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Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. – Lock Haven University alumnus Tina (Marshall) Bickel released her first children’s book, “Welcome Home, Diesel! The Adventure Begins,” on April 11.

Featuring his two Olde English Bulldogs from the family, “Welcome Home, Diesel!” shares the story of Chester, who was used to being the only pet in his household for almost a year. When he learned that his family would soon be welcoming a new puppy into their home, Chester was less than thrilled. Adventures unfold in each chapter, as Chester learns to adjust to adding Diesel to the family.

“Friends and family have been telling me to write a book about Chester and Diesel for years,” Bickel said. “It was finally time to bring this dream to life, and what better way to mass-produce it, so I can keep adding more adventures to the collection over time?”

Bickel, from Morrisdale, graduated from Lock Haven University in 2004 with degrees in elementary and special education. She immediately started teaching after graduation and is now in her 18th year, still declaring it to be her dream job. She is employed by the West Branch Area School District in Morrisdale.

“Reading and writing have always been my passions, but Lock Haven University really sparked those interests,” Bickel said. “One of my favorite classes, Children’s Literature, allowed me to experience the thrill of watching students become immersed in a story while reading aloud. Since then, it’s still been my favorite part of my working day as a teacher.”

“Welcome Home, Diesel! The Adventure Begins” is the first book in the children’s book series, “Partners in Crime: The Adventures of Chester and Diesel” and is available on Amazon, in Kindle and paperback formats.

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