The ‘Nine Orchard’ hotel prepares to open in the spring after 10 years of construction

Almost a decade later, the Jarmulowsky bank building is finally transformed.

The historic fourteen-story structure will soon welcome guests, not as a financial institution, but as a boutique hotel called Nine Orchard.

Described as a hotel “Blending historic architecture, refined design and contemporary art”, Nine Orchard will begin bookings for its 116 rooms on July 1. But the catering component is promised for “the end of spring”.

Ignacio Mattos from house of matter, the owner-operators of Estela and Altro Paradiso, will operate the hotel’s multiple restaurants, event spaces and room service offering. Restaurants will include a grill, a tavern-style bar area and a cocktail bar in the lobby.

As stated earlier, DLJ Real Estate Partners acquired the historic property from Equity Management in 2012 for $36 million. It has remained vacant and in transformation until now. (Ace Hotel was at one point rumored for conversion.)

DLJ, for his part, has worked to restore the 1912-era building to its former glory. He installed an architecturally accurate cupola replica (which took five years to complete) on the roof – the original was removed in 1990 – and also replaced the entrance clock which had been stolen long ago.

July 2010

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