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Set the tone for your hotel stay by tipping your porter. They are usually the first point of contact when arriving at your hotel. A party of four with luggage for a 3-5 day stay should tip $10-$15. If the weather is bad or they have to travel a long distance to carry your luggage, let them know you appreciate them for their great work. You also don’t want the rest of the staff to know you’re an ungrateful American.


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Often invisible, this team helps keep your room spotless when you return each day (at least they usually do). They are also among the lowest paid workers in the industry, so a tip for them can go a long way.

Documented as one of the most underpaid workers in the hospitality industry, the housekeeping team definitely deserves a tip. Since the housekeeping staff consists of several people during your stay, a small tip per day makes the most sense. Leaving a big tip at the end of your stay might end up going to just one of the many workers.

A dollar or two a day can go a long way, but also match the cost of living in the country you are visiting. Be sure to leave the tip out in the open where they can obviously know it’s for them or with a small note if needed.


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Most of us will use the internet to populate our itineraries with the best things to do and sights to see in the country we’re about to visit. But a concierge can certainly become an asset to your schedule and help you find the best travel and excursion deals in this country. There have been many times where I have found my personal drivers through the concierge to get the best rate to get around town.

Tip the concierge based on how much help they provide, if they just give you directions it’s not necessary, but if they spend half an hour to an hour arranging your activities holidays, leave a good tip.

Front desk staff

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Reception staff do not require tipping. More than likely they are on the path to a management position and earning an annual salary instead of an hourly rate.

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