Milorad Dodik questioned over Pavlović Bank allegations –

Serbian member of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s tripartite presidency, Milorad Dodik, was questioned by prosecutors over allegations of financial malfeasance by the Pavlović bank.

The case was opened in 2016 on the basis of allegations that the bank gave a fictitious loan to Dodik to buy a villa in Belgrade, which opposition parties said was done in order to hide the origin of money.

Dodik said the allegations against him regarding a loan resulted from the efforts of “foreign embassies”.

“The British ambassador said on his blog that the situation around Pavlović Bank could deteriorate. What does the British ambassador have to do with it? It was a direct order to the prosecution,” Dodik said.

He added that he had been summoned by the “unconstitutional” BiH prosecutor’s office and the BiH court. “As such they do not exist in the Constitution and as such are neither legal nor constitutional, but I said I would respond when they call me so there is no speculation “, did he declare.

“I completely deny everything related to the Prosecution’s allegations. It is true that I took out a loan from the Pavlović Bank for more than one million Bosnian marks (€510,000) for the purchase of real estate in Belgrade. Later, the deadline was moved to 20 years of repayment,” he said, adding that the loan was still being repaid.

Dodik, leaving the floor, made an obscene gesture to the journalists. Later, he explained that the finger was not intended for national journalists, but specifically for journalists from BN TV, a broadcaster located in Bijeljina, a town in the Republika Srpska, Serbian entity.

He also noted that the Dnevni Avaz newspaper, owned by Bosnian SBB party leader Fahrudin Radončić, reported everything that happened to the prosecutor’s office, saying “it shows they are connected.”

“I showed my middle finger at this connection. I can show it again now if you want,” he said.

“For years, some in the media, as well as a foreign factor, persecuted me and my family. Every day so many lies are told about me,” Dodik said.

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