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Kimberly Fron just celebrated her first birthday as a postal clerk for the Sallisaw and Marble City Post Office.

Fron, who moved with her daughter, Emerald Rose, 2, and her husband, Kenneth, to Sallisaw from Dallas, Texas a year ago, said it was the climate that mainly brought her in. Sequoyah County. Not from a weather point of view, but rather from the climate of Covid and its impact on the work of her husband and their two-year-old daughter.

“Our daughter had health issues and my husband, who worked as a contractor, felt uncomfortable going to people’s homes, so her sister-in-law had a house available here. We ended up buying it and ditched everything and moved to Sallisaw! she said, with her cheerful personality that seems to make her popular with people who come to the Sallisaw Post Office.

Fron said his job was to work at the front desk and supply people with stamps, mail, packages and money orders. Her duties also include unloading and sorting mail on a daily basis for the two post offices, she said.

“Our work begins long before the doors open and even after the doors close to the public,” she said. “In the early hours of

“In the early hours of the morning, we sort the mail and prepare it for deliveries to rural roads and post office boxes. After the doors close, we have to go through mail from 10 other surrounding post offices including Bunch, Stilwell, Gans, Marble City, Moffett, Muldrow, Roland, Sallisaw, Vian, Watts and Westville.

“There’s a lot going on before the door opens and after it closes,” she smiles.

Fron said she enjoys working at post offices in both cities.

“I love working in Marble City because it’s a one-person post office so I can do it all,” she said. “The work can be physical when unloading packages, but in a way it’s the best,” she said.

The post office is open daily until 11 a.m. Fron said she also works Saturdays, and starting in December, she will be working on shifts for mail and holiday deliveries, as will other postal clerks as well.

“I love my job. Sometimes I feel like Santa Claus, not just during the holidays, but pretty much anytime because there are times when we can make someone’s day.” , she said.

Fron recalled recently, while making a delivery to an “uncertain” residential address, she noticed a little boy rushing up to her shouting “Here it is!” “

“Yes, I felt like Santa Claus that day,” she said with a laugh.

Fron, who was born in Louisiana, said she studied business and retail in college and her work experience consisted of retail and working for software companies.

“I think the best part of life here is the weather. But there was a day last week when the humidity made me feel like I was back in Louisiana, ”she said.

“But at least here I don’t have to worry about hurricanes. I am a hurricane Katrina survivor, ”she said.

“I love this job and this community here. I really can’t compare it to any other place I’ve lived. I was so used to looking at a big road in front of my house.

“Things just seem more natural here. I love the scenery and the people here and in Marble City are really great! In Marble City, I met some natives who remind me of the people of New Orleans. They are adorable and it leads me to believe that there may be Cherokees in New Orleans. Maybe they’re Cajun, she laughs.

“I guess you can just call us recent transplants, but we’re happy to be here!” Just people. Just Folks is your TIMES way of honoring the ordinary people of Sequoyah County, recognizing their talents, personalities, jobs, abilities, and more. unique. Your TIMES appreciates the cooperation of each Just Folks and the public’s nominations for this feature. If you know of anyone who could be a good story, contact Roy or Lynn at 918-775-4433.

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