Russian and German companies renting or buying villas in elite areas of Belgrade

The fact that many Russians come to Serbia to buy real estate is something that has been talked about for some time, but little is known about the fact that the commercial space market in the country is changing with the Russian crisis. -Ukrainian.

In recent weeks, an increasing number of IT companies, both from Russia and Western Europe, have been looking for and buying luxury real estate in Belgrade.

Preferred locations are Dedinje and Senjak, and demand is focused exclusively on these parts of the capital. Only villas that do not require major renovations are taken into account. The main prerequisites are that they have enough square footage, several bedrooms, restrooms and swimming pools, parking spaces and a large yard.

“The price of these villas starts at 1 million euros and more, but clients are often willing to pay more than 2 million euros. It seems that price is not as important to them as getting what they want. We received quite a few inquiries from Russian, British and German IT companies,” reveals a real estate agent. They add that it is very important for these companies that the houses they buy have a swimming pool and a large yard, so that they can offer their employees additional amenities.

Jelena Davidović of says that over the past 20 days, an increasing number of Russian and Ukrainian citizens have shown interest in buying and renting apartments and houses.

“Based on the information that our clients or real estate agents have shared with us, we can conclude that they are interested in renting commercial premises and houses that can meet their demanding professional needs. In addition to Russian and Ukrainian companies, British and German companies are also interested, and they come mainly from the IT sector. The prices for these houses, in Dedinje and Senjak, range from 1,000,000 euros to 2,500,000 euros,” says Ms. Davidović.

(Blic, 31.03.2022)

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