One of the main criminal proceedings in the field of environmental crime

After the full four years of trial, a major criminal case was won in the trial court for FCC Kikinda and its management, all of whom were acquitted of two environmental offense charges, namely bringing hazardous materials into Serbia and the processing, illegal disposal, and storage of hazardous materials and environmental pollution. It was the culmination of a long legal battle with the prosecutors where the efforts of the defense team fully bore fruit.

It has been proven that the Kikinda regional landfill, operated by FCC Kikinda (owned by FCC Eco of Belgrade, the city of Kikinda and the Austrian company FCC Environment CEE GmbH), did not commit the crimes that the prosecutor’s office public but on the contrary, have established that the regional landfill of Kikinda, during its 11 years of existence, has never stored, treated or disposed of hazardous waste contrary to environmental regulations and that the entire landfill project Kikinda Region, and did not endanger the environment in any way.

This award recognizes high standards of work and exceptional customer service, specializing in environmental practices, but also represents clients across a wide range of industry sectors, including energy, manufacturing, agriculture, financial services and l ‘real estate.

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