HB exclusivity: HotelKey partners with Lexen hotels to optimize operational efficiency

Southern California hotels Lexen Hotel North Hollywood and Lexen Newhall Hotel in Santa Clarita have partnered with HotelKey to improve property performance and reduce costs with a fully integrated Property Management System (PMS) based on the cloud of the technology company.

“HotelKey has proven to be an invaluable and irreplaceable partner in helping our hotels better understand our business performance, create efficiencies and reduce costs,” said Dhaval Desai, owner of Lexen Hotels. “Our distinctive properties are found in highly competitive markets, which, together with rising labor costs and pressures imposed by the pandemic operating environment, have made it essential to obtain all operational advantages. HotelKey’s solution provides an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, secure system-wide integration and better access to data that helps us better understand and manage our business.

Aditya Thyagarajan, President / Co-Founder of HotelKey, said: “We are honored that Lexen has chosen HotelKey to manage their properties and are delighted with the results we have produced together. Our solution is easy to use and provides our hotel clients with unmatched flexibility, efficiency and understanding of property costs and performance. We are grateful to be able to report these benefits and results to property owners and the industry as we continue to grow the HotelKey user base around the world.

The two Lexen boutique hotels, with around 90 rooms collectively, implemented the HotelKey Property Management System (PMS), HotelKey Channel Reservation System (CRS), HK Booking Engine, HK revenue (RMS) and integrated payment processing to increase distribution while providing an easy-to-use, touchscreen-based receipt system to its staff and management team. The HotelKey Manager app and dashboards on their smartphones allow owners to access property data while on the go.

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