New book offers in-depth glimpses of what New York City looked like for 400 years

BROOKLYN, NY, July 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Sacha Vosk, expert in photorealism, has just released a book that is unlike anything on the market. 400 YEARS OF NEW YORK HISTORY: A GUIDE IN PICTURES: Volume 1: NEW YORK Like new AMSTERDAM in the 1600s allows readers to feel as though they have stepped back in time to discover the sights of that of New York passed in a way that ordinary drawings, diagrams and photographs could never do.

“Photorealism is a great way to bring history to life,” Vosk says. “Whether you are teaching or learning American history or just interested in that of New York origins, or if you plan to visit this unmissable metropolis, 400 Years of New York City History: An Illustrated Guide will become your most valued companion. “

Already translated into eight languages, the book represents the first of several cities in its Vosk Time Travel series. The eBook is also available here, while the paperback edition can be purchased from Bookazine wholesalers, WORD bookstores, and

He chose new York launch the series because of the role that the city has played in the country from colonial times until today, for its cultural and financial influence and its popularity as a tourist destination.

In an interview, Vosk can talk about:

  • The rich history that lies beneath new York skyscrapers.
  • The role of the city in the finalization and celebration of the Constitution.
  • The city’s political role as the first capital of the United States.
  • The “premieres” that took place in new York, among them the Erie Canal – the western expansion of the United States and the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • How New Amsterdam Netherlands roots influenced the young country on the path of religious tolerance.

Praise for 400 years of New York history

“If you’ve ever wondered how New York City has become the financial and cultural center of the world, this is the book you were looking for. ” Charles Gehring, Ph.D., the world’s foremost authority on the Dutch period of that of New York history, director, New Netherland Research Center

“Advanced computer graphics, complex 3D terrain modeling, as well as clever and highly accurate historical research have been brought together by Sacha Vosk to reconstruct the environment and the daily life of the inhabitants of the Dutch New Amsterdam of the 17th century. I love it!” Joel W. Grossman, Ph.D., senior researcher and lead author of the archaeological survey in Lower Manhattan

“Like a New York City principal, I believe that a resource of this nature will benefit New York City students in grades 5 to 8, especially in e-book format. ” Maria Musullo, director, MS 577

“With the proposed photo-like images, the book will transport readers back in time. This is a significant step up from what is currently available.” Andrew Luan, owner of New York Tour 1 and others new York travel brands

About Sacha Vosk

Sacha Vosk is a Brooklynwriter, director and muralist who immigrated to new York 40 years ago Russia. He was also a stand-up comedian, an Emmy-winning film producer (“Billy Cristal: A midnight train for Moscow“), promoter of Russian cultural festivals and producer of the Moscow Circus World Tours. He is passionate about New York history and has over 30 years of experience using photorealism in illustrative work and of mural.

Availability: New York City, nationwide by appointment and by phone

Contact: Sacha Vosk, (347) 225-2574; [email protected] ;

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