Revitalization at (Green) Heart: GTC with BigSEE Award

Green Heart, a unique example of good practice in sustainable and responsible development, received the BigSEE Interior Design Award. Created in collaboration with KDA Architects, the Green Heart is distinguished by its clear and minimalist concept, inspired by nature and a timeless design. The award recognizes the revolutionary revitalization that GTC has carried out to make Green Heart a true landmark of the new Belgrade district. Thanks to the company’s circular approach to property management, one can now enjoy a unique green oasis isolated in five high-end offices in the heart of the city’s business.

Green Heart was recognized for its state-of-the-art interior design – the result of a complex revitalization – by BigSEE, with industry awards selecting the best projects in 21 countries in the South East European region. Together with KDA Architects, GTC aimed to create a framed green oasis in a futuristic office campus in the bustling business center of Belgrade, while working with already existing real estate assets. Out-of-the-ordinary interior design has become the “icing on the cake” of the complex revitalization carried out by GTC over the past 12 years. Clear, minimalist and personalized elements inspired by nature, combined with a strong accent of floral arrangements inside and outside buildings, create an illusion of no boundaries between the office space and the environment outside. Thus, tenants and visitors to Green Heart can move seamlessly around the business campus, without even noticing the “switch” between this green oasis and the work environment.

With the concept of Green Heart, we wanted to show that sustainability can be minimalist, refreshing and ergonomic while improving the well-being and comfort of our tenants. As we have done a lot of work on the revitalization of the office park, it is a great honor for us to be recognized by the BigSEE Awards among 1,500 incredible projects across SEE. Such achievement is a milestone not only for our operations in Serbia, but also a sign that revitalization as well as investing in sustainable technologies and future-proof architecture is an effective way to grow our business. Thanks to the hard work of KDA, Octogon, Modelart Architects and our asset management team, we can now rightly call ourselves the iconic New Belgrade campus.” – commented Pedja Petronijevic, Country Manager of GTC in Serbia.

The Green Heart office complex has a unique history in the GTC sustainable office portfolio. The project started in 2008, when the developer constructed the two buildings, known as GTC Square – 10,800 m² and 11,500 m² respectively, after which their territory and facilities underwent substantial revitalization. After moving the old car park underground, the company built three contemporary buildings, delivering a total of 24,000 m² of new class A office space, integrated into a green oasis. The two existing buildings have been modernized to meet the growing demand from tenants and form a single office campus according to the required environmental criteria. In February 2021, Green Heart became fully LEED certified, finalizing the process of revitalizing the entire complex. Currently, the project is a state-of-the-art business campus, occupying 46,300 m² in the bustling business district of New Belgrade. On top of that, every square meter of Green Heart’s territory is designed to meet the needs of the most exquisite tenants. From an unusual interior to a rich gastronomic offer, a leafy courtyard or a very accessible wheelchair facility – GTC has made sure that everyone who enters this green campus-style oasis leaves with peace of mind.

Green Heart is our success story of revitalization efforts that pay off in the long term, and the BigSEE award proves it. GTC has made a name for itself for excellent property management, as we pay special attention to the renovation and maintenance of our assets. This approach stems from the principles of sustainable development and responsible construction which guide our operations throughout the EEC. By breathing a “second life” into our properties, we save resources, reduce the carbon footprint and “recycle” existing assets, making them safer, greener and more community-friendly. This not only helps us to enrich our portfolio with whole new functional properties, but also to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption and production, cities and communities. sustainable, among others.” – mentionned Yovav Carmi, Chairman of the Management Board of GTC.

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