyers filed Trump as part of his defense. For two days, they managed to do something that has rarely been done before or since – they got the celebrity to admit, no less than 30 times, that he had lied.

“My attorneys were so well prepared that when he sat down for deposition, we had documentary evidence on hand that showed the reality of what he had lied about or exaggerated. We just pushed those through- over the table towards him,” O’Brien recalled.

Many of the misleading items — the value of his golf clubs, his New York real estate assets — were virtually identical to the details in this week’s filing. That’s why O’Brien feels confident saying that the patterns James describes in his court document go back a long way.

“It’s a behavior that Trump has engaged in since he was a kid, frankly,” O’Brien said.

The libel suit was dismissed in 2009. The author was surprised that despite the mass of details he had laid out in TrumpNation about potential wrongdoing, no prosecutor showed interest.

“There was enough material in my book for prosecutors to prosecute, but no one picked it up. Law enforcement simply didn’t take Donald Trump seriously until it was too late.

The times have changed. Trump is no longer a real estate mogul turned reality TV star, he’s a former US president. The stakes have risen dramatically and with them the scrutiny.

Never before has Trump faced two coordinated teams of sophisticated investigators digging into his financial affairs, with civil and criminal charges possibly pending.

Just how serious prosecutors are about nailing their man is revealed in just one sentence of James’ new filing. She writes that the investigative team is determined to uncover “Mr. Trump’s actual knowledge of — and intent to make — the numerous inaccuracies and omissions made by him or on his behalf.”

“Intent to do” indicates that James is not just thinking civilly. It also anticipates possible criminal charges in which proof of the accused’s intent is required.

Trump continues to resist testifying, as do his two children, on the grounds that the investigations are politically motivated witch hunts (James and Bragg are Democrats). A third child, Eric, who runs the day-to-day work of the Trump Organization, was deposed but has litigated the fifth more than 500 times.

The family’s best hope is that prosecutors will struggle to meet the high bar set for criminal cases. That’s especially the case when it comes to the crucial issue of intent, said Robert Mintz, a former federal prosecutor.

“The criminal case is more dangerous since it involves potential incarceration. But that requires criminal intent and that is difficult to prove, especially in complex financial frauds involving organizations,” Mintz, now a partner at McCarter & English, LLP, told the Guardian.

Prosecutors will have to prove that Trump knowingly and willfully violated the law. This can be difficult – showing discrepancies in financial statements, no matter how juicy, is not enough.

“Big investigations take time and are extremely difficult to prove without the help of cooperating witnesses and documentation,” Mintz said. “These parallel investigations are clearly moving forward, but it is difficult to predict how they will end.”

Two people arrested in connection with human trafficking in Medley – NBC 6 South Florida https://apartman-beograd.com/two-people-arrested-in-connection-with-human-trafficking-in-medley-nbc-6-south-florida/ Fri, 21 Jan 2022 23:14:50 +0000 https://apartman-beograd.com/two-people-arrested-in-connection-with-human-trafficking-in-medley-nbc-6-south-florida/

A man and a woman were arrested at the South River Suites hotel in Medley in connection with human trafficking early Thursday morning.

Medley Police arrived at the hotel at 5.34am Thursday after a woman was allegedly robbed at gunpoint.

According to a police report, the woman told patrol officers that one of the men who robbed her had come to her hotel room to engage in prostitution.

Further investigation by Medley detectives revealed that the woman was a possible victim of human trafficking by a couple who hired her for prostitution.

According to the police report, the woman said she met Raul Jimenez Rodriguez, in the early months of 2021 while working at a cafeteria in Miami.

The woman told police Jimenez Rodriguez said she was very pretty and could make a lot of money working as a prostitute. He told her he would set up commercials and prostitution dates for her and take a percentage of the proceeds, according to the report.

According to police, the woman said Jimenez Rodriguez and a woman named Grettel Caceres Crego would post advertisements for her online and transport her to various hotels and motels in Miami-Dade County to engage in prostitution.

The woman also said that Jimenez Rodriguez introduced her and provided her with crystal meth and cocaine, which she is now addicted to.

