Today’s headlines: Holohan urges pubs and restaurants to close at 5:00 pm; calls for a ban on wet wipes and hotel toiletries

Close bars and restaurants at 5 p.m. to fight Omicron push, Nphet told government

Nphet recommended that bars and restaurants close at 5 p.m. to combat an increase in the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Ban on wet wipes and hotel toiletries in new waste laws

Mini hotel toiletries, simple sachets of sugar and sauce, and wet wipes could all be banned under recommendations from TDs and Senators.

Minister once again renegs on promise to release overdue report on defamation reform

Justice Minister Helen McEntee has reneged for the second time on her promise to publish a long-awaited report on reforming Ireland’s much-criticized libel regime.

The Indo Daily: Jingles all way – why we love a good Christmas summit

Fears of flu increase over holiday season as two children are hospitalized

Two children have been hospitalized with the flu for the first time since the start of the pandemic amid fears that cases will increase over Christmas and the New Years, adding to the Covid-19 crisis.

Landowners will receive thousands of euros not to fight against the new greenways

Farmers and other landowners must be paid thousands of euros not to fight against buying their land for greenways. The deal means the state will not have to resort to compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) for thousands of strips of land and necessary access points to cycle paths across the country.

Q&A: What’s up with the central bank mortgage rules?

The measures are a set of rules introduced in 2015 to protect mortgage borrowers and banks from another destructive debt-related financial shock. The public has been invited to comment as the Central Bank conducts an annual review of the measures and their impact on the mortgage market from a consumer and financial stability perspective.

Chris Noth, the actor who played Mr. Big in Sex and the City, has been charged with raping one woman and sexually assaulting another.

As the enigmatic Dublin number 1 for almost 20 years now celebrates a milestone birthday, we retrace the key moments of his footballing journey, from his humble beginnings to his long farewell.

We’ve put together some of the statements famous faces have made this year, let’s see how many you remember.

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