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(ABC 6 News) – Three local authors hosted a book signing event Monday at Peacock Books & Wildlife Books at the Galleria in University Square.

The event brought together authors Amy Jo Hahn, author of “Hidden History of Rochester, Minnesota”, Virginia Wright-Peterson, author of “Rochester: An Urban Biography”, and Dr. Paul Scanlan, author of “Rochester Stories: A Med City History”. .”

“A lot of us have heard the Mayo Clinic story, but it’s more than the Mayo Clinic story,” Wright-Peterson said.

“It’s supposed to highlight some of the stories that we maybe don’t hear about as often or local historians who know some of the stories but put a different angle on them,” says Hahn.

Stories uncovered through research, curiosity and personal experiences.

“As a native of Rochester, over the years I’ve accumulated this repertoire of answers to questions people have about Rochester and its history,” says Dr. Scanlan.

The three authors share the same admiration for discovering new stories through the rich history of the city. Everyone plays their part in preserving the legacy of those who came before us.

“My grandfather was a great storyteller, and people always said we should write them, but nobody ever did. So, it’s kind of my tribute to my grandfather’s storytelling,” explains Dr. Scanlan.

“I love history and learning more about our community, I think there are layers of Rochester history that most of us don’t know about, so that’s pretty awesome,” the client says and reader Beverly Parker.

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