Suspect and victim identified in Medford hit-and-run investigation

MEDFORD, Oregon – Medford Police have identified the suspect and hit-and-run victim that ultimately led to police discovering a body inside the Sis-Q Motel in Medford on Friday afternoon.

The suspect has been identified as Brian Matthew Smith, 28.

The victim has been identified as Bansi Sahu, 60 years old.

The first call involving Smith arrived Friday afternoon at 12:15 p.m., while it was messy at the Chevron gas station at 2232 Biddle Rd.

Smith was attempting to steal cigarettes and physically harassed the employee before leaving in a black Mazda 4-door. He was with a woman, identified by MPD.

The same car was involved in two reckless driving calls at around 12:24 pm A caller reported that the car crashed into bushes in the lane near Lincoln Street and 10th Street. The car left recklessly and struck a sidewalk near 10th Street and Hamilton Street. The accident caused a wheel to fold under the car. At this point, the car was occupied by only one person, presumably Smith.

Other callers reported that the car was being driven through Medford town center with a badly damaged wheel. The car eventually broke down on Earhart Street near Riverside Avenue.

Another caller reported that Smith had gone to a room in the Sis-Q Motel. An officer arrived at the scene and, as she walked to the front desk to speak with the manager, Bansi Sahu, Smith came out of the office covered in blood and fled on foot. The officer grabbed Smith after a foot chase and used a tasers to stop him.

When officers returned to the principal’s office, they found Sahu deceased. His wife was also injured after being assaulted. The investigation revealed that minutes before the officer’s arrival, Smith broke into the principal’s office, slipped under the plexiglass partition and stole money from the ledger. During the robbery, Smith assaulted Sahu and forcibly entered the principal’s living quarters, where he continued to assault Sahu and his wife. Sahu died of his injuries. His wife was treated on site for non-life threatening injuries.

Smith is currently incarcerated for murder, first degree theft, first degree burglary and second degree burglary. No deposit has been set for the moment.

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