Students discuss first year housing experiences

Residential College, one of the freshman dorms on the Butler campus. Collegiate archive photo.


After Irvington House opened in 2018, students at the Butler campus noticed a difference in living standards between the two freshman dorms.

In terms of “tuition and fees” on Butler’s website, Irvington House costs $ 3,710 for a double and $ 5,205 for a single per semester. For Residential College, ResCo, the cost is $ 3,475 for a double room and $ 5,000 for a single room. Between the two dorms, there is a difference of $ 235 for standard doubles and a difference of $ 205 for standard singles.

In his first year of English, Logan Goettemoeller is a resident of Residential College, ResCo. Goettemoeller said he notices major differences between the two living spaces and the overall atmosphere. He said the updated bathrooms are nice, but most other bathrooms have limited drawer space and crowded showers.

In 2019, 18 rooms in ResCo have been renovated. 47 additional rooms were to be renovated in summer 2020, but construction has been stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another issue that some students have noticed in addition to the cost between the two houses is the difference in overall security. All Butler students have access to ResCo from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. through the ResCo Market and the indoor dining room.

Leah Shields, a freshman art and design student, is an Irvington resident. Shields said she was concerned about ResCo’s safety and that overall she believed Irvington was safer.

Another difference between university residences is that while Irvington has laundry on each floor, ResCo only has one laundry room in the basement.

Additionally, on Butler’s website, under the “Living on campusResCo and Irvington are said to include playrooms for student activities. However, ResCo’s basement study and game rooms are locked and receptionists do not have the keys this year.

In the first year of pre-pharmacy, Jessica Hutzel is a distinguished student living at ResCo. Hutzel, as well as other honorary students of the living community, assumed they would live in Irvington or in ResCo’s refurbished D1 wing. She said that while no one had ever told her this explicitly, she believed it was implied by the faculty and their campus tours.

Another complaint from some ResCo residents is that all Butler students can use the amenities, such as the dining room and some lounges, at ResCo, but first year ResCo residents cannot access the Irvington gymnasium. .

In her second year, Olivia Simcox, a major in biochemistry, is RA at Irvington and lived her first year there. She said the general atmosphere in Irvington is very different from ResCo and that she had friends who complained about ResCo last year.

Due to the apparent differences between the two buildings, many students believe that the monetary difference is not large enough.

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