How much do apartments cost in Belgrade and the region?

Real estate prices in Serbia are steadily increasing and real estate agents do not believe that the situation on the real estate market will stabilize in the near future.

When comparing real estate prices in Belgrade, the region and different EU countries, according to Serbian standards, Vienna is the most expensive to buy real estate while Bucharest is the cheapest.

According to data from the Cetiri Zida website, prices per square meter in new buildings in Belgrade range from 1,196 to 3,251 euros, while the average price is 2,223 euros. For old buildings, the average price per square meter is 2,102 euros.

Currently, one of the cheapest apartments in Belgrade, with an area of ​​21 square meters, costs 17,000 euros, which is less than 1,000 euros per square meter. However, there is a 24 square meter apartment which costs much more, i.e. 39,600 euros, so we can say that prices vary a lot in the Serbian capital.

If you want to buy an apartment in the city center, you can pay up to 117,000 euros for a 38 square meter studio. Prices for two-bedroom apartments start at 49,500, while the most expensive apartment is in the Belgrade Waterfront area, where 60 square meters require 491,888 euros.

In the capital of neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, it is possible to find a two-bedroom apartment for just over 1,000 euros per square meter. For example, a 62 square meter apartment in a building from 1935 was advertised on one of the real estate sites, priced at 63,912 euros.

For a T2 in Podgorica in Montenegro of 28 square meters, it will be necessary to provide 32,200 euros, or 1,150 euros per square meter.

In Zagreb, on the other hand, a square meter costs just over 2,500 euros. For example, to buy a one-bedroom apartment of 33 square meters in the Croatian capital, you need 83,675 euros. For studios, the square meter costs around 1,600 euros, or 30,000 euros for an apartment of only 18 square meters.

In Budapest, the prices are not so favorable. Namely, the average price per square meter in this city is 2,515 euros.

In the Austrian capital, Vienna, the price per square meter is rather high by Serbian standards. Thus, according to the ads, you can come across apartments that cost nearly 6,500 euros per square meter. It is a two-room apartment of 70 square meters, costing 50,000 euros.

In Bucharest, you can find a 37 square meter apartment at 56,500 euros, or just over 1,500 euros per square meter. However, it is possible to find an even cheaper apartment. For example, for 56,000 euros you can buy an apartment of 52 square meters. A square meter in a new building in Bucharest is less than 1,100 euros.

(News, 14.06.2022)

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