Police and State Police assist guests at the Bedford Hotel murder scene

BEDFORD, NH – Law enforcement officers from Bedford Police, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department and New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit continued to process a scene crime scene of double murder at the Country Inn & Suites in Bedford on Sunday.

The New Hampshire attorney general’s office said Bedford Police received several 911 calls around 7 p.m. at the hotel about an incident. There, police found two dead men – one in the hotel lobby and a second man in a bedroom.

Theodore Luckey, 42, of Asbury Park, New Jersey, was arrested on Saturday for second degree murder. Luckey was also charged with three counts of being a felon in possession of a deadly weapon.


Hotel guests who were evacuated on Saturday night returned Sunday morning where officers worked with them to retrieve their belongings from the rooms. The guests were assisted, one by one, by the police asking for identification and, according to one guest, they had to sign a “research consent document”.

Crystal and Jonathan from the Borough of the Bronx in New York said they had come to visit New Hampshire, where they expected peace and quiet. Upon learning of the description of the arrested suspect, they realized that they had seen the subject just before going out to look for food. Upon their return to the hotel, everything was cordoned off with crime scene tape and the two deaths were learned, they said.

Several guests awaiting treatment said they missed flights and were anxious to gather their belongings to be able to leave.

A man, who witnessed what he called a “machete attack,” also returned to the hotel on Sunday. He told Patch he was in town for work and Country Inn & Suites made arrangements for him to move to another hotel.

The man, who asked not to be identified, was still visibly shaken by what he saw. He described “blood everywhere” including in the hallway and behind the hotel reception where one of the men was killed. He had spoken to both the suspect and the victim a few minutes before the attack and had had ice cream and smoked a cigarette outside.

He saw “a white man running, holding his pants, and bloody”. As he ran past, the tall black man had a machete in his hand and hit the victim on the back of the head with the machete.
The man with the machete chased the other man behind the reception and continuously stabbed him to death.

The witness said he tried to stay behind the furniture to protect himself from the man with the machete. He also said that another guest with a child had run away from the lobby. He described a shattered second floor window he said a victim jumped out of in an attempt to escape the assailant and said the hall corridor was covered in blood.

After spending time inside the Bedford Police Incident Command Vehicle filling out paperwork, an officer brought their belongings to them.

No guests were allowed to return to the building.

A woman from Cincinnati said all of her belongings were at the hotel and that she was willing to leave them behind if they shipped the items to her. She understood the complexity of the situation but was trying to make sure someone would ship the items.

On Saturday night, a state police officer coordinated getting a small dog locked up in a hotel room and reuniting the dog with the owner. The soldier also worked to collect insulin and other medication for the guests who were evacuated.

The identity of the two adult victims has not yet been disclosed by authorities. Autopsies should be performed to determine cause and mode of death, names are usually withheld until this is completed.

Bedford NH Patch will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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