The woman said Jimenez Rodriguez would lacerate her marijuana with crystal meth, without her knowledge. The drugs would “alter her mindset and reality,” allowing Jimenez Rodriguez to facilitate more prostitution arrangements for her, according to the police report.

The woman also told police that Jimenez Rodriguez would use a webcam to record sex acts during her prostitution dates for her personal collection of pornography, to which she never consented.

According to the police report, the woman had a prostitution date scheduled for Wednesday night at the South River Suites.

She told police that in the early morning hours of Thursday, January 20, Jimenez Rodriguez and Caceres Crego transported her to the Princess Motel in Miami for a second prostitution date, arranged by Caceres Crego using his cell phone.

The woman said that after the second date, Jimenez Rodriguez and Caceres Crego took her back to the South River Suites in Medley for a third prostitution date, also arranged by Caceres Crego.

According to police, the woman went to room 361 of the South River Suites to meet the client while Jimenez Rodriguez and Caceres Crego waited downstairs in their car.

The woman said that when the client arrived in the room, another subject came in and robbed her at gunpoint, taking one of her cell phones and other belongings. She said she then went down to the hotel reception to call the police.

When police arrived, a search of Jimenez Rodriguez’s vehicle revealed approximately 6.98 grams of crystal meth, four MDMA tablets and a loaded black handgun with a full magazine, the report said.

Jimenez Rodriguez and Caceres Crego have been arrested and are scheduled to appear in bond court on Friday.

A dreamy new geodesic-domed hotel opens in Peru’s Sacred Valley https://apartman-beograd.com/a-dreamy-new-geodesic-domed-hotel-opens-in-perus-sacred-valley/ Fri, 21 Jan 2022 16:46:00 +0000 https://apartman-beograd.com/a-dreamy-new-geodesic-domed-hotel-opens-in-perus-sacred-valley/

Accommodations don’t get much dreamier than StarDome Peru. Located in the heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley, this one-of-a-kind boutique hotel and retreat center allows travelers to sleep under the stars in a luxurious geodesic dome. It will start accepting reservations from February 1.

This stunning new hotel near Machu Picchu is sure to make its way onto travelers’ bucket lists this year. Check out this inside look at StarDome Peru to see why.

A look at StarDome Peru

Located between Cusco and Machu Picchu, StarDome Peru is an incredible place to admire the wild beauty of the Andes region. The ultra-remote location is only accessible via a private road, ensuring travelers a high degree of privacy and serenity throughout their stay.

What makes this property particularly unique is its geodesic dome structure that looks like a giant bubble nestled in the mountains. But rather than go the glamping route, as other dome hotels have done, StarDome Peru has made its accommodations all about luxury – think: heated marble floors, private stone showers, plush beds stacked with handmade blankets and traditional Inca-inspired tiling from renowned ceramic artist Seminario.

Guests can choose from six unique suites at StarDome Peru. The Garden Mountain View and Garden Valley View suites offer the best value starting at $399 per night. But for just $100 more, you can soak up a never-before-seen view of the Sacred Valley by staying in one of two aptly named Sacred Valley View Suites.

The crown jewel of StarDome Peru, however, is the Royal Mountain View Suite. Designed for hotel owner Bob Berman (founder of Toronto’s high-tech healing center, Soul 7), the massive suite is adorned with a double Jacuzzi and has its own private entrance to the StarDeck (more on this later). subject in a moment). Its panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows also offer breathtaking views of mighty Mount Veronica, the highest peak in the Urubamba mountain range. A one-night stay in this exclusive suite starts at $799, but chances are you’ll want to stay much longer.

Other things to like about StarDome Peru

The quirky architecture and impressive suites are reason enough to book a stay at StarDome Peru, but the hotel also has a number of other features that make it worthwhile.

The property’s connection to the local community is deep. It prides itself on hiring all of its staff from the local community, which not only provides travelers with authentic cultural interactions, but also brings important hospitality education to the area. StarDome’s local connections allow guests to participate in enriching experiences including healing ceremonies and workshops on plant medicine. The property also offers special excursions to some of Peru’s most popular destinations, including the archaeological site of Pumamarca, the ancient village of Ollantaytambo, and (of course) Machu Picchu.

