Slovenian game development company buys 4,000 hectares of land in Vojvodina for organic production

The Slovenian software development company, which is also the creator of the video game My Talking Tom, has sold the company for a billion dollars and bought some 4,000 hectares of land in the Banat district of Vojvodina, where it is located. devote himself to organic farming.

A few days ago, the Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Branislav Nedimović, confirmed that this was their intention. “On 3,800 hectares, they want to cultivate organic products, and it will be the largest platform for organic agricultural production in Europe,” said the minister.

He went on to point out that more and more people in Serbia are getting involved in organic agricultural production, and this includes many people in the IT sector who have decided to turn to agriculture.

The Slovenes founded an IT startup 12 years ago and, after a series of attempts, to create an app that could earn them both money and popularity. They succeeded with My Talking Tom. The game, which features a talking cat that a player feeds and plays with, has quickly become world famous, and even today the talking cat has 25.8 million followers on YouTube.

The app has been downloaded over 3 billion times. The company that created My Talking Tom – Outfit7 – was sold to a Chinese company in 2017 for $ 1 billion. Following the sale, the founders of the company decided to focus on other things and part of their strategy was to turn to organic farming.

That is why they founded the company Login Eko in Serbia, which, according to data from the Agency of Business Registers, will be dedicated to the cultivation of grains, pulses and oilseeds. The company has been active in Serbia since 2016, the last two years under this name, and since this year it also has an office in Novi Beograd.

One of the founders, Iza Login, said their project in Vojvodina had a noble goal of providing healthy food for everyone.

“We want to develop technologies and systems on how to grow organic food on large farms without making compromises and without sacrificing profitability. We know that organic farms are small, but after three years of testing we will get the organic certificate and become one of the largest organic farms in Europe, ”added Ms Login.

Explaining that their farm will be the largest “peaceful” farm in the world, Login said that means they will not use animal preparations, fertilizer or even manure.

(, 26.08.2021)

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