Interfaith Dallas helps mother who lost her job and home during pandemic

Felicia Melton, a single mother of three, hit rock bottom at the start of the pandemic. She thanks Interfaith Family Services for transforming her life.

DALLAS – Every morning Felicia Melton follows a strict schedule. She wakes up her three children, changes them, gives them breakfast and prepares them for school and daycare.

It’s the ordinary routine that parents are familiar with, but to Melton, her daughter Xylia, and twins Xyaire and Xander, it means everything.

Starting a new day in a home of their own is a testament to how much they’ve come through.

The simple moments inside their Dallas condominium are the greatest stability her family has had in a long time.

“It was the perfect storm … that’s what I want [sic] call it, ”Melton said.

Last year, at the very onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Melton’s family lost almost everything. It all started when she, like so many others during the pandemic, lost her job.

“In three days I had no home, in a month and a half I had no husband and after two months I was running out of money,” Melton said.

They ended up living in a hotel room. To her, it was the background in what seemed like a blink of an eye.

Melton didn’t want his daughter Xylia to know how bad the situation had become. The girl thought the hotel stay was a mini vacation.

“I remember she had taken her to school on Tuesday and the teacher said, ‘I heard you all have a new place,’ and I started to cry,” Melton said. . “I was like, ‘This is not a new place… we lost our house over the weekend because I lost my job. “

Alone and struggling with postpartum depression, the new single mom turned to Interfaith Family Services of Dallas for help.

The association moved her family into a furnished and fully stocked apartment for nine months and provided them with the essentials to survive.

Beyond that, Interfaith, which empowers families in crisis to break the cycle of poverty, has helped Melton transform his life. The nonprofit helped her through its program, which gave her the tools to be successful.

Melton has received financial coaching, therapy, work assistance and more. It was enough to help him change his life.

“God took everything out of my life that I didn’t need at one time,” Melton said. “Because it would have broken me to do it in spurts. He stripped everything off. He pulled me up to my bare butt. Trust me, that’s the message I learned. Interfaith gave me a little more faith. “

“They offered me a house. Who gives you a free house when you have nothing? No one,” she said.

She completed the program, got a new job working from home, and found a new place to live for her young children.

Sometimes all you need is a little help.

“It makes me all emotional because that’s the only thing they asked for, to finish the program. That’s it, ”Melton said.

Through all the hardships she and her children have faced together, there is hope for better days to come.

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