Fly Now Pay Later is coming to the hospitality industry

Fly Now Pay Later, a growing UK financial technology company that offers consumers a new, more flexible way to finance travel around the world, has entered into an agreement with the global hotel reservation network, HotelsOne.

The nature of the new partnership will provide flexible funding for FNPL clients who book hotel reservations through HotelsOne. Entire vacations, from flights to hotels, can be paid for in installments, giving consumers access to any luxury hotel or destination they want, taking the stress out of planning vacation.

“There are millions of consumers with families around the world who need a frictionless way to finance their flights. By partnering with HotelsOne, we can now deliver hotels, flights and more, in a better managed financial system, ”said Jasper Dykes, CEO of Fly Now Pay Later.

The partnership will be rolled out primarily online and across the United States, with plans to reach UK customers through Eurobookings (HotelsOne’s European sister site), opening up this unique service to millions of consumers.

HotelsOne has grown steadily, providing over 600,000 hotel listings on its website, with rapid expansion plans by 2022, they aim to add an additional 400,000 listings, which will expand their offering into villas and apartments as well.

“In 2019, more than 20 million visits to HotelsOne accommodations were made. Through our partnership with Fly Now Pay Later, we are delighted to be able to expand our offerings and tailor our offering even more closely to our growing and evolving audience, ”said Marcel Stillekens, co-founder of HotelsOne.

Despite the headwinds created by COVID-19, Fly Now Pay Later continued to forge integrated partnerships with businesses around the world. Founded by CEO Jasper Dykes (32) in 2015, the alternative travel payments provider recently secured an additional £ 10million ($ 14million) in Series A funding, bringing its total to £ 45million. ($ 62 million) in Series A financing. It is now serving thousands of consumers in the UK, US, Germany and this year, looking to push the boundaries in new markets.

Fly Now Pay Later aims to create more than $ 1 billion in enterprise value over the next 12 months, through the success of its direct-to-consumer app and digital platform, new partnerships and the Buy industry. Growing Now Pay Later.

“Our success is based on listening to our consumers and developing our services accordingly. HotelsOne not only supports us in this task, but also helps us expand into new markets like the United States, ”said Jasper Dykes, CEO of Fly Now Pay Later.

“Our projections are based on past sales and we are confident of achieving them. We look forward to growing together this year, ”said Marcel Stillekens, co-founder of HotelsOne.

Fly Now Pay Later focused on creating a fluid product of service around the buying habits of consumers. It can be used to book flights, hotels, package holidays, car rentals and more and offers frictionless financing options to support businesses and the end consumer.

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