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The book ban is about politics, not books

Since last November, the banning and burning of library books has been at the forefront of much discussion at Spotsylvania School Board meetings, with “parental choice” citizens taking action to remove books from school libraries and the new school board majority supporting them.

More recently, eight books have been challenged as pornographic. The result of the challenge was that all eight books were deemed appropriate for secondary schools. The decision is on appeal.

School librarians have been called pedophiles and groomers. There have been threats that at some point they will have to be held accountable for the “distribution of pornography”.

Well, it turns out that book banning isn’t popular here in America, and the idea of ​​book burning is even more blatant.

It seems that the parenting choice group decided that its wording needed to change. The new narrative is that they’re not asking for the books to be banned because that would involve the courts. They now say they just want them removed from our school libraries. It’s semantics, and they hope the masses buy it.

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Permanently removing a book from a school library means banning it. This book is inaccessible in this library after its removal. Some students have no other access to books. They can’t afford to go to a public library, and they and their parents can’t afford to buy their books. For these students, the book is forbidden. Period.

Some who don’t live in Spotsylvania may believe it doesn’t affect them. Please know that it is. It’s nationwide. This group is for parents’ choice only when the choice matches their beliefs. Spotsylvania, Virginia and America are better than that. Democracy is better than that.

It was never about books. It has always been about a political agenda.

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