The art of sugar playing a sweet symphony for the eyes and the palate in Nara Prefecture, Japan.

Yu. Shows his artistic sugar creations, including decorated cakes and flower arrangements, in Ikoma, Nara Prefecture on August 24, 2021. (Mainichi / Takemori Horikawa) = Click / tap the photo for more images.

IKOMA, Nara – “The Art of Sugar” made with sugar paste is courting popularity not as a tasty surprise, but as a long-lasting ornamental art as well. To find out more, a reporter from Mainichi Shimbun visited a creator of “sweet art” in this city in western Japan.

“The charm of these products is that they are delicate, yet comforting and give you a warm feeling. Please try to hold them,” said Yu., 34, who runs Sweets Labo kasi in Ikoma, in the Nara prefecture. The store is lined with sugar works of art such as decorated cakes, beautiful bouquets, and cute figures.

Yu. Has loved making sweets since she was a child, and her dream was to open a cafe that offered tea, cakes and other baked goods, saying, “I want to create a comfortable space where people can spend a relaxing time having candy and tea. ”

After graduating from university, she studied at a vocational school and worked in a pastry shop, among others. She discovered the art of sugar that could be stored and did not melt easily in the summer of 2012, when she had the opportunity to bake a cake to display at a friend’s wedding.

Sugar art works are on display at the reception of Daiwa Royal Hotel D-Premium Nara in Nara City on September 9, 2021. (Mainichi / Takemori Horikawa) = Click / tap the photo for more images.

Yu. Honed her skills in a sugar art class and opened her own business in May 2015. She creates bespoke cakes and bouquets to celebrate weddings and births. She also tries to combine Nara’s unique characteristics, such as pairing the deer with cherry blossoms.

In 2017, Yu. Created a sugar art work of Amalka, a well-known Czech animated character, for a Czech Republic goods fair held at a department store in the Ginza district in Tokyo. Yu .’s seasonal decorative artwork, including sunflowers, also attracts the attention of guests at the front desk of Daiwa Royal Hotel D-Premium Nara in Nara Town.

Yu. Said, “It is precious work that allows me to be a part of the celebrations. I want people to appreciate the pieces with their eyes and palates.”

Sweet products are not offered for sale in stores, but only by reservation. For any inquiries, please contact Sweets Labo kasi at 090-6058-0141 or visit the website at (both in Japanese).

(Japanese original by Takemori Horikawa, Nara Bureau)

In photos: Japanese sugar artists in Nara Pref. creates works that taste, look sweet

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