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Some members of the royal family were “quietly happy” that Meghan Markle did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral in April because they “didn’t want a circus” and suspected that her presence “would create a spectacle”, sources close to the Duchess of Sussex say. .

These royal concerns about Meghan’s coming to the funeral are told in an updated version of ‘Finding Freedom’, the sympathetic biography of her and Prince Harry that was published in 2020, the Daily Mail reported.

A new chapter in the book by authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand will be published on August 31 and has been leaked to UK newspaper The Independent, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the chapter, Meghan was also concerned about an explosive report that she intimidated staff at Kensington Palace. The Times UK report was “more worrying” for the Duchess than other “slanderous reports” about her.

The timing of the report didn’t go unnoticed either, wrote Scobie and Durand. It was released days before the couple’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey on March 7. The report led the former TV actress to conclude that she and Harry had made the right decision to step down from the royal family, leave the UK and relocate to California. .

According to the Daily Mail, a friend of the couple told the authors of the book: “I felt some people at the palace were doing their best to undermine and discredit anything they feared the couple might or might not say during maintenance.

The new chapter also confirms that Prince William was “furious” at Winfrey’s interview, in which his younger brother and sister-in-law made a damaging claim that an anonymous member of the royal family had expressed concern. as to the color of their son’s skin. before Archie was born.

The claim sparked fierce media speculation about the identity of the alleged ‘racist royal’, a frenzy that William was clearly angry at when reporters caught up with him at an official event days after the interview aired. .

When a reporter asked, “Is the royal family a racist family, sir?” William could barely contain his fury and replied sharply, “We really are not a racist family.”

As for concerns about Meghan’s presence at Philip’s funeral on April 17, they were allayed when it was announced that she would not be accompanying Harry to the UK because she was in her final months of pregnancy with her second child and that she had been informed that she should not be traveling.

Meghan made her presence known at the funeral nonetheless, and in a way that exacerbated tensions between the Sussexes and the monarchy, according to royal biographer Robert Lacey.

Royal anger was already “deep” at the funeral over Winfrey’s interview. The couple also claimed that the Royal Family had been indifferent to Meghan’s suicidal desperation when she was pregnant with Archie, and that Charles had cut them off financially, according to Lacey’s book, “Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Uproar.

The interview aired in the UK on March 8, days after Philip, 99, underwent heart surgery. The Duke of Edinburgh died on April 9. The funeral was held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

“People felt exasperated by what they saw as the calculated and targeted cruelty of the TV interview and Meghan’s hypocrisy – telling Oprah so clearly how she phoned the Queen to show her concern about the matter of Philip’s condition without even considering, apparently, the impact their televised catalog of grievances could have on the morale and health of the disabled, ”Lacey wrote.

Even though Meghan was not physically present at the funeral, she nevertheless managed to put on a show by getting positive PR for herself, according to Lacey. As the Dean of Windsor issued his final commendation, journalists’ phones began sending a tweet from ‘Finding Freedom’ author Scobie, known to be friendly with Meghan and Harry.

Scobie shared a link to a story he had just published for Harper’s Bazaar about Meghan and Harry’s ‘sentimental tribute’ to Philip. Scobie’s story was based on a press release from the Sussexes about the personalized wreath they had arranged to be laid near Philip’s coffin. The press release offered many details of Meghan’s handwritten card that accompanied the wreath and her personal efforts to work with a favorite Cotswolds florist to create a slightly unusual arrangement of rosy-brown flowers.

Lacey wrote about how people on Twitter took note of Meghan’s PR move. “Do you feel your crown is recognized enough now, Meghan?” A Twitter user asked sarcastically. “Did your public relations work the way you wanted it to? “

“She just can’t help it,” was a response that seemed to speak for many. “Me. Me. Me. It’s pretty sickening.

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