Mina Starsiak Hawk washes the dishes in her children’s book


HGTV star Mina Starsiak Hawk poses at the “A Very Brady Renovation” premiere in 2019.

HGTV star Mina Starsiak Hawk may be best known for her home improvement skills, but she’s also an author of children’s books. His picture book, “Built Together”, was published in 2021. The book summary notes that the story is a “celebration of diversity and acceptance”, which emphasizes that “no two families are exactly alike”.

Mina Starsiak Hawk spoke about her book in an interview in August 2021

During an August 2021 appearance on the “For The Love” podcast, Hawk explained why she decided to become a children’s book author. She revealed that she gathered stories for a potential memoir.

“I like a google doc called ramblings and it’s like my adult ramblings that would end up being like this – not a brief because I’m not old enough and didn’t do cool enough stuff to have a memory but kind of a look behind the curtain, ”shared the mother of two.

She explained that while she would like to eventually publish a memoir, it is “a big company.” She said she believes writing a children’s book is a less overwhelming task.

“A children’s book, even though it’s still a big business, is like 80 words. It’s easier to find, ”the HGTV star said.

She also noted that she was not happy with children’s media.

“But having kids – I mean there are so many terrible series and terrible books that just have a weird message and like to reinculcate those like gender stereotypes and weird stuff so read it all, like having it all and finding the right ones is what sort of my brain worked, ”Hawk shared.

The 36-year-old also noted that her “family is very non-traditional,” which she wanted to normalize. She explained that “both [her] the parents have been married four times ”and that she has step-siblings and step-siblings, and that she was a foster parent for her sister’s daughter at one point.

“So the idea of ​​having a book, obviously kids aren’t really going to really understand that in a concrete way, but you know it gets into their little sponge brains in the back that families can look like anything.” , just like your home can. You can paint it any color you can build it anyway. This is whatever works for you and respect the way your neighbor builds theirs because it is their home and their support and loves them even though it is different and ideally we create these very enlightened and adorable adults to from a children’s book, ”Hawk shared.

Mina Starsiak Hawk shared similar comments in February 2021

Hawk made similar comments about his book during a February 2021 interview with Live signing. She noted that she was not happy with the children’s programming and began to “think about where this is going like the gooey little brains of children.”

“Some of them are right, I don’t want it near them, it kind of spun the wheels on all these things that they see when they’re little and just starting to shape these tiny ones. humans. And a lot of things aren’t that great and it got me thinking about what kind of kids I want to raise and what messages I want to send them, ”Hawk said.

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