Financing a breast augmentation: installment or loan?

Rhinoplasty before and after pictures through plastic surgery are the main expenses. If the operation will be medical, it is performed within the hospital and reimbursed with the health insurer. All non-medical procedures are usually performed within specialist clinics. The costs are usually for your own account. Logically, you might have the desire to change or enhance something about your body.

Tummy tuck correction, facelift, eyelid and nose modification and breast augmentation are the many requested and performed techniques. Breast reduction is almost continually for medical reasons and for that reason falls outside the category of plastic surgery.

After you have made a decision about what you want to change about the body, for example a breast augmentation, the next phase is to find a good plastic surgeon in an accredited clinic. You can then chart the costs of this treatment. How can you arrange financing? Is the quantity manageable and can you conserve for it? Or is it preferable to arrange financing for your breast implants via installment payments or using a loan? We list all of the facts.

Exactly what does a breast enlargement cost?

There is no clear response to the question of what a breast implants costs. It depends on which medical center you go to and which technique you choose. Breast augmentation realized with your personal body fat is usually more expensive compared to an enlargement using enhancements. Overall the costs will be close to € 3500.

Breast augmentation spread after a transaction

Many clinics provide you with the option to pay for the procedure afterwards. The same principle just like a kitchen: you buy your kitchen on installment and pay off in installments afterwards. The particular breast augmentation is performed and you pay out the costs in installments towards the clinic until the total expenses have been settled. The interest expenses for this option are higher; the maximum legally permitted rate of interest of 14% is often determined.

Financing breast implants with a loan

Financing breast augmentation with a loan

Organizing the financing yourself away from clinic is cheaper: a person takes out a loan for two years with an interest from 8. 9%. This interest is much less than the 14% that you pay out in installments afterwards. The eye rate goes further straight down with a loan amount through € 5000; we offer a person an interest from 7. 2%. So you can choose not only to possess a breast augmentation done but also one more cosmetic procedure that you would like in the long run. If you take out a loan pertaining to both interventions together, a person pays a lower interest rate compared to if you chose to finance each intervention separately.

Personal loan or revolving credit score

You can pick from the two forms of personal loan or even revolving credit. If you like assurance, choose the first loan type. The interest, duration and month-to-month charges are fixed.

If you want extra money along with financing the breast augmentation, then you can certainly opt for the revolving credit having a variable interest rate.


Encounter from other consumers

Breast augmentation remains a surgical procedure so you want the procedure to become done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon at a well-regarded clinic. The knowledge of other clients who may have had the same cosmetic procedures accomplished can be a nice addition to your own inventory of options.

Calculate your mortgage amount

money with credit card

Curious about the particular loan amount you can lend to finance the plastic surgery of your choice? Use our own online loan guide. Obviously, you can also request a free estimate directly online. You will then get a customized proposal from our 4 partner banks in one very clear overview.

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