These 6 practices can show you how to give the best possible start to the patient experience

YesOR ARE ALREADY AN INVISION reader, so we’re sure you’re savvy enough to know that a waiting area that looks like a DMV just isn’t going to cut it. But what type of reception setup is right for you? An authoritative command center directly across from the entrance that exudes medical professionalism and hints at the unparalleled patient care within? A funky counter and cozy furniture that says “Welcome, Guest?” A personal concierge greeting guests at the front door, boutique hotel style, with a latte waiting after the test? Or perhaps an understated antique table, artfully pushed back just far enough to give guests a glimpse of your exquisite settings upon entering? The key is to integrate the reception area seamlessly into your office, while ensuring your customers feel personally taken care of and setting the tone for a memorable experience for all the right reasons. Here are half a dozen eye care companies that know how to make a winning first impression.

Ashland, OR

For eye care businesses looking to foster community connections, the front desk can serve as a shared space. That’s definitely the case at Artisan Eyeworks in Ashland, OR. With a food co-op, hardware store, coffee roaster and restaurants nearby (and a yoga studio just upstairs), the business is located in the city’s railroad district, which “is really where the residents get together,” says the co-owner. Dr. Kimberly Hoyt. As a member of the Ashland Gallery Association, Artisan Eyeworks participates in its First Friday Artwalks, bringing together art lovers, who experience an inviting reception space with relaxed, comfortable seating and a large, colorful rug. The design makes the most of the building’s high ceilings and corner light, with multi-coloured wooden floors and accents, as well as beautiful, functional light fixtures that contribute to the warmth of a place people are happy to visit. spend time.

Ziegler Leffingwell Eyecare Reception

Ziegler Leffingwell Eye Care
New Berlin, WI

Co-owner Dr. Dave Ziegler came up with the idea for Ziegler Leffingwell Eyecare’s concierge-style reception area while walking through a hotel lobby one day. It’s one of many features of the practice — whose design also draws inspiration from Nordstrom and Apple — meant to ensure staff “connect with patients and treat them like family,” says Ziegler. Retail and reception spaces overlap, changing floor textures, colors and materials to create interest. Ziegler has strict rules for the concierge: “No clutter… Just a few Macs, a phone, a credit card processing pad, and two welcoming faces. I am a minimalist. The silent telephone is intended for internal use only; incoming calls are routed to the back office. Pretest Suites have glass walls for an open feel; concierge staff have a view of these rooms, improving patient flow.

VisionQuest Eyecare Reception


VisionQuest Eye Care
Fishermen, In

A beautiful reception area can serve as an aesthetic centerpiece for your overall office design, tying all the visual elements together. Few practices demonstrate this better than VisionQuest Eyecare in Fishers, IN, where the reception desk, framed in natural stone with solid-surface countertops, pulls the outdoors in, creating an inviting feel. It also functions as the start and end point of the patient’s journey through the central core of the practice, whose circular design allows them to move from reception to testing and examination with a natural flow. This effect is accentuated by the installation of luxury vinyl planks in natural wood tones throughout the public space at a 45 degree angle, leading the client through the space to focus on the frame displays.

Spectrum Eye Care Reception

Spectrum Eye Care
Stoney Creek, Ont., Canada

Drs. Bita Moeinifar and Richard Combden designed their office to look nothing like a traditional optometry office – in fact, the inspiration for the space was a hotel lobby. As Moeinifar puts it, “You don’t check in at reception, there are no receptionists ignoring you on the phone, and you aren’t bombarded by a sea of ​​executives.” To create the “lobby” vibe, they designed a large wooden slat wall, with gorgeous lighting and floating ceiling clouds, and placed plants and trees throughout the space. Upon entering, patients are greeted by friendly staff to relaxing lounge music, escorted to the illuminated giant Onyx stone reception bar and served bottled water as they navigate, lulled into serenity by the charming fresh scent that diffuses through the HVAC.

Zionsville Eyecare Reception

Zionsville Eye Care
Zionsville, IN

As part of its latest renovation, Zionsville Eyecare removed its traditional waiting room and added a concierge-style reception and lobby bar to accommodate patients. For owner Dr Nicholas J Garn, the key to great service is “little things like…standing up to greet everyone as they enter”. Front desk staff play a key role in implementing this philosophy, according to Amy Bucci, Patient Care Coordinator Team Leader. “Our reception team sets the tone for the patient visit. They are the keepers of the schedule and the first friendly face our patients see when they enter the building,” she says. This means handling check-in procedures and paperwork, but their duties don’t stop there. “They also offer coffee, water, hot tea and snacks to our clients, take ownership of the schedule knowing who is late for their appointment, which doctors might be a few minutes late or who waits a little too long for their date. fit – while keeping patients engaged and energy high,” she says.

View + View Vision Care Reception

Look + see Eye care
Austin, TX

When it comes to Look + See Vision Care reception space, anyone looking for back issues of Time or Money, or TV around the corner, need not apply. Instead, the area welcomes patients to a fun and interesting collection of books curated by owner Dr. Tammy Vo herself. The library includes things like Calvin and Hobbes, photos of underwater dogs, and short story books. “I think people really appreciate and appreciate that,” she says. Music is also important. “We run it through our Sonos speakers,” adds Vo, a former piano major and violinist in an indie folk band.


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