Humanoid robot Ameca can smile, frown and be surprised like a real human [VIDEO]

A viral YouTube video showed how a humanoid AI robot named Ameca can perform multiple human-like facial movements and expressions.

However, its developer Engineered Arts clarified that it was created to entertain people, not for human jobs.

Ameca Humanoid Robot

Engineered Arts, which is a UK developer and builder of humanoid AI robots, posted the video to YouTube showcasing one of their most realistic models, according to The Verge.

Ameca, the robot, can be seen producing a sequence of surprisingly human facial movements.

In said YouTube video, Ameca appeared to have just woken up as her expression showed a mixture of surprise and annoyance when she opened her eyes. When Ameca glanced at his hands and arms, the AI ​​humanoid robot opened its mouth and raised its eyebrows in surprise.

After expressing the robot’s surprise, he then smiled and offered the audience a welcome hand at the end of the video.

At the time of writing, the YouTube video has garnered over a million views and around 3,000 comments.

YouTube user kayskreed said the movement of the humanoid robot AI was sequenced.

“It sounds pretty natural, probably the most human expressions I’ve seen in a robot to date. I also found the hands to be quite impressive. Gone is the stereotype of the expressionless robot,” the in-depth commentary.

Another comment said, “They’ve mastered the intricacies of eye movements and gentle expressions!”

In addition, YouTube user Sentdex, known for its robotic content, also expressed his astonishment at said robot.

Despite several positive feedback, others find Ameca as a strange humanoid robot who will soon take on several human jobs.

On the flip side, Engineered Arts claimed that the bot could not yet walk, but that it plans to do so in the future, according to The Verge.

Additionally, Engineered Arts has stated that Ameca does not use AI. Instead, it handles ultra-realistic bodies, leaving the AI ​​capabilities to the developers.

Regarding its description, the developer identified the robot as the most advanced human-shaped robot in the world, representing the forefront of human robotics technology.

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“Designed specifically as a platform for the development of future robotic technologies, Ameca is the perfect humanoid robotic platform for human-robot interaction. We focus on providing innovative, reliable, modular, scalable and easy to develop technologies ”, in-depth description.

Will Ameca take over human jobs soon?

Since Engineered Arts focuses on building humanoid robots for entertainment, Ameca will likely be the center of attention of venues and gatherings, according to The Verge.

It only means that he does not intend to perform a certain function or to take over all of humanity.

However, since it will entertain multiple people at venues as well as at gatherings, said humanoid AI robot will always affect the entertainment industry.

Other humanoid robots

Engineered Arts has four robots. Besides Ameca, the company has created Mesmer, RoboThespian and Quinn.

Mesmer was created as a powerful, stylish and cost effective realistic humanoid AI robot. Mesmer will never fail to dazzle passers-by, whether it’s advertising a business, intellectual property, or the life of a real person.

It is supposed to be flexible, allowing people to replace the head with one click and without tools.

Meanwhile, RoboThespian is named “Robot Actor”. It can produce waves of excitement wherever users position them with a range of expressive gestures, lyrics and songs.

On the other hand, Quinn’s sturdy construction and unique technology mean that it can handle the demands of business customers from any reception, information point, ticket office, check-in desk or lobby.

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