Your stay at StarDome Peru includes a sumptuous traditional breakfast at Apu Restaurant. The on-site restaurant showcases recipes from local chefs and also offers private dining experiences. Guests can also enjoy the hotel’s StarDeck. The lounge area offers 360 degree views and a telescope, allowing you to enjoy epic stargazing in the Sacred Valley.

Future plans at StarDome Peru

Such a special property is sure to book quickly once reservations open on February 1. But if Peru isn’t in your immediate travel plans, StarDome Peru has plenty to get you excited for future stays. He is working on adding 10 more suites to the property and a healing center for yoga. Keep an eye on Instagram and the StarDome website for the latest offerings from this remarkable hotel.

Piraeus Bank buys additional stake in property company Trastor By Reuters https://apartman-beograd.com/piraeus-bank-buys-additional-stake-in-property-company-trastor-by-reuters/ Fri, 21 Jan 2022 08:46:00 +0000 https://apartman-beograd.com/piraeus-bank-buys-additional-stake-in-property-company-trastor-by-reuters/

© Reuters.

ATHENS (Reuters) – Piraeus Bank has reached an agreement with investment firm Varde Partners to buy its controlling stake in Trastor Real Estate Investment Company for around 98 million euros ($111.04 million), it said on Friday. the bank.

Under the deal, Piraeus, which now has a 45% stake in Trastor, will acquire an additional 52% stake in Trastor, he said.

Once completed, the transaction will trigger a mandatory takeover bid from Piraeus to buy the remaining 3% stake in Trastor.

Piraeus Bank CEO Christos Megalou said the transaction would instantly improve the bank’s fee income profile and further strengthen its know-how in the property sector.

($1 = 0.8825 euros)

Warning: Merged media would like to remind you that the data contained in this site is not necessarily real time or exact. All prices for CFDs (stocks, indices, futures) and Forex are not provided by exchanges but rather by market makers, and therefore prices may not be accurate and may differ from the actual market price, which which means that the prices are indicative and not suitable for commercial purposes. Therefore, Fusion Media assumes no responsibility for any business losses you may incur due to the use of this data.

Merged media or anyone involved with Fusion Media will accept no liability for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on the information, including data, quotes, charts and buy/sell signals contained in this website . Please be fully informed of the risks and costs associated with trading in the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest forms of investment possible.

The mayor of Two Harbors wants an underwater hotel. Is the diet ethical? – Duluth Newsstand https://apartman-beograd.com/the-mayor-of-two-harbors-wants-an-underwater-hotel-is-the-diet-ethical-duluth-newsstand/ Thu, 20 Jan 2022 17:38:00 +0000 https://apartman-beograd.com/the-mayor-of-two-harbors-wants-an-underwater-hotel-is-the-diet-ethical-duluth-newsstand/

TWO PORTS — Mayor Chris Swanson’s efforts to lure investors into an underwater Lake Superior hotel prompted city council to call a special meeting Thursday to consider whether it crossed an ethical or legal line.

In August, Swanson appeared as a guest on the “Ask a Billionaire” podcast, where he discussed plans for an underwater hotel and $400 million submarine with “MO”

Mr O is the pseudonym of a man claiming to be a billionaire who mentors Swanson and is said to be working with him on the project to help raise “about $400 million, but it will be much more than that by the time we’re done” for the project, Mr. O said in the podcast.

In the podcast, Swanson bragged about the $11.5 million Two Harbors got from the 2020 bond bill for a new water treatment plant, suggesting he could also use his office to secure a public funding for the underwater hotel project.

“As mayor, I have a bit of leverage,” Swanson told listeners. “I was able to get quite a bit of funding from the state — different projects. Recently, we were able to secure approximately $11.5 million from the State of Minnesota through surety bonds. And so we have goodwill. We have a great opportunity and we have a really exciting and unique project.

It’s unclear exactly what Swanson’s role in the project would be – he denies having a financial interest in the project – but his use of the title of mayor to promote the project raises questions about whether he was using his position as elected for personal gain.

