How to book a tee time at Torrey Pines


Here’s how you can get a tee time at Torrey Pines.

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It is not difficult to find a golf course in the United States difficult enough to accommodate the best players in the world at a US Open. It’s not hard to find a course in the United States that looks good enough to host a US Open. But find a course in the United States that is both of those things, and accessible to the general public to play regularly? Well, it’s not as easy as advertised.

It is true that one of the great weaknesses of elite North American golf is the little space available for public consumption. Just look at Long Island, Los Angeles or even the Bay Area, host of this year’s Women’s Open. These are all great metropolitan areas, all team up with popular golfers, and all have a significantly larger share of private than public golf.

This year’s US Open is a welcome break from the exclusive trend. The tournament host is Torrey Pines, which is not only accessible to the public, but also a municipal golf course, owned by the city of San Diego.

Yes, you read that right, nobody who wants to play host to this year’s US Open can do just that, provided they find a tee time. And we’re here to help explain how.

How to book a tee time at Torrey Pines

If you want to play South Course at Torrey Pines, the easiest way to get a tee time is to be a resident of San Diego. Those who live in the city can book schedules up to 90 days in advance and at a heavily discounted rate. For those who book between 8 and 90 days before their departure, a reservation fee of $ 30 per player is required (no reservation fee is applied to those who book within three days of their departure). From there, the cost of an 18-hole round is a steal – $ 63 per player on weekdays and $ 78 on weekends.

For those who don’t live in San Diego, the process looks a lot like, but costs a lot more. Foreigners can book from 4 to 90 days before their tee time, with a reservation fee of $ 45 charged per player. In addition to the reservation fee, a non-resident rate of $ 202 per person welcomes players during the week and $ 252 on weekends.

Those wishing to book a tee time can do so through the link here, which will take you to the Torrey Pines online reservation system.

For outsiders, that’s a pretty dime, but there is something to be said for recreating your own Tiger-Rocco moment, or just seeing a host at the US Open twice in a way that most sites cannot.

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