How Miona and Jibri make money

Miona and Jibri Bell expressed big dreams on 90 Day Fiancé, which left many viewers curious about what their real jobs are outside of TLC.

Miona and Jibri Bell are the latest naughty couple to enter the 90 day fiance franchise, though many viewers are curious about how the couple funds their lifestyle and fashion sense. Miona traveled from Serbia to join her future husband in Rapid Springs, South Dakota, where Jibri was living with her parents to save money during the pandemic. However, Jibri and Miona are now separated from her parents and live alone. the ambitious 90 day fiance The Season 9 duo have since revealed details about their careers and future plans.


Jibri and Miona were far from the most hated actors during 90 day fiance season 9, though they cemented their unpopular status among fans after the Tell-All. Viewers were furious with Miona due to accusations of blackfishing on social media, although the Serbian woman was mostly harmless on screen. However, Miona has since been called out for passively allowing Jibri to attack numerous other cast members during her startling Tell-All tirade. Jibri revealed that he and Miona moved out of her parents’ house and are currently living in the Palm Springs area, just like Miona dreamed of.

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Jibri explained to 90 day fiance Season 9 viewers that he wants to be a “creative nomad” with his wife Miona. This means he wants to travel the world with Miona and not have a fixed address for at least a year. Jibri was revealed to be at odds with his space punk band Black Serbs during the Tell-All. However, he made amends with his bandmate and close friend David. Although Jibri said during the Tell-All that he could start his own musical career, he seems to be holding his own with his band. Jibri and her bandmates released new music on August 15, confirming that they are still together. Jibri, whose birth name is David, actually worked in real estate before joining the band. However, he has no desire to return to his previous career.

While many 90 day fiance fans are unsure if Jibri is profiting from her musical ambitions, Jibri and Miona have clearly shown her apparent success. Miona launched her own beauty brand called Miona Beauty, which currently includes her mane-like ponytail extensions as well as a set of makeup brushes. While some franchise fans accused Miona of selling cheap products at high prices, she said she earned $20,000 in her first week of launching the products. Miona previously worked as a makeup artist and briefly signed up as a makeup artist in Palm Springs. However, she now plans to travel the world with Jibri. She also shared her desire to release her own makeup palette in the future.

Although many 90 day fiance With season 9 viewers remaining skeptical that Jibri and Miona will achieve the level of fame and success they seek, the pair seem fully confident in their respective career paths. Meanwhile, Miona and Jibri are both in love with the influencer lifestyle and can’t wait to gain more followers online. The duo have been called by fans to be the biggest influencer hunters to appear on 90 day fiance season 9, although they are currently seeing an increase in subscriber numbers since appearing on TLC. However, Jibri’s offensive antics and Miona’s passive support saw their already fleeting popularity among fans of the franchise.

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