His podcast appearance prompted the city council to schedule a special meeting Thursday night where they will discuss “whether or not certain social media posts violate the city’s code, charter, policies or state law.”

Specifically, the board will consider Swanson’s appearance on the podcast, an unfinished project website, vibetwoharbors.com, and recent posts on Swanson’s Twitter account,



If the board finds no violation, it will “close the matter,” according to the meeting agenda . But if they do, the council “will direct the city attorney to direct the Minnesota attorney general to issue a written opinion on the matter.”

In an email Wednesday, Swanson declined a phone interview with the News Tribune because “I’m going to the meeting with as much information as you.”

When pressed by the News Tribune on whether he was using his position as mayor for personal gain, Swanson replied in an email: ‘I am very happy to help the Two Harbors projects and I encourages all types of investors and projects to occur in our community. This underwater hotel is potentially a big project for Two Harbors.

“The city has a very specific process in the event of a conflict of interest. This conflict arises whenever there is a request from the city. The policy is very clear. There were no requests or requests to the city. I have no financial interest in this project and Two Harbors is delighted to welcome projects and entrepreneurs to our town.

An unfinished but live website for the project, VibeTwoHarbors.com, listed “Mayor Swanson” and Mr. O as the project’s “crew” under model stock images.

A screenshot of the project’s unfinished but public website, vibetwoharbors.com, lists Mayor Chris Swanson and Mr. O as team members under stock images of models.


In the podcast, Swanson said his brother, Joe Swanson, owner of Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts in Lutsen and Tofte since 2020, “agreed he would be part of the project.” Joe could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening.

Throughout the podcast, Swanson repeatedly referred to his position as Mayor of Two Harbors and a contact form on the Vibrant Two Harbors website asking “individuals who are looking for high yield investments” to fill in their details so that “Mayor Swanson will be in touch.”

A contact form on a website directs investors to Mayor Chris Swanson

A contact form on the project’s website directs investors to Mayor Chris Swanson.


The city’s ethics policy prohibits elected and appointed officials and employees from using their “official capacity” to make a statement or comment to the media without the prior approval of city council.

He also said officials and employees “should not use their official position to solicit privileges or special treatment.”

Swanson was first elected mayor in 2016 and re-elected in 2020. He is the CEO of digital marketing agency PureDriven and entrepreneur coaching service Garage Starts.

In the podcast, Mr O said that Swanson had reunited with someone who designs underwater resorts and that “we are moving forward in many ways”.

Reached by Facebook Messenger on Tuesday evening, L. Bruce Jones, who lives outside of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and runs Triton Submarines and Poseidon Undersea Resorts, confirmed he was in contact with the group.

“We had a casual conversation several months ago,” Jones said. “So nothing more.”

In a phone interview with the News Tribune on Wednesday, Jones said that in several conversations over the summer of 2021 with Swanson and Mr. O, he felt Mr. O was fake.

“The mayor of the town had someone he thought could fund the setup and operation of the hotel,” Jones said. “But frankly, to me, I didn’t think the guy was real.”

As he answered a few questions about the feasibility of an underwater hotel, he directed the two to a “more profitable and profitable business” – a $7.5 million tourist submarine.

A submarine traveling underwater.

A commercial submarine made by Triton Submarines that was pitched to Mayor Chris Swanson as a possibility for Lake Superior.

Contributed / L. Bruce Jones

“As far as I’m concerned, the deal was never real,” Jones said. “No one was really ever serious. It was mostly some sort of fishing expedition and an opportunity for whoever Mr. O was wasting my time.

Jones sent photos of the submarine to Swanson’s official town email address on July 2, according to emails Jones passed on to the News Tribune. Three days later, Swanson replied with his email from the city: “Thank you Bruce. It’s spectacular.

During a videoconference interview on Wednesday evening, the man claiming to be Mr. O would not share his real name or a video of himself. He said clients paid him between $10,000 and $50,000 “for my guardianship” and that he mentored Swanson.

In the podcast, Swanson said he considers the fees low “for the value you give.”

Mr O declined to mention any projects he has seen come to fruition when asked by the News Tribune.

