New Skyrim Mod brings the monotony of office work to Tamriel

The Nords have always been one of the friendliest races scattered across The Elder Scrolls’ continent of Tamriel, so having their frozen homeland of Skyrim serve as the backdrop for the ongoing war and massive dragon battles has always felt be a perfect fit. But now a modder has given all Dovahkiin the chance to get away from it all and settle into a nice and honest office job.

As also reported by PCGamesN, kp40az’s 9 to 5 Office Job mod turns one of the most famous open-world RPGs of all time into an accounting job simulator, allowing players to set up shop in an adjoining office. located inside the Drunken Huntsmen Inn in Whiterun to play a memory-based mini-game. If you decide to hang up your Dawnbreaker for the simple life, you’ll be shown a sequence of words and then have to repeat them in order.


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Despite the mod’s name, players can actually start work by talking to the boss, the existing NPC Olfina Grey-Mane, anytime from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Morndas to Fredas (i.e. Monday to Friday for all the milk drinkers out there). The game begins by sitting at the newly created office space in the hostel in front of a book, which will initiate the mini-game.

If they successfully complete the minigame, players will be rewarded with more desk work, as books will appear, and players will have to sort them by putting them in a box if they want to receive payment. There’s a fade-to-black and time-skip after all is said and done, so even the biggest workaholics can only squeeze through five minigames a week.

As for the payment, it is only available at the end of the working week, so be sure to ask Olfina for it and be careful that she does not die, because without a boss there is no work. While not essential for the mod to work, a few other NPCs are also getting some tweaks but no new dialogue. Additionally, the new job system allows players to climb the corporate ladder through a fame system, with rankings achieved at different intervals and the ability to ask for a raise.

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