Oyo launches internal investigation after shooting couple at Noida hotel

Oyo has launched an internal investigation after Noida police arrested two people who allegedly placed a hidden camera in a hotel room and filmed a couple, officials said.

The two defendants had booked the same room in the Phase 3 police station area last month where they placed a hidden camera before leaving.

After a week, they booked the same room and pulled out the camera that had recorded the couple’s intimate moments, officials said.

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DCP (Central Noida) Saad Miyan Khan said the duo tried to extort money from the couple after they threatened to post their video online.

While defendants Vishnu Singh and Abdul Wahab were detained, police also questioned hotel staff about the incident, but so far their role has not been found.

“The hotel and its staff have not been found involved in the incident so far. The accused duo had also stayed at the hotel in the past and police are contacting guests who have recently stayed there to confirm whether someone else also got an extortion call,” ADCP Khan told PTI.

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While there was no official comment from Oyo on the episode, people associated with the company said they were investigating the matter internally.

“Oyo does not operate any hotels or guesthouses, it only lists verified properties on its platform and provides IT support to them,” a source told PTI.

An FIR has been filed under various sections and further investigation is ongoing.

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