“If the people in town (from Two Harbors) said to me, ‘I want to see your other projects,’ I would say to them, ‘I’ll pass,’” he said. Instead, he said he required people needing evidence to meet his lawyers in person, leave their phones outside and view documents with his name redacted.

There is very little media coverage of Mr. O and it is unknown which projects he funded until completion.

In 2017, Flint, Michigan, community advocate and former school administrator Art Wenzlaff went to radio station 1470 WFTN in Flint and said he was working with Mr. O, who said he “would cause, through Flint’s volunteers, considerable funds to be raised to fund projects and ideas” and help ease Flint’s financial woes.

Mr. O said Flint’s idea never happened; the people involved were there for themselves.

It’s unclear what the council’s concerns are with Swanson’s Twitter account,


which has been dominated lately by discussions of cryptocurrency, a digital form of currency like Bitcoin.

In several tweets, he said he wanted Two Harbors to have its own cryptocurrency.

“If Two Harbors gets a citycoin, I will use the revenue generated to mine more citycoins and embed Web3 into my city foundations,”

he tweeted on December 29, 2021.

News Tribune reporter Adelle Whitefoot contributed to this report.

Student shows it pays to train https://apartman-beograd.com/student-shows-it-pays-to-train/ Thu, 20 Jan 2022 05:10:59 +0000 https://apartman-beograd.com/student-shows-it-pays-to-train/

On-campus fitness instructor shares his experience helping students get healthy

By Olivia Valkner, Editor

As you complete your trek to the Health United Building (HUB) and ascend the stairs to the Rec Center, you are greeted by the friendly faces of student workers, who help keep the gym running like a well-oiled machine. . Valerie Workman, a young marketing student, gave an overview of her status as a student employee at the HUB.

Workman started working at the HUB about a year ago as a group fitness instructor for TRX (total body resistance exercise) classes, a type of suspension training designed to increase core stability. and total body strength.

“Since the HUB opened in the spring semester of 2020, I have enjoyed taking group fitness classes…I have taken many of the classes offered like cycling, women’s weightlifting, and TRX. I have loved TRX and the group fitness program so much that when the position became available, I couldn’t resist applying,” Workman explained.

She currently teaches TRX on Mondays and Tuesdays, Booty Bootcamp on Fridays, and Total Body Bootcamp on Saturdays.

“I plan lessons in advance and adapt the training to each person’s skill level. In the class itself, I train with my students, but am able to offer demonstrations of proper form and technique, answer their fitness questions, and be a support system when they need it. I really enjoy my job as a group fitness instructor. This job is so cool because I get paid to have fun! said the workman.

“I love teaching group fitness classes because I’m able to see the gradual growth of my returning students,” she added.

Since beginning his involvement with the HUB, Workman has also worked as one of the HUB’s personal trainers.

“I enjoy the one-to-one setting of working with a client so that we can collaborate on meaningful, positive goals. I love the enthusiasm with which my clients focus on their health,” Workman said.

“A few days ago, I was offered the position of Personal Trainer Lead. Each week, I meet with other Rec Sports staff and administration to discuss event planning, programming and general feedback we get from HUB members,” she said.

Workman explained how the HUB is a step up from the O’Connor Sports Center and how Xavier’s recreational sports have grown since he was relocated in the spring of 2020.

“We offer new courses like Booty Bootcamp, STAGES Cycling and Total Body Beat. Since the transition to the HUB, there are so many more clubs, events and opportunities than it was impossible to organize (before).

Additionally, Workman shared other opportunities that Rec Sports presents for students.

“Rec Sports now hosts monthly challenges that students can participate in for awesome prizes like massage guns, gift cards for outfitters like Lululemon, and other gym equipment. It’s great to see how many people like the community we’ve built over the past two years and I can’t wait to see what the administration does next.

Workman is also grateful for the opportunity that being a hardworking student gave her.

“My favorite thing about working at the HUB is meeting so many amazing people. I’ve made some of my best friends throughout my time working the front desk, teaching fitness classes in group and personal training. I’m lucky to have great colleagues,” she said.

