The most Instagrammable hotels to book in New York

There’s a reason New York is considered one of the best cities in the world. The Big Apple is home to a bustling and vibrant culture – ripe with incredible cuisine, fine art, high fashion and some of the most creative minds. The city that never sleeps has no shortage of things to do and see, making it one of the best destinations for a mini vacation.

From the Met Museum to the High Line to Sant Ambroeus, there is always something to do in New York. However, we are not here to give you an itinerary, although we have many recommendations. We’ve put together a list of the most Instagrammable hotels in New York that you can book for your next visit. Keep scrolling to find out more.

While some alumni may consider the heart of New York to be Manhattan, all cool kids know that Brooklyn is the best borough. The Ace Hotel Brooklyn is the perfect place for passing travelers and seasoned travelers alike, as the hotel excels at providing guests with a heavy dose of carefully curated ambience. A smiling doorman waits nearby to welcome you and let you in, while the very friendly hotel staff never fail to make you laugh or compliment your purse on your way out.

The lobby of the Ace Hotel is unrivaled when it comes to ambiance. The impossibly spacious lobby gives way to an ultra-sexy bar and lounge, while a long varsity-style table is tucked neatly into the corner for those trying to work with minimal distractions. Near the elevators is an additional hangout with lots of lush greenery and a skylight for an open and airy feel. Not to mention, an adorable photo booth makes for great memories upon returning from a night out. Ace Hotel Brooklyn is also home to the charming restaurant, As You Are, which offers top-notch service and even better food.

The rooms at Ace Hotel Brooklyn are true works of art as each room is not only furnished with original artwork, but also features floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of downtown Brooklyn and the a luxurious sofa nearby to contemplate the city. The room also has a mini-fridge stocked with all the drinks and bites you could want, as well as a state-of-the-art bathroom suitable for those with a nine-step skincare routine.

ADDRESS: 252 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY

Nestled in the heart of New York City, the Arlo Hotel Nomad is perfect for those looking to be near the best of Manhattan. The boutique hotel rooms offer everything you need and nothing more, allowing you to focus solely on having fun in the concrete jungle. While the hotel offers King and Bunk rooms, the Essential Queen option includes a comfortable queen bed, glass-enclosed rain shower, mini-fridge, and desk for those few moments when you might need to open your computer. laptop to work. The Arlo Hotel NoMad also offers two in-hotel dining options: La Bodega, a convenient spot for breakfast and snacks, and Lamalo, an attractive restaurant focused on Middle Eastern cuisine.

The winning feature of Arlo Hotel is its insane rooftop. The ART NoMad bar and restaurant sits on the 31st floor of the hotel, giving 360-degree views of Manhattan, making this space instantly Instagram-worthy. The “sky walk” glass floor installation offers out-of-this-world photo opportunities, leaving you with an envy-inducing flow.

ADDRESS: 11 E 31st Street, New York, NY 10016

Located on the Lower East Side, the Citizen M Bowery should be the go-to hotel for New York natives and first-timers looking to save a few bucks without compromising on comfort. The epitome of affordable luxury, the expertly designed space is dynamic enough to make you forget about the wonders outside its doors. While traveling to New York can be tedious, given the size limits and expense associated with property in the city, Citizen M does a wonderful job of maximizing its space for an optimal hotel stay. The rooms are only available in one size – a full suite, making for an equally enjoyable experience for all guests. The bedrooms look like they’ve been taken off Pinterest as they include crisp white beds and remote-controlled blinds revealing stunningly beautiful city skyline views and feature color-changing lights to set the mood for any room. mood.

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by bold artwork anchored in a singular color palette of eye-catching bright red. Bite-sized crimson gnome statues flipping the bird with heroic-looking deer line the walls of the rooftop bar, while an upside-down Spiderman hangs outside the window. Beneath the lobby of the Manhattan hotel is an incredibly spacious designer lounge, complete with an abundance of tables and ultra-comfortable seating areas for light reading.

The hotel’s rooftop bar is the perfect spot as disco balls and vintage artwork hang from the ceilings and line the walls, but when you step out onto the terrace, Manhattan’s most awe-inspiring view can be view from the roof. Watching the city at sunset with an espresso martini in hand is as good as it gets.

ADDRESS: 189 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

Staying at The Ned NoMad must be the height of luxury as the newly opened space exudes elegance and sophistication. Adult offer Eloise at the Plaza atmosphere, the chic hotel does not leave you the life of a finger as soon as you arrive because two well-dressed doormen are there to welcome you in the impeccably organized lounge.

The dimly lit space reveals an assortment of sophisticated couches and sofas for lounging in as well as larger-than-life contemporary paintings that add to the hotel’s modern-classic vibe. The hotel rooms are, of course, the real stars as guests immediately feel like they have entered the secret hideaway of a former Hollywood star. Based on a rich color palette, the suits come with a clawfoot tub ideal for eliminating jet lag and travel fatigue.

A luxurious red velvet room divider separates the bathroom from the bedroom, maximizing and enhancing space in an extremely thoughtful and elegant way. Amenities were plentiful as the suite included a full refrigerator and wet bar, complete with fancy glassware. While the rooms at the Ned NoMad make you want to disappear in the sheets for an eternity, the hotel’s additional member restaurants will have you redecorating as the space also includes intimate rooftop and lower-level clubs. The Ned NoMad also has two restaurants for the public, Cecconi’s and Little Ned.

ADDRESS: 1170 Broadway, New York, NY, 10001

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