Forgot how to navigate the airport like a pro? Road warriors become recruit

For more than five years, Jessica Ridlen has treated business travel as a ritual. The biotech manager kept a handbag close at hand, regularly stocked her mini stash of toiletries, and had two sets of each charging cord.

The pandemic has put an end to its routine. Rebooting again turns out to be a heavy burden. She forgot her clothes and showed up at the wrong airport. On a recent trip to Salt Lake City, Ms Ridlen took her laptop out of her bag before going through security, forgetting that she had qualified for TSA PreCheck, a service under which vetted flyers ignore this part .

“The security guy said, ‘Is this your first time crossing?’ Says Ms. Ridlen. The 44-year-old blushed. “I felt like a total beginner.”

There is nothing more important to the corporate road warrior than the satisfaction of waltzing through the more plebeian aspects of travel. Popularized in movies and travel blogs, they know which checkpoints have the shortest wait times, which hotels have the best free breakfast, and when to grab it for coffee across the hall. the airport.

Alison Fragale, 45, was one of them. Until last year, she left her home in Chicago every week to teach at the University of North Carolina. She knew exactly how long it would take to get a manicure at O’Hare International Airport (23 minutes) and would walk the catwalk while the polish dried.

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