Prince Philip of Serbia Suggests Bringing Bitcoin into the Classroom

Speaking to Cointelegraph about the sandcastles at the Surfin’ Bitcoin 2022 event at the Casino de Biarritz in France on Thursday, Prince Philip said he was “bullish on Bitcoin” in part because of the impact it could have on raising children around the world. The Prince, a self-proclaimed bitcoin (BTC) maximalist, has hinted that part of his keynote speech at the crypto conference — only the second for which he was a speaker — will focus on informing the public. inside and outside the space of the potential benefits of bitcoin.

“Kids need to understand what Bitcoin is,” Prince Philip said. “The bottom line is the story of money – it’s something we weren’t taught in schools […] Education is deteriorating as I can see.

Citing an example from his own family, Prince Philip said his four-year-old son Stefan tried to develop certain conceptions around Bitcoin by watching his father:

“He’s trying to figure out what bitcoin is […] He understands that there is Bitcoin and his father likes to talk about it.

Filip Karađorđević, Hereditary Prince of Serbia and Yugoslavia, also known as Philip Karageorgevich, says education is lacking when it comes to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Prince Philip Builds Sandcastles With Cointelegraph’s Joe Hall at Surfin’ Bitcoin 2022

Prince Philip, jokingly hinting that he was rebuilding in the midst of a bear market, built a sandcastle on the beach at the site before it was trampled unceremoniously by a passerby. In July, he reportedly said Bitcoin adoption was inevitable for all countries whose citizens practice Islam because “it makes money perfectly according to Sharia.”

The BTC maximalist, though still a public figure due to his title, became known to many in the crypto space following an interview in March in which he said, “Bitcoin is freedom, and that’s something I want for everyone”. He also attended the Bitcoin Miami conference in 2022. However, the prince suggested that he does not have the authority to declare the crypto asset legal tender like El Salvador did in September 2021.

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