Palm Beach County Author Seeks To Inspire Young People With New Book Series

Currie Park is a green space between two worlds, Palm Beach and the Tamarind community that Markee Drummer calls home.

“Growing up on Tamarind and then so close to the money border, it’s one of the richest counties in the world,” Drummer said.

He’s not wrong, according to Forbes, Palm Beach County is home to over 40 billionaires.

It’s also the backdrop for Drummer’s young adult novel titled, Tribe of Legend: Awakening.

For him, the story is personal.

By using sports, black history and main characters that one can relate to, Drummer hopes to promote literacy.

“Seeing yourself represented in history? Oh yeah, it gives us so much dignity and pride, ”Drummer said.

A longtime friend of the drummer, Terryon Chapman, said kids like they once were in Tamarind need a positive change of pace.

“You go from being a childhood friend to now this friend who is on drugs and then they start killing each other and everything,” Drummer said.

Tribe of Legend: Awakening is the first in a coming-of-age series that follows a pair of siblings uncovering each other in the face of social stereotypes.

The drummer hopes that the young people will find in these pages the same power as him.

“It’s always surreal that I was able to find a place of myself that was always there,” he said, “but I always minimized because it would never be cool to have intellect as a person. black.”

Armed with intelligence and fueled by their dreams, Drummer said readers were delighted, “Just inspiration and encouragement to live outside the box.”

He inspires South Florida from Tamarind and beyond.

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