Student workers are employed through the Office of Student Employment and managed by professional staff (university faculty) and student leaders.

For those interested in learning more about the HUB, attending a group fitness class, or seeking more information about Xavier Recreational Sports or the Recreation Center, students are encouraged to visit the Recreational Sports website.

Quarantine hotels in Quebec reserved for illegal border workers https://apartman-beograd.com/quarantine-hotels-in-quebec-reserved-for-illegal-border-workers/ Wed, 19 Jan 2022 18:16:36 +0000 https://apartman-beograd.com/quarantine-hotels-in-quebec-reserved-for-illegal-border-workers/

Content of the article

At least 11 quarantine hotels in Quebec have been reserved for foreigners who have crossed the border illegally, the Department of Immigration revealed on Tuesday.

Content of the article

The revelation comes after an increase in illegal crossings since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Blacklock Journalist .

In a staff notice, the immigration department said it was responsible for providing temporary accommodation to asylum seekers who were asymptomatic with COVID-19 and could not afford to self-isolate for 14 days. .

“In addition, the department is responsible for providing temporary accommodation to vaccinated land border asylum seekers who do not have a proper quarantine plan until negative COVID-19 test results are received,” indicates the opinion.

The 11 hotels have been booked in Quebec, with asylum seekers staying in regular hotels, according to Guard Services In The Province of Quebec.

Content of the article

In addition to providing security for the 11 or more hotel sites in Quebec, staff noted that “the contractor must provide up to ten guards per shift, per location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” .

The responsibility of security guards is to monitor “external health breaks for asylum seekers” as well as to ensure the safety of illegal immigrants and “other hotel guests”.

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

Blacklock Journalist noted that 1,435 asylum seekers were detained at the border in 2021, of which 1,317 were arrested in Quebec, 99 in British Columbia and 19 in Manitoba. RCMP data showed a dramatic increase in illegal crossings in November 2021.

The figures indicated a few border crossings per month since March 2020 with no more than 39. The RCMP noted that the number rose to 150 per month last September and 932 in November.

The number for November 2021 is substantial compared to the 24 arrests reported at the border that same month in 2020.

An internal Department of Immigration email in 2020 said it was looking for around 1,000 isolation rooms for illegal immigrants.

Live News: Scotland to lift Covid restrictions next week after cases fall https://apartman-beograd.com/live-news-scotland-to-lift-covid-restrictions-next-week-after-cases-fall/ Tue, 18 Jan 2022 17:47:43 +0000 https://apartman-beograd.com/live-news-scotland-to-lift-covid-restrictions-next-week-after-cases-fall/

The UK labor shortage worsened at the end of 2021, with job vacancies hitting a record high, but average earnings started to fall as inflation outpaced wage growth.

Official data released on Tuesday showed unemployment fell to 4.1% in the three months to November, 0.1 percentage point above its pre-pandemic rate.

The employment rate has risen to 75.5%, but remains 1.1 percentage points below its pre-crisis rate – due to an increase in inactivity which, according to the Statistics Office national, was due to the abandonment of older workers.

With employers struggling to recruit, job vacancies hit a record 1,247,000 in the three months to December, equivalent to four in every 100 jobs in the economy, with a quarter of a million jobs unfilled in the health and social services sector alone.

There were few signs of an impact on employment at the start of the Omicron outbreak, with real-time data from December showing the number of salaried employees rising by 184,000.

But Tony Wilson, director of the Institute for Employment Studies, said the figures were “disappointing”, with inactivity rising despite unprecedented demand for staff.

While staff shortages have led to faster wage growth in some sectors, the ONS said average earnings were falling in real terms, with inflation outpacing wage gains.

Its main measure of growth in average weekly earnings, excluding bonuses, was 3.8% for the three months to November – leaving earnings flat in real terms over the same period and down 1% in November alone.

