There is still time to bring the cat home from the shelter for the holidays

Looking for a way to make the holidays even more special this year? It’s not too late to bring a four-legged friend home for the holidays.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Looking for a way to make the vacations even more special this year? It’s not too late to bring a four-legged friend home for the holidays.

The Jacksonville Humane Society continues its tradition of “Silent Night” this year, giving shelter animals the chance to spend the holidays with foster families.

There are four adult cats left at the shelter who do not have vacation foster families.

The Humane Society posted an appeal on its Facebook page to community members asking people to welcome the remaining felines as they could enjoy a break at the shelter.

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The remaining shelter cats are called Herman, Simon, Lazy, and Pooky.

The shelter will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve if you’re interested in picking up a kitten, just drop by the front desk.

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Silent Night host families can be returned to JHS from 12/26 /.

Depending on the type of animal you plan to house, the shelter asks you to bring a collar and leash for the dogs and a carrier for the cats. Food and other essentials will be provided to put your new friend at ease.

If you have children or other pets at home for the holidays, just let Humane Society staff know when you check in so you can find the best possible fit.

If you decide to make your foster family a permanent member of your family, contact the Jacksonville Humane Society Adoption Team at [email protected] or call 904-725-876.

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