Jamaica Plain bagel place exodus; will remain open and possibly expand to Roslindale

Bagels of the Exodus announcement today it won’t reopen its Jamaica Plain outlet, which it closed during the pandemic last year – but that means it could extend its Roslindale takeout window outside its bagel bakery into something bigger.

There were a few factors beyond our control that ultimately made the decision for us. Most of the factors are related to the condition of the building. The repairs needed to make it a safe and healthy place are beyond a tenant’s reach.

This is really tough news for us as we were hoping we could come back at some point, but now we know that we have permanently closed our JP store and we feel the loss as yet another injury.

We are very fortunate to have our kitchen in Roslindale and to have started our window service there. We will now be focusing on expanding our presence in Roslindale and yes… we will always have our sights set on our JP neighborhood for a comeback if the right circumstances present themselves.

There are several vacant storefronts in the immediate vicinity of the Exodus baglery on Belgrade Avenue in Washington, including a space in a new residential building nearing completion right next to and next to Stash across the street.

When Adam Hirsh started raising funds for a permanent location for his bagels, he initially proposed to transform the entire space of the factory where he now makes bagels into a bagel-based restaurant, but ran into regulatory and zoning issues related to the use of the space as a restaurant.

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