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The evolution of the hospital management system https://apartman-beograd.com/the-evolution-of-the-hospital-management-system/ Tue, 18 Jan 2022 08:49:01 +0000 https://apartman-beograd.com/the-evolution-of-the-hospital-management-system/

A hospital management system help with tracking and managing finances. It keeps track of inventory, reduces losses and minimizes duplication of information. The healthcare management system also manages test results, patient data, and interaction with other laboratory systems. It improves workflow efficiency and improves data accuracy, adding value to the overall processing cycle. It also reduces errors caused by handwriting. It provides quality care. The system also has many other advantages.

Hospital management software allows the front office to communicate with doctors in real time. It also allows the reception to manage appointments. Patients can book appointments through self-service portals or mobile apps, which use a color-coded system to identify available slots. This system also allows patients to receive appointment reminders. The software is designed to document patient information, manage health records and bills. He can also manage the inventory and finances of a hospital.

Cost and inventory tracking via software:

Using a hospital system has many advantages. A hospital’s medical data is easily accessible via the Internet. It is also much easier to send patient information from one place to another. And the system can also track equipment, saving staff time. This makes the hospital more efficient, allowing it to focus on patient recovery. It can also help track costs and inventory. The system is easy to use and can be customized to meet any specific needs.

The software helps to manage finances. It helps to monitor expenses and profits. It allows the hospital to track material and medical costs and reduce the number of third-party vendors. This tool also streamlines billing and invoicing processes and improves patient satisfaction. The data collected by the software helps to facilitate future decisions and tasks. They also help keep the patient database accurate and up-to-date.

The hospital management system is important for a medical center. This not only increases patient satisfaction, but also increases revenue. The software helps to synchronize the work of different departments. Without this, the medical center cannot provide quality care. Additionally, the paper-based approach to record keeping is prone to inaccuracies and difficult to retrieve. There is a better way.

Hospital software as a healthcare medical system:

Healthcare management software helps with timely billing. The software helps to collect essential patient data and allows the authorized person to make changes and updates. Invoices can be emailed and the software can even connect with insurance companies. A hospital system is an indispensable tool for the healthcare industry. With this type of technology, the work of hospital administrators and their staff is much easier. It also allows staff to monitor their employees and patients.

Additionally, the software helps in keeping track of the patient’s history. The data collected by the software also helps assign the correct specialist to each patient. With the help of this system, healthcare management software ensures that patients receive the right treatment at the right time. This software has many advantages, but it is best to use a provider that meets your specific needs. The software should simplify the work of staff and improve patient satisfaction.

Hospital management software functionality should allow patients to book and cancel appointments. It should also allow them to share their results and interact with authorities online. It should also allow doctors to diagnose their patients more quickly and reduce the risk of errors. This should keep track of each patient’s history, and it should also be easy for doctors to access. This is an essential characteristic of a hospital management system, So make sure it is compatible with the specific needs of your hospital.

Medical Management System Modules:

The software is divided into several modules. The accounting module organizes the financial affairs of a medical institution. It stores payment and insurance details of the patient. The insurance module records details of insurance coverage. The medication management module lists the medications used by the doctor. The software can be integrated with other modules of the hospital information system. Its pricing structure is not known in advance, but it is easy to compare them. It’s a good option for hospitals, but there’s no free trial.

A good hospital management software package will bring you a number of advantages. It tracks important information such as medical history, treatment requirements, and billing. This software will also help you track patient registration, which stores important patient information including name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, and employment status. It will also store patient records, such as dietary preferences and consent forms. The software will help you keep track of appointments and reports, and it will also remind you of due dates and appointment reminders.

Error-free medical system:

Hospital management software must simplify the daily activity of its users. The best ones make tasks faster and easier. They also eliminate human error. The best hospital management system can automate many tasks. For example, they should be able to manage patient records, including their histories, medications, and doctors’ schedules.

It should also help you reduce medical equipment downtime, which is critical to your bottom line. It should also minimize queues for operating rooms and reduce the number of patient transfers. You can also use it to update your doctor’s schedule, such as a cancellation, updating it in real time.


Apart from automating hospital processes, it also helps doctors and staff manage their workload. For example, you can easily track your employees’ working hours and access patient data. You can also use the Wellyx clinic software to monitor and track patient progress in hospital.

The software will also help you prepare timely and accurate reports. With good hospital software, you will have more time to devote to patient care.