Rod Lurie directs Claire Leu Castle’s film Brown

Exclusive: producer Doug Belgrade, director Producer Rod Lurie, and screenwriter Scott Conroy have teamed up for an untitled film based on the true story of independent journalists and bloggers Claire Ryu Castle Brown blew up coverage of 1MDB financial fraud in Malaysia . It became one of the biggest corruption scandals in history.

Conroy adapted the script from Brown’s book Sarawak Report..Former journalist / critic Lully who was last in command OutpostDirects the film and produces it with Belgrade and its Sony-based entertainment production 2.0 banner. Sony will review the project first.

The 1MDB scandal includes the leakage of billions of dollars in Malaysian taxpayer money, most of which has not been recovered. The plan was initially revealed through the brave work of a brave and fearless British woman born and raised in Malaysia, who decided she could no longer endure the corruption and environmental degradation caused by her birth islands. Did.

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Brown’s report and years of relentless search for the truth are the keys to shedding light on the corrupt gamers who have made her the focus of a powerful global force. During her blog, she was followed by an agent working for the Malaysian government in London. She was harassed online, and at one point the FBI warned her of a credible threat to her life. The Malaysian government issued an arrest warrant for Brown when the 1MDB scandal erupted.

From the kitchen table, Brown not only funded a luxury lifestyle like Gatsby, but also exposed illegal activity. 9-digit JorrowCash of Malaysian Prime Minister, his wife, jewelry, real estate, clothing, designer handbags, as well as a large number of young and ambitious Malaysian citizens of Chinese descent, who have mastered the plot, $ 1 billion overseen by political slash Fund of the Dollar and Oscar nominee Martin Scocessi The wolf of Wall Street, Starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort. In the aftermath, Goldman Sachs, who turned out to be the region’s top leader, was forced to pay US and Malaysian authorities more than $ 5 billion in settlements.

Upon uncovering these events, Brown’s stubborn coverage urged heroic and honest local governments to seek out and deal with the case. One of them, the Deputy Attorney General, got his deep throat and was later killed. His report and the WSJ journalist’s report will make a big difference to Malaysia, including the defeat in the prime minister’s election and his criminal conviction.

“Claire Leu Castle Brown is a true hero journalist in the minds of Woodward and Bernstein,” said Lully. “She gave up the glory of journalism by handing over sources and information to the Wall Street Journal to reveal the immense corruption she discovered. The film is for women like her. It’s a movie – people who are not selfish and who fight for justice by taking huge personal risks. It’s an honor to talk about her. “

Belgrade said: Her attachment to Malaysia, where Claire was born, and her deep aversion to injustice prompted her to uncover and expose the daringly corrupt conspirators who were plundering the country. .. Her very courageous relationship made her a national hero, even as threatening forces threatened her and those involved in her crusade. I couldn’t be more excited to talk about her. Belgrade recently caused a sensation Peter Rabbit 2: the fugue,and Bad boys for life..

Former political reporter Conroy created and performed Rami Malek’s award-winning narrative podcast Power outage, CAA, Kaplan / Perrone, and attorney Tara Kole.Lully currently in development as a flagship vehicle for Lionsgate Westpointer RiverdaleKJ Apa is managed by A3 Artists Agency and GangTyre.

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