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Lawton author Kimberly Jones bathed in poetic justice last month, winning multiple awards for her new book.

Jones received the best-selling author’s award from Amazon for his book “The Rich Blacks Before the Emancipation of 1865”. Jones also received the first new publication in 19th century world history as well as the first publication in Professional Biographies.

“The research was amazing, there was a huge amount of information that I didn’t know. I think for me that widens or widens the prism of historical facts relating to American history, ”Jones said.

Late last year, Jones visited John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park in memory of the 1921 Tulsa race riots. At the Reconciliation Tower, Jones sat among the victims who were part of the massacre. With a sense of empowerment, Jones felt encouraged to tell their stories.

“I felt I needed to do these stories. I almost felt compelled to do it; they are too important to ignore, ”she said.

After a full year of inspiration and research, Jones composed “Wealthy Blacks before the Emancipation of 1865”. The book shines a light on 18 African-American entrepreneurs, telling their stories from the start of their lives. In the book, Jones details every entrepreneur’s journey to success, from being a slave to mastering their craft and becoming some of the best American businessmen and women of their time.

“What’s exciting about the book’s release is the opportunity to share the stories of these amazing people who are making history. Their successes have the ability to inspire and motivate anyone who aspires to achieve goals in- beyond its limits, “Jones said.” The most inspiring aspect of the book was finding out that most of the people in the book have a statue, museum, or historical marker that honors their contribution to American society. ”

A longtime resident of Lawton, Jones holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Cameron University and a Masters in Educational Leadership. After graduation Jones began working for Lawton Public Schools in 1997. She is chair of the high school science department and teaches ACT preparation courses, anatomy, biology and medical science. – legal at MacArthur High School.

“I got the urge to write books in 1996 when I met Dr. George Henderson of the University of Oklahoma. He encouraged all of his graduate students to write a book, ”she said.

Since then, Jones has published three books, “Out of Season; A Preacher’s Secret ”,“ Places, faces and races ”and“ The rich blacks before the emancipation of 1865 ”.

For Jones, this means more than winning prizes. Jones remains passionate about honoring the business men and women of the book and sharing their stories with the public. She wants to leave a legacy that can last for generations.

“The gratifying thing about writing this book is that these people aren’t here to tell their heroic stories. I am blessed to be able to share their stories with the world. I think their courage and motivation transcends time and can inspire anyone in any century or decade, ”she said.

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